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[00:08.59]Listen to four people talking about what they did last night.

[00:15.36]When you have decided what they did,tick the correct number in the list.

[00:22.20]1.I hate going there,but I’d run out of things to wear and,

[00:28.87]to be honest,some of my clothes were a bit-well,

[00:33.54]you know,so I thought I’d better have some clean shirts before work on Monday.

[00:39.50]2.It’s not something I normally do but I just felt like a bit of fresh air

[00:49.76]and it was a nice summer’s evening and quite a few shops were open so,

[00:55.22]yes,it was really nice.

[00:58.67]3.Not much really.I was quite tired when I got in from work,

[01:09.02]so I just got myself something to eat and then wrote a couple of letters,

[01:14.61]read a bit,watched a bit of TV and before I knew it,it was nearly midnight.

[01:20.85]4.Sorry I couldn’t ring you last night,

[01:29.50]but Wednesdays are my evenings for Art History.

[01:33.96]It’s something I’ve always been interesting in,

[01:38.32]so I thought I’d try this ten-week course that the university’s running this autumn.

[01:44.39]2 While you listen While you listen The Worst Disco in Town!

[02:00.24]Hey,Rose,there’s a letter for you.

[02:04.08]Thanks.You must’ve got in late last night.

[02:09.75]I didn’t even hear you come in-and I went to bed after one.

[02:14.61]I did,actually,I went and met some old friends from college that I hadn’t seen for ages.

[02:21.77]Oh,did you?That must’ve been nice.

[02:26.81]Yes,we had a drink and chat and caught up with all the gossip.

[02:32.45]You know what it’s like. UH-huh.

[02:36.81]Then we had something to eat and then another drink n

[02:41.99]and then we ended up going on to this awful disco in town.

[02:47.34]Oh,did you?Which one?Not Stardust.No,surely not Stardust?

[02:55.70]I’m afraid it was,actually-and it was really terrible,

[03:00.85]just full of kids and the music was so loud I could hardly hear myself think.

[03:07.22]It was like being back at school all over again.

[03:12.47]Kids of fourteen acting as if they were eighteen!

[03:17.64]I could’ve told you that!

[03:21.20]This boy came up to me-you know,bottle of beer in his hand,

[03:27.26]acting all macho,an asked me to dance!

[03:32.11]I bet hadn’t even started shaving! And did you?

[03:37.76]What?Dance with him?Of course I did!Then I told him I was thirty-five!

[03:44.91]You’re so cruel!

[03:48.47]Well,I just figured it was better he found out sooner rather than later that I was old enough to be his mum!

[03:55.42]I thought you were supposed to be there talking to old friends.

[04:00.46]I was,but there was so much noise,you couldn’t really have a proper conversation.

[04:07.12]And then to top it all.I missed the last train home

[04:12.71]and had to get a cab and didn’t get in until three!

[04:17.67]Didn’t you?You must be feeling exhausted this morning,then.

[04:23.92]Yeah,I could do with another hour or two in bed,that’s for sure.

[04:29.37]Anyway,what about you?How was your night?

[04:35.44]Oh,it was OK.I just did a bit of shopping on my way home,

[04:41.60]cooked myself some ramen noodles.

[04:45.96]Cooked youself some what?

[04:49.75]Ramen noodles,you know,just Japanese noodles. Oh,OK.

[04:57.40]They’re really quick and easy,and then I just did a bit of tidying-up,

[05:03.46]you know,nothing amazing or anything,read for a bit,

[05:08.92]watched a bit of telly-some film-you know the kind of thing that’s on late on Channel 4.

[05:16.58]Actually,I was so tired,I fell asleep in the middle of it!

[05:22.46]Oh,don’t!You’re making me feel even more exhausted!

[05:27.92]1 Responding with auxiliary verbs

[05:41.55]Listen and practise saying the expressions in colour.

[05:47.82]I met our odl English teacher on the train last night.

[05:53.15]Oh,did you?How is she?

[05:56.81]She’s fine,she’s working at aother school now,teaching younger kids.

[06:02.76]Hey-great news!I’ve jsut passed my driving test!

[06:11.23]Oh,have you?Congratulations.You msut be really pleased.

[06:17.18]Yes,it’s excellent.Now all I need is the money for car.

[06:23.14]3 Making sure you understand

[06:36.30]Listen and practise the dialogues above with a partner.

[06:41.95]I surfed the net last night?

[06:46.99]You did what last night?

[06:50.64]Surfed the net-played around on the Internet.

[06:55.40]I went on holiday to Phuket last year.

[07:02.48]You went where?

[07:05.82]Phuket.It’s a beach resort in Thailand.

[07:10.89]6 Linking ideas

[07:23.74]Listen,then say all these sentences,making sure you stress so.

[07:32.81]1.It was so cold,my hands felt like they were going to fall off.

[07:41.77]2.I was so exhausted,I just went straight to bed as soon as I got in.

[07:51.43]3.I was so hungry,I could’ve carried on eating all night!

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