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unit 14 What was it like?

[00:04.99]2 What was your holiday like?

[00:11.34]Hello,Tom.Are you all right? I haven't seen you for a while.

[00:16.61]Yes,I'm fine.I was in the States all last week visiting a friend of mine.

[00:22.57]I thought I'd told you about it.

[00:26.02]No,I don't think so.SO whereabouts did you go?

[00:30.88]Most of the time I was in Boston where my friend lives,

[00:35.55]but I went up to New York for a couple of days.

[00:39.81]Right.So what was it like?

[00:43.57]It was great.New York was amazing.

[00:49.03]It's just such a lively place,

[00:53.19]there's a real mixture of people,and the food's great.

[00:58.46]Yes? What about Boston? What was that like?

[01:03.50]Oh,it's nice.It's quite an interesting place.

[01:09.07]I din't do much there-mainly just spent time with my friend-but it was good.

[01:16.51]I met a lot of his friends and they were really nice and friendly.

[01:21.76]Sounds great.I'm quite jealous.

[01:26.13]Have you ever been to the States?

[01:29.57]Yes,I went there about three ago,but I went to the West Coast.

[01:35.63]Listen to the second part of the conversation

[01:50.60]Oh right,whereabouts exactly?

[01:54.96]Well,we stayed for a week in San Francisco

[02:00.11]and then a week just travelling around California.

[02:04.66]It's such a big state;there are lots of things to do.

[02:09.62]Yes,I've never been to that part of America,but I'd really love to go.

[02:15.97]What's San Francisco like? It's supposed to be brilliant.

[02:20.83]It's great.It's really beautiful and it's very relaxed.

[02:26.49]Not like LA,which is just mad.

[02:30.86]We had a really good time there.

[02:34.70]The only disappointing thing

[02:38.25]was that it rained almost the whole time we were there.

[02:43.21]Really?I thought it was supposed to be realy good weather there.

[02:48.88]Yes,I think it is normally.

[02:52.41]We were just really unlucky.

[02:56.35]What a shame.

[02:59.41]5 Key word:have

[03:45.18]2 While you listen

[03:54.71]It's OK.I suppose.

[03:59.99]It's quite poor round there and it cna be a bit dangerous sometimes,

[04:05.13]if you walk home on your own late at night,

[04:08.97]but it's quite a busy area and ther's lots of shops

[04:13.94]and things like that round there,so it's good for shopping.

[04:18.30]Right.And what's the rent like?

[04:22.56]It's OK,actually.It's quite a cheap area to live in.I only pay about 60 a week.

[04:29.82]Wow,that's good.That's a lot less than I pay!

[04:35.49]It's delicious!It's one of the best places to eat in town.

[04:44.73]Every time I've been there it's been great.

[04:49.18]You should try it.I'm sure you'd like it.

[04:53.54]Really? Well,I think I might take one of my clients there tomorrow evenig.

[04:59.39]I've got someone coming over from Germany on business

[05:03.86]and I want dto take her somewhere nice.

[05:07.51]Honestly,it'd be ideal.

[05:11.28]Wonderful!Really great...the food,the wine,everything!

[05:21.44]We had a really great time.The weather was nice,the people were nice.

[05:27.89]It was brilliant!

[05:31.05]It sonds lovely!And what was your hotel like?

[05:36.30]Oh,it was wonderful!It was a really old place,family-run,

[05:43.07]and they were so friendly and helpful.

[05:46.91]It was brilliant,it really was.

[05:50.85]Awful!It was really terrible-the acting,the story,everything!

[06:00.10]It was a waste of money,it really was!

[06:04.15]Save your money,and go and see somethig else instead.

[06:08.80]Was it really that bad?It stars Kevin Clint,doesn't it?

[06:14.44]What was he like in it?

[06:17.89]Don't ask!It's the worst I've ever seen him act.He was awful.

[06:23.76]Great!He's really funny.He's always making me laugh.

[06:33.01]He's very smart as well-he works with computers,

[06:38.29]so he's really good with numbers and machines,and things like that.

[06:43.75]He sounds nice.Do you see him very often?

[06:48.61]Yes,quite often.He lives quite near where I work,

[06:53.36]so we have lunch together once or twice a month.

[06:57.72]OK,I suppose.It wasn't the best I've ever been to.

[07:07.78]It went on a bit too long,I think.

[07:11.83]I've heard that piece played much better elsewhere.

[07:16.56]Oh,really?It doesn't sound very good.What was the venue like?

[07:22.62]I've heard the building is incredible.

[07:26.59]Oh yes.The place was amazing.It's really beautiful in there.

[07:32.15]It's just a shame the music wasn't as good.

[07:36.59]Brilliant!I'm really enjoying it.

[07:43.44]It's very practical,so we spend a lot of time making things,

[07:49.19]and looking at things and talking about them.

[07:53.57]It's really nice to be so active for a change.

[07:58.22]And what're the other students in the class like?

[08:03.19]They're all really nice-apart from this one strange English girl

[08:09.35]who never really talks to anyone,but most of them are lovely.

[08:14.68]What about the teacher? What's she like?

[08:19.72]It's he,actually.He's great.Really interesting,really good.

[08:25.89]It's nice.It's quite large,so there's plenty of space for the three of us.

[08:34.53]The kitchen's very modern,so that's good and the bedrooms are OK too.

[08:40.28]The bathroom is a bit samll,but it's OK.

[08:44.83]I've lived in much worse places before!

[08:49.06]Oh,it sounds lovely.What're your neighbours like?

[08:54.02]I'm not sure,actually.I've only seen them on the stairs.

[08:59.06]I haven't realy talked to them yet.They looked OK,though.

[09:03.82]3 Pronunciatin:the food,the wine,everything!

[09:17.87]1.It was great!The food,the wine,everything!

[09:26.73]2.It was wonderful!The hotel,the weather,everything!

[09:39.47]3.It was lovely!The music,the venue,everything!

[09:51.54]4.They're great!My colleagues,my boss,everyone!

[10:03.92]5.It was awful!The train journey,the taxi,everything!

[10:19.68]6.It was terrible!The hours,the money,everything!

[10:32.84]7.It was dreadful!The acting,the story,everything!

[10:46.71]8.It was great!The noise,the atmosphere,everything!

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