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[00:05.20]1 Talking about what's wrong with you

[00:12.36]Aaagh!Oh,are you all right?

[00:17.11]Yes,I think so.

[00:20.95]Are you sure?That was quite a nasty fall.

[00:25.50]Yes,I don't know what happened.I think I just tripped.

[00:30.82]Yes,you need to be careful.Can you stand up all right

[00:36.41]Yes,I think so.Ow,ow!

[00:41.38]Maybe you should have that arm looked at.It might be broken.

[00:46.84]No,it'll be all right.It's probably just bruised.

[00:52.58]It doesn't look it to me.Honestly,I really think you should have it X-rayed.

[00:59.14]You don't want to walking round whith a broken arm.

[01:03.71]Yes,maybe you're right.It IS quite painful.

[01:09.28]Shall I get you a cab to take you to the hospital?

[01:13.82]Would you mind? No,of course not.

[01:18.08]Just sit there for a minute and I'll see if I can get one.

[01:22.73]I'll be back in a second.

[01:25.97]OK.Thanks.I really appreciate it.

[01:31.61]Stuart I've got a horrible scar on my back.

[01:45.67]I got it at school when I was about 13 or 14.

[01:51.73]I was playing rugby and I was trying to get the ball

[01:56.90]when suddenly I felt this awful pain on my back.

[02:02.64]I screamed in pain and could feel blood running down my back.

[02:09.62]One of the players in the other team bad scratched me

[02:14.77]really hard with his really long nails!

[02:19.83]I was really angry about it!

[02:23.88]Chris when I was 18,

[02:30.86]I went out to a club in Boston with some friends to celebrate my birhday.

[02:36.73]We had a few drinks and the music was really good,so we all started dancing.

[02:43.40]I was dancing and having a really great time,

[02:48.36]but then I slipped over on a drink someone had spilled and somehow

[02:53.61]put my hand through a window.

[02:57.24]It really hurt.I had to go to hospital and have eight stitches.

[03:04.50]I've still got the scar today!

[03:08.45]Katy I've got a horrible scar on my right knee.

[03:17.09]When I was younger,I was trying to learn to skateboard

[03:22.84]and one day I was skateboarding downhill when I suddenly realised

[03:29.08]I didn't really know how to stop.

[03:33.16]So I just put my knee down and hoped that would work!

[03:38.91]It was incredibly painful and the wound went through to the bone!

[03:45.85]Will When I was five or six,

[03:52.93]I was playing outside with a friend from the neighbourhood

[03:57.58]and when it started getting dark,I ran inside my house to get a coat.

[04:03.23]I put it on and put my hands in my pockets to keep warm.

[04:08.87]I was running back utside and I tripped on a step.

[04:13.83]I couldn't stop myself because my hands were in my coat pockets

[04:19.50]and I hit my forehead on one of the steps.

[04:23.76]It was horrible

[04:27.00]There was blood everywhere!

[04:30.76]My uncle took me to hospital and I had to have five stitches.

[04:37.13]Zeynep One day when I was eleven or twelve,we went to the beach.

[04:45.18]I went out into the water

[04:48.26]and was sitting on one of those wooden things you get in the water sometimes,

[04:54.14]the ones you lie on or rest on after you've been swimming.

[04:59.28]There were lots of people around and next to me was a little girl

[05:05.45]who wasn't very good at swimming.

[05:08.79]I remember someone pushing her off the wooden thing and I remember her screaming.

[05:15.87]I managed to catch her OK,

[05:20.13]but she was so scared that she bit me really hard on the shoulder.

[05:26.09]It really hurt!I've still got a mark there today!

[05:31.44]Barney When I was about eight or nine,

[05:39.17]I was showing off to some friends of mine in the swimming pool

[05:44.61]and decided to jump in backwards.

[05:49.57]I didn't jump back far enough and hit my chin on the side of the pool.

[05:56.52]I only got a small cut,but there was blood everywhere.

[06:02.58]I had to go to hospital and had about five stitches.

[06:07.75]The worst thing was the injection for the local anaesthetic

[06:13.60]the doctor did it into my chin bone!Ouch!

[06:19.53]While you listen

[06:31.68]Conversation 1

[06:35.21]Have we got everything now? Can we go home?

[06:40.27]Yes,almost.I just need to go into this shop.

[06:45.73]I want to get a present for Anna.

[06:49.50]It's her birthday on Wednesday.

[06:52.97]OK,but let's make it quick...

[06:56.81]Do you think she'll like this?

[07:01.56]I don't know.Maybe.What is it?

[07:06.21]What do you mean,what is it?It's vase,isn't it?Men!

[07:12.56]Honestly!You've got no idea.

[07:16.64]How much is it?

[07:19.69]I don't know.Let me have a look..Oh no!It's 80.

[07:26.25]Eighty pounds!For that!It probably only holds one flower.

[07:32.10]It is very nice,though.

[07:36.07]Don't be silly,let's just put it back...


[07:46.65]Oh no,I'm sorry,I thought I had it...

[07:52.11]What seems to be the problem?

[07:55.59]I'm really sorry.I don't know what I was doing.

[08:00.34]It just slipped from my fingers as I was putting it back on the shelf.

[08:05.69]I'm really sorry.Well,I'm afraid you'll have to pay for it.

[08:11.86]Pay for it?You're joking,aren't you?

[08:16.82]Aren't you covered by insurance for that kind of thing?

[08:21.26]I'm sorry sir,but it say very clearly on the sign over there,

[08:27.61]any breakages must be paid for.

[08:32.29]But it's 80!

[08:36.34]I'm sorry,but those are the rules and we can't afford to have things broken like that.

[08:43.10]We lose money.

[08:46.45]Do you think I can afford it? It was an accident!

[08:50.89]I'm sorry,sir.Would you like me to call the manager?

[08:56.14]Oh,Vernon,let's just pay for it.I'll pay with my card.

[09:02.38]I can't believe this.

[09:06.32]I know,but these things happen.Forget about it.

[09:11.00]Eighty pounds!I'll have to give you the money later.

[09:16.56]Don't worry about it!I'll pay for half.It was partly my fault.

[09:22.52]OK,yes,I suppose.

[09:26.47]I mean thanks.But Jenny-80.It's such a waster of money!

[09:34.41]I know,but that's life.

[09:38.17]Conversation 2

[09:43.42]Would you like another drink before we go?

[09:50.18]No,I'm fine.I've still got quite a bit left here.

[09:55.93]OK,do you mind if I just go and ask for another one?

[10:02.78]No,of course not.Go ahead.

[10:06.62]Oh no,sorry.Oh no,er...let me get a cloth...Excuse me,excuse me.

[10:19.28]Could you bring us a cloth?

[10:22.94]We've spilt some wine.Lisa,I'm really sorry.

[10:29.79]Don't worry about it!

[10:33.05]Oh no,it's gone on your dress.

[10:37.31]It's all right.It's not too bed.I'll just rub some salt in it.

[10:44.86]It'll come out in the wash.

[10:48.33]Are you sure? It's such a lovely dress.I'll pay to get it cleaned.

[10:55.49]Don't be silly!It's fine.It's only a couple of drops.

[11:01.42]It'll be fine.It's quite an old dress anyway.

[11:07.27]I just feel bad.I wanted us to have a really great evening.

[11:13.65]Forget about it.These things happen.I'm having a lovely time.

[11:20.70]OK,I can be so clumsy sometimes.

[11:26.94]I'm sorry.Shall we just go?

[11:31.91]Yes,let's and don't worry about it.

[11:36.58]OK.Here,let me get your coat.Oh no,I'm really sorry...

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