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[00:10.50]Long time,no see!

[00:15.05]Barry!Hi,how are you?I haven’t seen you for ages.

[00:23.51]Hello,Sharon.Long time,no see.I know.So how’re you doing?

[00:29.70]I’m all right,thanks.And you?

[00:33.46]Yeah,not too bad.So,what’s you been up to since I last saw you?

[00:39.42]Not a lot-working mostly-I’ve been working really long hours this week,

[00:45.95]getting really fed up with it,you know.Really?

[00:50.49]Yeah,but I went down to Kent last weekend,for my grandma’s birthday party.

[00:56.27]Oh,how old was she?

[00:58.31]Eighty-five.It was really great.

[01:03.16]We went for this lovely meal and then we went for a walk along the beach.

[01:09.43]It was good to get out of the city.

[01:13.27]I bet.I keep meaning to have a weekend away myself.

[01:18.92]I know.You get to the point where you really need it,don’t you?

[01:25.11]If you don’t get out of London from time to time,it starts driving you crazy,you know.

[01:31.56]Anyway,what about you?What’ve you been up to?

[01:37.23]Well,on Sunday morning I went and saw that exhibition at the Royal Academy.

[01:43.16]Oh yes,the one there’s been all that fuss about

[01:48.90]-dead sheep and pictures of toilet rolls and things.

[01:54.26]Yeah,my friend Angela-she’s at art school

[01:59.30]-she ketp nagging me to go and see it,so I went.

[02:04.26]And what did you think of it?Was it any good?

[02:09.10]Oh,I actually thought it was excellent,really good and challenging.

[02:14.35]There’s only one thing that made you go’yuk’-the dead sheep.

[02:19.91]I think it’s meant to shock you,though.

[02:24.04]Anyway,after that,I popped round and saw a friend of mine,Richard,for a bit

[02:30.41] and we went up to Camden market to do a bit of shopping.

[02:35.06]Oh yeah,it’s nice up there on a Sunday,isn’t it?

[02:40.52]Yeah,it’s great.And then I spent the evening at my mum’s,which was nice.

[02:46.77]Oh,that’s sounds good.

[02:50.00]Yeah,and apart from that,I’ve been doing things for college,really.

[02:55.46]Uh-huh,still being a good student,then.

[02:59.83]Oh look,there’s my bus into town.I’d best be off.

[03:04.37]I’ll see you soon,then.Bye. Yeah,OK,bye.

[03:09.94]5 Pronunciation

[03:24.02]Listen to the intonation pattern of this line from the conversation.

[03:30.86]How are you?I haven’t seen you for ages.

[03:37.94]Practise the following,which have similar patterns.

[03:47.29]1.How are you ?We haven’t spoken for weeks.

[03:54.16]2.How are you?We haven’t had a chat for ages.

[04:02.99]3.How are they?I haven’t seen them for months.

[04:11.74]4.How is he?I hear he’s just got back.

[04:20.81]5.How is she?I haven’t seen her for ages.

[04:29.58]6.How’s your dad?I haven’t seen him for years.

[04:38.41]7.How is she?I heard she’s had a boy.

[04:47.56]8.How much was it?I heard it cos a fortune.

[04:57.30]1 While you read Long lost friends

[05:13.05]Bob’s story

[05:17.20]When I was in the army,I was very friendly with a chap called Tom Ramsay from Leeds.

[05:26.06]We lost touch when we left and I wish we hadn’t.

[05:31.99]I would love to meet him again to talk about all the things we went through together.

[05:38.83]Jill’s story

[05:43.88]When I was a young girl of fifteen,I had a baby.

[05:50.15]My parents forced me to have it adopted.

[05:55.29]All I know is that she was born on March 14th,1975

[06:03.05]and the people who adopted her lived in York.

[06:07.80]I would love to meet her.I think about her every day of my life.

[06:14.65]Jim’s story

[06:19.12]I’m not eighty-five.When I was a young lad of fifteen,

[06:28.26]I spent a summer working on a farm in Kent,picking fruit.

[06:35.31]I fell in love with a girl called lrene Smithson.

[06:42.26]She came from Canterbury.At the end of that beautiful summer,

[06:49.84]we went our separate ways and never met again.

[06:55.58]My wife died last year.I would love to meet lrene again.

[07:03.76]I have three children and twelve grandchildren.

[07:10.11]Hugh’s story

[07:15.17]I’m twenty-five and single.I live in Birmingham.

[07:23.64]Last month,I spent the weekend in London with some friends.

[07:29.38]On the Saturday night,I met a fabulous girl called Melanie Brown at a disco.

[07:36.75]We danced together all night and talked for hours.We just hit it off immediately.

[07:44.90]The trouble was she had a boyfriend who was abroad on business that weekend.

[07:51.38]She gave me her telephone number,but I’ve lost it.

[07:56.73]I’m desperate to see her again.I wish I’d asked her for her address as well.

[08:03.58]The only thing I know is that she lives in Notting Hill Gate.

[08:09.93]But that’s all I know-except that she had huge brown eyes.

[08:17.16]1 I wish

[08:28.71]Listen and check your answers.

[08:33.75]1.I sometimes wish I’d known my grandfather on my mum’s side.

[08:41.51]He was supposed to have been a really interesting guy.

[08:46.65]2.I wish I hadn’t eaten so much earlier.I feel really sick!

[08:56.19]3.I often wish I had travelled more when I was younger.

[09:03.92]I just don’t have the time to do it now.

[09:08.18]4.I really wish I had gone to see the doctor about it earlier.

[09:17.14]It wouldn’t have got so bad if I had.

[09:21.21]5.I sometimes wish I hadn’t wasted so much time when I was at university.

[09:29.76]I wouldn’t be working here if I’d got a better degree.

[09:34.72]6.I wish hadn’t spent so much money while I was on holiday.

[09:42.09]I wouldn’t be so badly in debt if I hadn’t.

[09:47.42]7.I wish I’d met her earlier.

[09:52.74]I wouldn’t have had to spend so many years of my life on my own!

[09:58.62]8.I really wish I hadn’t lost my address book.

[10:04.97]I’m going to lose touch with loads of people now.

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