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[00:07.08]2 Talking about your free time

[00:13.92]So what did you do last night?

[00:17.97]Oh I went to see this new play,Hello You, at The Playhouse in town.

[00:24.53]Oh right.Was it any good?

[00:29.28]Yes,it was OK.I've seen better things.

[00:33.83]Oh,so do you go to the theatre a lot?

[00:38.40]Yes,quite often,maybe once or twice a month.

[00:43.15]Wow!That's quite a lot.I hardly ever go.

[00:48.20]I prefer to go to the cinema or just go out with friends.

[00:53.84]Yes,I've always really liked the theatre.

[00:58.88]I actually go to a drama club and sing with a group of people as well.

[01:04.44]Really? So what kind of things do you sing?

[01:08.70]Lots of things really,but mainly musicals-

[01:13.74]West Side Story,Chicago,things like that.

[01:19.02]That's great.So are you any good?I mean,do you sing solo or what?

[01:25.19]No.I'm OK,but I'm not that good.I just like sining.

[01:30.64]Oh ,that's great. What about you? What do you do in your free time?

[01:37.02]Have you got any special hobbies?

[01:40.78]5 Pronunciation:adding information

[01:53.35]a. I went to see this exhibition,Art in Time,at teh National Gallery.

[02:02.17]b. I stayed in and watched this programme,Wild at Sea,about dolpjins.

[02:14.82]c. I stayed in.I'm reading this book,The Yakuza,about the Japanese mafia.

[02:27.67]d. I went to this new restaurant,Tito's,in Market Street.

[02:41.72]e. We went on a day trip to this place,Leeds Castle,with the school.

[02:56.48]f. I went to my karate class at this sports centre,

[03:09.75]The Sobell,near my house.

[03:13.91]I know this probably sounds strange,but I can't stand Manchester United!

[03:30.96]I hate their manager,and I hate their players,

[03:35.93]who get paid too much and think they're the best.

[03:40.60]I hate their TV station.

[03:44.37]I hate their souvenir shop and I really really hate their fans!

[03:51.03]You see,I've got nothing in common with 98% of their fans,

[03:57.40]because-unlike them-I was born in Manchester,

[04:02.76]I know a lot about football

[04:06.41]AND I've been to Manchester United's ground,Old Trafford.

[04:11.74]I particularly hate their fans around the world

[04:16.71]who I've met when I've been abroad and who say to me,

[04:21.85]'Oh,you come from Manchester.

[04:25.82]Do you like football? I love Manchester football team very much!'

[04:31.57]The thing is,you see,

[04:34.94]I support the other team in Manchester-Manchester CITY,not United.

[04:41.70]I always have done,and I alwys will.I'll be a City fan until I die!

[04:48.26]I grew up in Moss Side,Manchester in the 1950s,

[04:54.43]and my dad supported Manchester City,so I did too.

[04:59.39]When I was growing up,he always used to say,

[05:04.56]'You can choose your friends,but you can't choose your football team.'

[05:09.52]It's part of your family history,part of who you are.

[05:14.67]The new Manchester United fans,

[05:18.93]who first got interested in them when they won the Treble

[05:23.29]the Champions League,

[05:26.32]the FA Cuup and the Premiership-in 1999 will never understand this!

[05:32.56]They only support them because they win things!

[05:37.11]Supporting a football club is about more than that,though.

[05:42.39]It's about hope and belief!

[05:45.94]Even when everything is going wrong

[05:50.30]and your team has just gone down to the Second or Third Division

[05:55.34]or you've lost a big match against your local rivals,

[06:00.07]you have to believe that things will get better.

[06:04.23]We were a huge club when I was a kid-and we will be again!

[06:10.18]Nothing lasts forever,

[06:13.42]and one day Manchester United will go down to the Second Division again

[06:19.19]and we will win the League again.

[06:23.03]Then the rest of the world will know how big Manchester City really are!

[06:29.09]Dreams like this have helped me through the bad times in my life

[06:34.37]like after we lost the Cup Final and then my first husband left me.

[06:39.93]Football has helped me learn how to be a good loser.

[06:44.98]You have to be able to laugh at life,don't you?

[06:49.10]Anywy,I've got a new boyfriend now,

[06:53.18]and I love him almost as much as I love Manchester City.

[06:58.53]I take him to all of the matches,and he says he enjoys some of them.

[07:04.39]He's perfect for me.

[07:07.83]If we ever get married,

[07:11.20]I'm going to wear my 1968 League Champion shirt to the wedding.

[07:17.05]It's got the name of the best City player ever on the back

[07:22.12]Mike'Buzzer'Summerbee.I'd ask Kevin to dress in a light blue suit as well.

[07:28.78]He'd look very handsome in it,I'm sure.

[07:32.55]5 Using grammar:superlatives

[08:20.92]2 While you listen

[08:31.06]What's that you're looking at?

[08:35.11]Oh,it's a magazine.It tells you the courses you can do.

[08:41.17]Oh yes? But you go to English classes already,don't you?

[08:47.33]Yes,yes.I'm not looking for English classes.

[08:52.09]I want to study something else.

[08:56.06]My teacher said it's good for my English.

[09:00.50]I'll meet people.I'll speak more in English.

[09:05.54]Oh right.Good idea.So what are you thinking of doing?

[09:12.07]Well,there's a photography course that might be good.

[09:16.75]I like photography.

[09:20.51]Yes,me too.

[09:23.75]Is it just about taking photos or do they teach you how to develop pictures as well?

[09:30.51]Devel..?What was that word?

[09:34.77]Developing.You know,when you actually go into a dark room

[09:41.83]no lights-and actually MAKE the photos-

[09:46.89]you know,put them in chemicals and stuff.

[09:50.73]Yes,yes,OK.It doesn't say.It just has the time and price.

[09:58.39]Maybe you should ring up and find out more aobut it.

[10:03.95]Does it have a number?

[10:07.19]Sorry?Is there a telephone number you can ring to get more information?

[10:13.25]Yes,but speaking on the telephone is quite difficult for me.

[10:18.71]I get very nervous.I'll just go to the college.

[10:24.38]Would you like me to phone for you?

[10:28.82]Yes? It's not a problem?

[10:33.50]No,of course not.Here,pass me the magazine and I'll ring now.

[10:39.56]OK,Thanks.That's great.

[10:44.10]By the way,have you done any developing before?

[10:49.56]Eh?Develop?Oh yes...yes,one time,at school,but it was a long,long time ago.

[10:58.10]5 While you listen

[11:07.95]Hello,St Peter's College.How can I help you?

[11:13.41]Oh hello,I'm phoning to enquire about the evening photography classes you run.

[11:20.67]Oh yes,and what would you like to know?

[11:25.64]Well,several things.

[11:29.01]The main thing is if the course is just about taking photos

[11:35.77]or do they also teach you how to develop photos?

[11:40.81]Yes,they do both.

[11:44.57]The first week is in the classroom and the following week is in the darkroom.

[11:52.23]OK,and do you need to have any previous experience?

[11:57.98]I'm not sure.I'll put you through to someone who knows more about it.

[12:05.03]Just wait one moment,please. Hello

[12:10.98]Yes hello,I'm ringing about the photography class you run in the evenings.

[12:18.74]Yes,what is it you'd like to know?

[12:22.58]Well,just whether you need to have any previous experience to do the course.

[12:29.45]No,not at all.We take absolute beginners

[12:34.70]and then we also have some people who may have done some developing before

[12:40.06]and also some who are continuning form the last course.

[12:45.10]Ok,and the price of the course,does that include all the materials?

[12:52.05]Yes, for what you need for the classes,everything is included.

[12:57.93]And just to check-the course starts next week to Tuesday,right?

[13:04.98]Actually,that's misprint,several people have had the same problem.

[13:10.75]It's actually on Thursday.

[13:14.10]Thursday.OK.but at the same time-six till eight,yes?

[13:21.33]That's right,yes.

[13:24.78]And the course lasts for ten weeks.

[13:29.35]That's right.OK,that's great.

[13:34.68]We've actually only got two or three places left,

[13:39.41]so if you want to join us,you'd better be quick.

[13:43.67]OK,we will.Thanks for your time.

[13:49.02]No problem,hopefully see you next week.

[13:53.10]Yes,it sounds good.Bye.

[13:58.24]Review:Units 9-12

[14:06.18]1 Contrastive stress

[14:11.33]When's your wife going to Russia? She's not.I am.Next Friday.

[14:18.31]I saw your new car outside. It's not mine.It's lan's.

[14:25.75]Listen and check your answers.

[15:15.62]Consonant sounds:/l/and/r/

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