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[00:04.41]1 Questions we ask about families

[00:45.37]2 Talking about your family

[00:55.69]Listen to the first part of a conversation

[01:00.45]What are you doing after the class? Have you got time for a coffee?

[01:06.51]No,I've got to go.I'm going round to my sister's for dinner.

[01:12.99]She gets a bit annoyed if I'm late.

[01:16.83]Oh right.Where does she live?Pinedo.

[01:21.97]Right,that's nice part of town.What does she do?

[01:27.54]She's a doctor.She works in the Central hospital.

[01:32.58]Oh,OK.So how old is she?She must be a lot older than you.

[01:39.42]Yes,she's 35 years old,so she's almost 15 years older than me.

[01:47.08]Wow.That's quite a big age gap.

[01:51.44]So what's she like? Do you get on?

[01:55.51]Yes,she's really nice.We're actually quite similar.

[02:01.47]She's probably a bit more organised than I am,

[02:06.22]but she's quite funny and very easy to talk to.

[02:11.55]You know,she's never treated me like a baby or her little sister.

[02:17.80]That's good.So is she married?

[02:22.05]Yes,she got married when she was really young.

[02:27.20]I think they've been married for around twelve years.

[02:32.76]It wasn't long after they graduated.

[02:37.13]OK,so have they got any kids?

[02:41.49]She's actually pregnant at the moment.

[02:45.85]It's her first baby.

[02:49.33]Really?That's great.When's it due?November.

[02:54.79]Oh right.It's quite soon then.

[02:58.83]Yes,it's quite exciting.It'll be my first time as an aunt.

[03:04.89]Anyway,what about you? Have you got any brothers or sisters?

[03:11.66]Yes,I've got two older brothers and a twin sister.

[03:23.13]You're twin.Wow.Do you look very similar?

[03:29.48]I don't think so.We're not identical twins,if that's what you mean.

[03:35.35]Alison's a bit taler than me and her hair is darker.

[03:41.00]But yes,people are always confusing us.

[03:45.96]People she's met sometimes come up to me and say hello

[03:51.24]and start talking to me and I've got no idea who they are.

[03:56.38]Right.That must be quite annoying.

[04:01.63]It's OK.I'm used to it.It can actually be quite amusing!

[04:08.61]So what's she like?I mean,have you got similar personalities as well?

[04:16.05]Not really.She's a lot quieter than me.

[04:20.73]It's usually me who does the talking when we go out

[04:25.69]and she's a more serious person than I am.

[04:30.13]For example,she's very hard-working.

[04:34.70]Her job's really important to her.She doesn't go out very much.

[04:40.66]I guess I'M more relaxed,but she's my twin,

[04:45.62]so we're always going to be quite close.

[04:49.57]Jerry Taylor has the same surname as the famous Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor,

[05:04.01]but that's not the only thing they have in common.

[05:08.58]They're both in their seventies.

[05:12.66]They were both born in England and they both then moved to America.

[05:18.41]They've also both been married eight times.

[05:23.37]They may be extreme examples,but in the West,

[05:29.14]more and more people are getting married and divorced not just once,

[05:35.10]but two or three times.

[05:38.76]many political and religious leaders are worried about this growing trend.

[05:45.00]I just wanted to discover why this happens and what goes wrong.

[05:50.88]I went to interivew Jerry to find out.

[05:55.53]So what's the longest you've been married?

[06:00.99]That was my third marriage-to Lisa-Marie-and it lasted six years.

[06:10.36]Sadly,she died suddenly of a heart attack.

[06:15.64]She was only 40.Nobody knows why it happened.

[06:21.81]She didn't smoke or drink.

[06:26.17]She went out shopping one day and never came back.

[06:31.21]It was terrible.She was the love of my life.

[06:37.17]In some ways,we didn't have that much in common.

[06:42.52]She was ten years older than me.

[06:48.08]She was a teacher,but she was quiet and kind.

[06:54.64]She didn't get angry about any of my bad habits.

[07:00.70]My shortest marriage was my fifth one-that only lasted six days.

[07:09.17]Six days!Why was it so short?

[07:14.52]Martha,my fourth wife,

[07:19.28]had just left me for another man and I was feeling really bad,

[07:26.12]so I went on holiday.

[07:29.88]One day,I was having a meal on my own in the hotel restaurant.

[07:36.36]A single woman was sitting at the next table.

[07:41.32]We started chatting and she joined me at my table.

[07:47.10]Her name was Rita.She was really good-looking

[07:53.26]and I couldn't believe she was interested in an old guy like me.

[08:00.91]It turned out that her husband had just died.

[08:06.16]We fell in love and got married two days later!

[08:12.54]The manager of the hotel came to our wedding.

[08:17.50]We had a big party with all the other guests.

[08:23.75]I bought her the most expensive diamond ring I could find.

[08:30.51]It cost me $ 50,000! of course,we were booked on different flights home.

[08:40.75]Mine was leaving at nine in the morning,hers left at eleven.

[08:47.28]When I met her flight in Los Angeles,there was no sign of her!

[08:55.04]She just disappeared.

[08:59.90]I never heard from her again-and she didn't send the ring back!

[09:07.47]So what went wrong with all your other marrigaes?

[09:13.12]Well,the frist time,I was just too young.

[09:20.27]I was only 20.My girlfriend,Mary,got pregnant.

[09:27.04]She was 19 and in those days,first you got married and then you had the baby.

[09:36.50]The marriage lasted about a year.

[09:41.64]After the baby was born,she didn't really want me around the house.

[09:48.02]All my other wives told me I'm a difficult person to live with.

[09:54.78]You see,I like to keep things clean and tidy.

[10:01.03]Some of them didn't have the same high standards as me.

[10:06.90]Little things make me really annoyed.

[10:12.68]For example,some of my wives didn't fold the towels the way I like,

[10:19.81]or they moved my things around.

[10:24.17]Both Donna,my sixth wife,

[10:28.61]and Sheryl-she was the seventh-left me because they said I was crazy.

[10:37.07]The other thing is,I'm a really big fan of Elvis.

[10:44.52]I love him!I have a big collection of records and Elvis bits and pieces,

[10:52.59]and some of them hated that.

[10:56.95]When Laura,my second wife,

[11:01.71]left me,because she found out I was having an affair with Lisa-Marie,

[11:08.76]she said she was happy she was going

[11:12.91]because she would never have to listen to another Elvis song in her life!

[11:20.18]I just couldn't believe it!

[11:24.25]So,why do you keep getting married again?

[11:29.89]I guess I just don't like living on my own.

[11:35.77]And I still believe in finding mrs Right.

[11:41.34]And maybe this time I have.

[11:45.78]I met Kimberly in Graceland,the home of Elvis.

[11:52.12]She loves Elvis too.And she's beautiful.

[11:57.69]How long have you been married now?

[12:02.36]Nine weeks and it's beautiful.

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