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[00:13.82]1.What's your dad like?

[00:18.78]He's all right.but he can be quite strict.

[00:23.75]He always wants to know where I am

[00:27.69]and he makes me come home before nine o'clock-even on a Saturday.

[00:34.17]2.What's your brother like?Do you get on?

[00:39.81]Not really.He's so fussy about everything!

[00:44.77]For example,he won't eat any vegetables except peas.

[00:51.25]If you suggest going somewhere,he never wants to.

[00:56.29]He's just so difficult to please.I'm the exact opposite.

[01:02.15]I'm really easy-going.

[01:05.62]3.What's your gran like?Do you get on?

[01:12.67]Yeah,I suppose so.She's OK.She's very independent.

[01:19.62]She's eighty-five and she still lives on her own.

[01:24.77]but she's very religious and I'm not.

[01:29.03]She's always saying I should go to church or I'll end up in hell.

[01:34.77]but then at the same time.She can be really generous.

[01:40.23]She bought me a piano for my birthday once.

[01:44.99]4.What're your parents like?

[01:50.63]They're great.I'm quite lucky because they're quite liberal.

[01:56.09]They let me do more or less whatever I want.

[02:00.66]5.What's her boyfriend like?

[02:06.01]He's gorgeous,really good-looking.He looks like a film star.

[02:12.96]but he's quite quite.He doesn't really say anything.

[02:18.74]6.What's her new boyfriend like?

[02:23.49]He's awful!I don't know what she sees in him.He's really big-headed.

[02:30.44]he's always showing off and saying how good he is at everything,and he's so mean!

[02:37.70]Do you know what he bought her for her birthday?A bar of chocolate!

[02:43.66]7.What's his girlfriend like?

[02:49.61]Really nice.She's very chatty and out-going.

[02:55.26]She's very easy to get on with.

[02:59.41]She's also really sporty.She plays football and hockey.

[03:05.78]She's really fit.Honestly,I don't know what she sees in that fat slob.

[03:12.84]She should be with me!

[03:16.39]6 Pronunciation:linking

[03:30.83]No.I went with a friend of mine.

[03:35.80]No.I went with some friends of Andrew's.

[03:43.06]No.I went with a friend from university.

[03:50.92]NO.I went with a couple of friends of mine.

[03:58.86]No.I went with a couple of friends from work.

[04:07.61]NO.I went with my flatmate.

[04:15.48]No.I went with my girlfriend.

[04:22.56]No.I went with an old friend of mine.

[04:28.72]2.While you read

[04:42.49]What's your type?


[04:50.09]I'm really attracted to Scandinavian girls-tall.blonde,sporty.

[04:59.02]out-going,the complete opposite of me!I used to like older girls.

[05:05.68]but I've had a few bad experiences,

[05:09.94]so now I'm looking for something different.

[05:14.62]My ideal partner now would be five or six years younger than me.

[05:20.86]I also want somebody who is independent.

[05:25.41]who desn't always need to be near me.

[05:29.67]and I think that the girls I've met from Sweden or Norway or Denmark

[05:35.73]tend to be very strong-willed.

[05:39.88]The only thing I'm worried about

[05:44.03]is that perhaps they would find me a bit quiet and shy.

[05:49.78]I'm not very confident about myself.so that could be a problem.


[06:00.33]I don't really have a type.

[06:04.70]The most important thing for me is that my partner is nice and sensitive and caring.

[06:12.56]I'd never go out with someone who was selfish or big-headed.

[06:18.62]It doesn't really matter to me whether somebody is good-looking or not.

[06:24.68]so long as they're not too ugly!

[06:28.94]I'd never go out with a man who didn't look after himself.though.

[06:35.10]It's important that he's healthy.

[06:39.36]that he watches what he eats and that he's fairly fit!


[06:48.95]I want someone who likes clothes.I work in the fashion industry in Milan,

[06:56.81]so the way someone dresses is really important to me.

[07:02.37]I'd never go out with someone who didn't care about the way they looked.

[07:08.25]I used to like really good-looking men.

[07:13.29]but I've changed my mind about that.

[07:17.37]because they tend to be so big-headed!I also really love music,

[07:25.13]so I'd never go out with someone who didn't like music.

[07:30.48]If I'm honest,I'm also attracted to younger men.

[07:36.23]so I'm looking for someone who's maybe in their early twenties.


[07:45.24]I'm a married man,

[07:50.20]so I'm the wrong person to ask a question like this to.really.

[07:56.45]When I was single.I used to think I wanted somebody who was easy to talk to,

[08:04.00]somebody who understood me and how I was feeling.

[08:08.96]somebody who was serious and religious,like I am-and then I met my wife.

[08:16.90]and she was everything I was looking for.and more!

[08:22.33]I can't believe how lucky I've been,

[08:27.17]but then I have to say that,or she'll kill me!


[08:36.57]To be honest,I'm too old now to be fussy,really.

[08:42.63]I want anybody who will have me!

[08:46.89]I used to worry about the kind of person that was right for me and I used to think I wanted somebody who was slim and sexy and intelligent

[08:56.55]and who had her own money and her own job and things like that,

[09:02.20]but now I've reached my forties and I'm still single.

[09:07.45]I've lowered my standards!It's taken me a long time.

[09:13.01]but I've realised that I'm not the best-looking man in the world or the richest.

[09:19.49]and so I'd be happy just meeting someone who liked me!Sad,isn't it!


[09:31.43]I know this sounds strange,but all I really want is someone with nice hands!

[09:39.19]I used to go out with this man who played the piano.

[09:44.33]and he had really beautiful hands-long,slim fingers.but really strong as well,

[09:52.88]Mm!I'd never go out with somebody who had short,fat,little fingers,I just couldn't.

[10:01.13]1 Used to and would

[10:13.69]You are going to hear the man in Picture 1

[10:18.34]talking about how he has changed over the last fifteen years.

[10:32.22]A lot of people don't believe it when they see pictures of me when I was younger,

[10:37.86]because I used to look really,really different.

[10:42.40]I used to have quite long hair.and I used to dress quite differently too.

[10:49.95]I'd wear a lot of really loud clothes and a lot of bright colours.

[10:56.51]I used to play bass in a band and we used to be kind of famous.

[11:02.57]We made a few records and we'd go on tour quite a lot.

[11:08.45]I got to see the world a bit.I used to be a bit wilder than I am.

[11:16.49]I've really calmed down quite a lot,

[11:20.75]but when I was eighteen or nineteen,

[11:24.90]I'd be out every night,clubbing.dancing,drinking,you know.

[11:32.06]It's funny,because even though I used to be much slimmer than I am now,

[11:38.59]I think I'm quite a lot fitter now.

[11:42.82]I used to smoke around twenty a day,

[11:47.55]but I stopped a few years ago,and took up jogging instead!

[11:53.33]I think getting married has helped me calm down a lot.too.

[11:59.28]I used to be a bit of a ladies' man before I met my wife,

[12:04.74]and I'd always have two or three girlfriends I'd see at any one time.

[12:11.30]but those days are long gone.I'm a one-woman man now.

[12:17.04]I'm much happier now,too.When I was that age,

[12:22.82]I used to feel a lot angrier and more confused about life.

[12:29.35]I'm so glad I'm not a teenager any more!

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