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[00:09.48]You are going to hear three conversations where people desCRIbe what tings are like.

[00:17.84]As you listen,take notes on what they are desCRIbing and which adjectives they use.

[00:25.21]Conversation 1

[00:29.36]Mm,this fish is really nice.What’s yours like?

[00:34.72]Well,I’m beginning to wish I’d had the same as you.

[00:38.97]I usually love chicken,but,to be honest,this is a bit bland.

[00:44.72]The waiter said it was in a delicious mushroom sauce,but it doesn’t taste of anything.

[00:51.49]Conversation 2

[00:57.94]So,is the wine all right?

[01:01.91]Mm,yeah,it’s all right,but it’s nothing special.

[01:08.39]I see what you mean.$15 for this!It really is very ordinary.

[01:15.65]Yes,it’s a bit disappointing,to say the least.Shall we send it back?

[01:22.42]No,I can’t be bothered.It’s not that bad.

[01:27.28]Conversation 3

[01:33.13]Didn’t you go to see Macbeth last week?

[01:38.69]Yeah,it was brilliant.I’ve been to it a few times beforre,

[01:44.05]but I think this was the best production I’ve ever seen.

[01:48.70]Yeah,someone I work with went and said it was wonderful.

[01:54.47]I wish I’d been able to get a ticket.

[01:58.52]4 Asking linked questions

[02:12.26]1.What’s his house like?Is it big?

[02:22.32]Yes,it’s huge.It’s got four bedrooms and an enormous garden.

[02:28.48]2.What was that book like?Was it interesting?

[02:36.06]No,it wasn’t,actually.It was really boring.In fact,I didn’t even finish reading it.

[02:43.21]3.What’s your new job like?Are you enjoying it?

[02:49.87]Yes,very much.My boss is really nice and it’s quite well paid,really.

[02:56.12]4.What was Tunisia like?Was it warm?

[03:05.36]Yes,it was quite warm,but not as hot as the last time we went.

[03:11.61]5.What’s this CD like?Is it any good?

[03:19.37]Yes,I think it’s great.The third track is brilliant.

[03:25.01]6.How was the match?Did you win?

[03:32.66]No,we lost three-one.It was just terrible.I can’t believe it.

[03:38.91]1.While you listen Not exactly Shakespeare

[03:54.19]Guess what I went and saw last night-

[03:59.52]Titanic-it’s on again this week at the Duke of York’s.

[04:05.08]Oh,yeah.I saw that when it first came out.

[04:09.73]What did you think of it?Did you like to?

[04:13.49]Oh,it was great.I really enjoyed it.

[04:18.32]I though the special effects were amazing,and the acting was brilliant.

[04:23.58]It’s one of those films where,you know,

[04:27.73]when I first heard about how much money they’d spent on it,

[04:32.30]I just couldn’t believe it,but it was really great.

[04:37.16]It was a bit like one of those old disaster movies,you know,

[04:42.31]like Towering Inferno or Earthquake,only better.

[04:47.35]Really?I’m surprised.I though the acting was a bit wooden myself,

[04:53.59]and the dialogue was just awful.

[04:57.53]I can’t believe you actually thought it was worthe the money they’d spent on it.

[05:02.99]I mean,didn’t you find the whole thing jsut a little bit over-the-top?

[05:08.24]Oh,no.Not at all.I thought it was brilliant.But the acting was horrendous!

[05:14.80]Well,I know it’s not exactly Shakespeare,but it’s not meant to be,is it?

[05:19.95]I’ll tell you something weird though,

[05:23.71]there was this guy sitting next to us who snored all the way through the film!

[05:29.77]Really?That’s must’ve been really annoying.

[05:34.21]How could anybody actually sleep through all that noise!

[05:38.65]I don’t know -just dead tired,I suppose.

[05:42.88]Yeah,I guess so,but really,though,

[05:46.93]didn’t you think it was all just a bit too sentimental?

[05:51.79]I know what you mean,but I honestly didn’t.

[05:55.76]I really thought it was all done just right.It was so romantic.

[06:01.82]Oh well,each to his own.Have you seen Bomb Alert 2 yet?

[06:07.46]No,I haven’t even heard of it.Who’s in it?

[06:11.83]Um,Jean-Paul van Klam,

[06:15.98]he’s great in it and,um,that woman from Kamikaze,you know who I mean.

[06:22.15]Remember?She was Turtle-woman too,

[06:26.61]although I must admit she wasn’t very good in that.

[06:31.58]Oh,her.So what’s like?Any good?

[06:35.73]Yeah,it’s great-if you like blood all over the place and that sort of thing.

[06:42.39]Oh,it doesn’t really sound like my sort of thing,actually.I think I’ll give it a miss.

[06:49.76]1 Negative questions

[07:04.62]Listen to these example and practise them with a partner.

[07:10.08]11.I really like living our here in the country.

[07:15.72]Oh,realy.Don’t you find it a bit boring?

[07:20.40]No,not at all.It’s great.

[07:24.55]2.I’m going to see Dogs of War tonight.

[07:30.90]Oh really.Don’t you think it looks really violent?

[07:36.67]Yes,a bit,but then I like that kind of thing.

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