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[00:04.70]3 Answering the phone

[00:11.68]Hello,Hi,is Jenny there?

[00:15.73]I'm afraid not.She's gone out shopping.

[00:19.98]Oh right.When will she be back?

[00:24.35]She'll probably be about an hour.Do you want to leave a message?

[00:29.68]No,it's all right.I'll just call back later.

[00:34.95]7 Talking on the phone

[00:47.91]Hello.Hi,is Jenny there?

[00:53.16]Speaking.Oh right,hi.My name's Paola.

[00:59.32]I'm a friend of Fernanda.We go to the same school to learn Enlish.

[01:05.59]Oh,OK.She told me about you.How are you? Fine,thanks.

[01:12.44]And how's Fernanda? Oh great.She told me to say hello.

[01:18.08]Anyway,I was wondering if you could help me.

[01:22.83]I'll try.I'm coming to London for a few days for a visit

[01:28.79]and Fernanda said you might be able to recommend somewhere cheap to stay.

[01:35.03]Well,you could stay with me if you like.I've got a spare room.

[01:41.69]Really?Are you sure?

[01:45.46]Yes,it's no trouble.When are you coming?

[01:50.60]In two weeks'time.

[01:53.84]I'm coming down on the Friday and then I'm going to go back on the Tuesday.

[01:59.88]Fine.Do you want to give me a ring a bit nearer the time just to check what time you'll be here?

[02:07.01]Yes,OK.Ok,well,I'll speak to you then.

[02:12.78]Can you say hi to Fernanda from me and thank her for the birthday card?

[02:19.34]I'll give her a ring next week sometime.

[02:23.60]I'm actually going away for a few days.

[02:28.04]OK.Great.See you.

[02:32.19]Yes,bye.And thanks for the offer.It's really kind of you.

[02:37.83]No problem.Bye.


[02:50.84]The other evening,I was at home in my flat and I was feeling really homesick.

[02:58.60]I was really missing my girlfriend,Hong Jie.

[03:03.56]She's back home in China

[03:07.51]and China's seven hours ahead of lreland where I'm studying,

[03:13.46]so it was in the middle of the night there.

[03:17.62]But I thought I'd ring her anyway,

[03:22.29]because I just really needed to talk to her and tell her how much I loved her.

[03:29.55]Anyway,I phoned her on my mobile and a woman's voice answered

[03:36.82]she sounded a bit tired-and I but I just started talking.

[03:42.98]'Hi,it's me.Sorry to phone you so late,but I just had to ring you.'

[03:50.43]And then I just went on saying how much I missed her

[03:56.07]and all kinds of other personal stuff,

[04:00.61]and then suddenly the woman on the other end of the line said,

[04:05.97]'Who is this?'I was so embarrassed I hung up straightaway.

[04:13.02]When I looked again at the number I had dialled,

[04:17.99]I realised I'd called my mum by mistake.

[04:23.31]I don't know if she recognised my voice,but she never said anything about it!

[04:30.26]It was really.....


[04:37.47]About a year age,I met this guy while I was on holiday.

[04:43.64]He came from the same town as me and seemed quite nice.

[04:49.59]We got on quite well,so we swapped telephone numbers

[04:55.16]and said we would meet up when we weree back in England.

[05:00.12]Anyway,we went out together one night and I didn't have a very good time.

[05:07.77]He was a bit strange with me-quite serious-

[05:13.52]and he obviously wanted to go out with me as his girlfriend.

[05:19.27]The next time he rang,I just made some excuse to say I couldn't meet him.

[05:26.43]The same day he rang again and I told him I was busy.

[05:32.17]He didn't take the hint,though,

[05:36.25]because he kept on ringing me again and again and again.

[05:42.49]I told him I wasn't interested and that he should stop calling me,

[05:48.16]but he took no notice.

[05:51.82]He started ringing and texting me ten of fifteen times a day.

[05:58.87]In the end,I had to change my number.

[06:03.55]It was really....


[06:11.67]I was on the train going to a meeting and i was trying to do some work.

[06:17.91]There was this guy sitting opposite me

[06:22.17]who spent the whole journey talking really loudly on his mobile.

[06:28.02]They were all really stupid conversations as well.

[06:33.35]I asked him to go and talk somewhere else or talk a bit more quietly,

[06:39.31]but he didn't get any work done and by the end of the journey,

[06:45.08]I was so annoyed I wanted to hit him.It was really.


[07:03.68]1 Alan told me to tell you he cant come tonight.

[07:10.21]He's got a meeting.

[07:12.88]2 Alan told me to tell you he's going to be late.

[07:19.72]3 Alan told me to ask you if you could call him.

[07:27.09]4 alan told me to say hello.

[07:33.46]5 Alan was telling me you're going to Thalland in a couple of weeks.

[07:41.61]It sounds really good.

[07:45.16]6 Alan told me to say good luck with the exam.

[07:52.74]7 Alan told me to ask you if you could get some milk on the way home.

[08:00.99]8 Alan was telling me you really like tenins.

[08:07.86]Do you want to have a game some time?

[08:11.81]9 Alan told me to say thanks for the tickets.

[08:18.78]10 Alan told me to tell you not to be late.

[08:25.63]The film starts at elght.

[08:29.10]11 Alan was telling me he's Thinking of leaving his job.

[08:36.96]Ha he sald anything to you about it?

[08:41.09]12 Alan was telling me about the party last night.

[08:47.86]It sounded as if you all had a really good time.

[08:52.90]5 While you listen

[09:03.66]Conversation 1

[09:07.00]What happened to you yesterday?

[09:11.39]I'm really sorry.There were some roadworks and the bus was really slow.

[09:18.24]It took me over an hour to get there.

[09:22.68]Why didn't you ring?I would've waited.

[09:26.94]I tried,but my mobile was deed,because I'd forgotten to recharge it.

[09:33.49]Oh,what a shame.We did wait for about half an hour,

[09:38.77]but we didn't want to miss the beginning of the film,

[09:42.82]so we went without you.

[09:46.06]Yes,I thought that was what you must've done,

[09:50.92]so I just went home again!

[09:54.47]Conversation 2

[10:00.32]Are you OK?You look a bit fed up.

[10:05.88]Yes,I've just had my mobile stolen.

[10:10.53]You're joking!What happened?

[10:14.61]I was stupid.I was just having a coffee in that bar over the road

[10:21.37]and I stupidly left it lying on the table.

[10:26.23]Anyway,a couple of young lads came up to me and started talking really fast,

[10:33.50]and I just said I didn't understand and then they just walked off.

[10:39.27]By the time I noticed the phone had gone,they'd disappeared.

[10:44.52]That's terrible.Are you insured?

[10:48.78]Yes,yes.I can replace the phone easily enough,

[10:53.95]but the problem is all the phone numbers I keep in the phone.

[10:58.81]On,no!You don't have them written down anywhere?

[11:04.06]No,I just always put them straight into my mobile.

[11:09.49]I never bother to write them anywhere else.

[11:13.93]What a pain.

[11:16.88]Yes,I don't really know how I can contact some of them.

[11:21.93]Conversation 3

[11:27.28]Where did yo say we were meething Tom?

[11:32.64]Well,I thought it was here,in front of Tesco's.

[11:36.76]Don't you remember?When did you last speak to him?

[11:41.60]Last week sometime.I tried calling him yesterday,but he wasn't in.

[11:46.93]Have you got his mobile number on you now?

[11:51.18]Yes,one minute.I think it's here somewhere..um..no,it's not.Sorry.

[12:00.25]What a pain!So what shall we do now?

[12:04.71]Let's wait five more minutes and if he doesn't come,

[12:09.86]let's just go withut him.

[12:13.34]Conversation 4

[12:18.98]Is that new?

[12:22.84]Yes,haven't you seen one of these yet?

[12:28.09]They're the new Fourth Generation ones.They're great!

[12:34.15]Really? So what does it do,then?

[12:37.92]Well,you can do all the normal things like phone and text people

[12:43.48]and it's got internet connection and games,and things like that.

[12:48.52]Yes,mine has all that.

[12:52.00]Yes,OK,but this one can take photos and send them and...look...

[12:57.85]you can watch TV on it too and download films from the internet.No!

[13:03.62]Yes,look.There you go.

[13:08.58]Wow!That's amazing!How much did you pay for it?

[13:13.94]It was only $2,000.I got it in Hong Kong.

[13:19.29]Only $2,000!You think that's cheap!

[13:24.15]Yes,it's not expenisve for something like this.

[13:29.12]And how long do the batteries last?

[13:32.56]Ah,well,that's the problem,you see.

[13:36.93]Only about 20 minutes,usually,but they're trying to sort that out.

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