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[00:04.70]2 Arranging to go to the cinema

[00:11.68]What are you Doing tonight?

[00:15.62]I've got nothing planned.What about you?

[00:19.59]Well,I was thinking of going to the cinema.

[00:23.75]Do you want to come with me?

[00:26.80]Yes,maybe.what are you thinking of seeing?

[00:31.76]Have you seen lands of hope yet?It's supposed to be really good.

[00:37.51]Yes,I saw it last week.It's OK,but it's not briliant.

[00:42.63]What else is no?Well,there's a film with george clooney.

[00:47.96]Oh,Yes?I don't really like him.

[00:52.40]No,nelther do I.

[00:55.64]And then there's this film,Clty of dreams.

[01:00.21]I haven't heard of it.

[01:03.45]What's it about?

[01:06.51]It's a french film.

[01:09.46]It's a drama about some algerians growing up in paris.

[01:14.32]It's got quite a good revievv.

[01:17.79]It sounds quite interesting.What time's it on?

[01:23.25]Six Thirty,elght fifteen and eleven twenty.

[01:28.61]And where's it on?The abc.

[01:32.76]OK.well,shall we go to the elght fifteen showing?

[01:38.40]I want to have something to eat before we go.

[01:42.84]Yes,Ok.Shall I meet you there,then? You know where it is,Don't you?

[01:48.77]Yes,So I'll see you There around elght.

[01:53.84]If I'm there flrst,shall I get the tickets?


[02:01.84]2 While you listen

[02:12.60]Hi.I'd like to book two tickets for the show on Saturday,please.

[02:18.66]OK.Is that for the afternoon show or the evening one?

[02:25.01]Oh,I didn't realise there was a choice.Let me think...

[02:30.33]um... the evening one,please.

[02:34.31]Right.Let me just check if we have tickets available...

[02:40.18]Oh,I'm sorry,but I'm afraid that show is completely sold out.

[02:47.63]We do still have tickets left for the afternoon,though.

[02:53.87]It starts at four.

[02:57.50]Oh right..um...well,I suppose that should be OK.

[03:03.25]OK,so it's two tickets for the four o'clock show on Saturday afternoon.

[03:10.69]Whereabouts would you like to sit?

[03:15.66]As near to the front as possible,please.

[03:20.20]OK,I'm just checking.

[03:25.06]Oh,I'm really sorry,but the closest to the front that we've got is Row S.

[03:35.22]Does that sound OK?

[03:38.78]Well,not really.We wouldn't see much from there,would we?

[03:44.65]Have you got anything upstairs?

[03:49.51]I'll just check..Yes,we have.

[03:55.57]We've got a couple of seats in Row C,if you're interested.

[04:01.14]That sounds great.Are those the same price as the ones downstirs?

[04:07.01]No,I'm afraid they're a little bit more expensive.

[04:12.47]These are 42 and the ones downstairs are 27.

[04:20.73]Rorty-two poundsz!Each!You're joking,aren't you?

[04:26.97]I can't afford that.I'll have to go for the two in Row U or whatever it was.

[04:34.55]Certainly,sir,so that's two seats in Row S.

[04:41.08]And how will you be paying?

[04:45.20]By credit card,please,if that's OK.

[04:50.17]Yes,of course.What kind?

[04:54.43]It's an American Express.

[04:58.37]OK.And can I take your number,please?

[05:05.14]Yes,It's 4926-8631-6231-9221.

[05:18.48]And the expiry date?It's 04/07.

[05:26.14]And can I have the address where the card is registered,please?

[05:32.38]Yes,it's 14,Beechwood Park,E17 and it's in my name.

[05:41.03]Leroy Jones.That's L-E-R-O-Y.

[05:47.79]OK,that's fine.You can just pick the tickets up from the box office,

[05:55.06]any time after four today.

[05:59.11]Great.OK.Thanks for your help.

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