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[00:05.69]2 Talking about what you do

[00:12.96]So what do you do,Nori? Are you working or studying or what?

[00:19.62]Well,I graduated a couple of years ago and now I'm working in Osaka.

[00:27.87]Oh right,So what do you do?

[00:32.10]I'm a civil servant.I work for the government.

[00:38.14]Oh,do you ? Do you enjoy it?

[00:42.58]Yes,it's OK.I have to do a lot of paperwork,which is quite boring,but

[00:50.13]it's quite well paid. Oh,that sounds good.

[00:55.59]Yes,it is,but sometimes I get a bit bored wiht it.

[01:01.26]I have to work a twelve-hour day most days,and a lot of the time,

[01:08.62]I don't really have much to do,so I just sit around and kill time.

[01:15.47]Do you have to work weekends?

[01:19.44]No,thank goodness!Five days a week is enough.

[01:26.39]Yes,I know what you mean.Do you get much holiday?

[01:32.26]It's not too bad.I get three weeks a year,so that's OK.

[01:39.53]And do you have to travel very far to work?

[01:44.07]Yes,quite a long way.It's about an hour on the train,

[01:51.23]so I have to spend a lot of time commuting.

[01:56.27]Anyway,what about you,Jenny? What do you do?

[02:02.20]I'm an estate agent,actually.I work in an office in the centre of Leeds.

[02:14.95]Oh really? That sounds interesting.

[02:19.78]Yes,it is,but it's quite stressful sometimes.

[02:25.21]We don't get paid that much.

[02:28.66]It depends how many houses we sell.If I don't sell anything,

[02:35.14]I don't get any extra money.

[02:38.90]Oh,I see.So how's it going at the moment?

[02:45.56]It's been OK this month,actually,but it's not always like that.

[02:51.62]Right.And what're the other people you work with like?

[02:58.00]Oh,they're OK.We all get on OK.

[03:02.86]How long've you been doing it?

[03:07.12]About a year an da half now.

[03:06.12]I'm still not sure that it's what I really want to do,though.

[03:11.68]I'm going to continue doing it for another six months

[03:16.85]and see if I start enjoying it more.

[03:20.80]It might get easier to sell things.

[03:24.77]And if it doesn't get easier?What then?

[03:30.02]Oh,I don't know.I'll have to think about it.

[03:34.77]4 Using vocabulary:expressions with get

[04:31.14]A lot of people ask me why I do temping work rather than get a permanent job with one company.

[04:45.01]I guess it's partly because of my father.

[04:50.29]He was a computer programmer for a big multinational company.

[04:56.46]His job was very important to him.

[05:01.11]He used to work very long hours.

[05:06.15]When we were kids,he often got home after nine o'clock at night-

[05:12.31]the time that we went to bed.

[05:16.26]Sometimes I didn't see him for days and days.

[05:21.90]He did very well in his job.He got promoted.

[05:28.56]He became the manager for the whole of the country

[05:33.42]and then the whole of South-east Asia.

[05:37.26]He just worked harder and harder.

[05:42.43]I don't think he was really happy doing what he was doing,

[05:47.55]but I guess he couldn't see any other wy.

[05:51.71]Then,when he retired,he didn't know what to do.

[05:57.58]He was even more unhappy.

[06:01.84]He died of a heart attack when he was 68.

[06:06.88]I don't want to be like that.

[06:12.84]Doing temping work means I don't have to go to work every day.

[06:18.72]When I work,I don't have to do the same things or see the same people every day.

[06:25.85]That's why I like it.I've been with the same agency for about ten years now.

[06:34.00]They know I'm a good worker and I'm reliable-I've never been late for work-

[06:41.44]so I can more or less choose the jobs I want to do.

[06:46.30]Sometimes I work in the same place for a few weeks,

[06:52.47]sometimes it's for just one day.

[06:56.83]I only get paid for the days I work,

[07:01.79]so if I'm not very well and take a day off sick,or if I want a holiday,

[07:07.75]I don't get any money.

[07:10.91]I suppose that if I had a family,it would be a problem,but I don't mind.

[07:09.91]Money isn't that important to me.

[07:13.75]It's more important that I can take time off when I want to.

[07:19.21]Some of my friends only get two weeks'holiday a year.

[07:25.58]I often take five or six weeks'holiday and go travelling all over the world.

[07:32.74]At the moment,I'm working in an office as a secretary.

[07:39.19]I've been there for about three months.It's a nice place.

[07:45.85]The people who work there are really friendly,

[07:51.03]but I'm getting a bit fed up with the work,

[07:54.97]so I think I'll probably ask to change and do something else soon.

[08:00.64]I do quite a lot of office work because I'm good at typing,

[08:07.17]but I've done lots of other jobs as well.

[08:11.30]I've been a security guard and a barman;I washed cars one summer;

[08:18.66]and I worked in a hotel in a ski resort for two winters,

[08:23.70]which was good because I went skiing a lot.

[08:27.96]Not all the jobs I had was when I worked in an abattoir,

[08:35.83]which is a place where they kill animals.

[08:40.08]I had to cut up the meat,pack it and send it off to supermarkets.

[08:46.14]Then I had to clean the floor.

[08:50.58]It was disgusting!My best job was working in a chocolate factory for a week.

[08:58.24]I went home with lots of free chocolate bars. That was great!

[09:04.72]3 Listening

[09:15.35]Hello Sue!How are you?

[09:19.50]Oh hi,yes.I'm all right,I guess.

[09:25.38]You don't sound very well.Have you been ill?

[09:29.82]I didn't see you in class yesterday.

[09:33.79]No,I know.I've just been really busy applying for jobs.

[09:40.92]I've applied to about ten different places

[09:46.17]and all the application forms are really big.

[09:51.45]They take a really long time to fill in.

[09:55.89]It's awful.

[09:59.36]I had to finish one yesterday so I could hand it in before the deadline.

[10:05.53]That's why I missed class.

[10:09.47]Wow!really don't know what I want to od when I finish.

[10:15.72]I'm just going to go on holiday

[10:19.27]and then I'll think about looking for a job after that.

[10:24.23]Well,that's probably quite a good idea.

[10:28.88]Look at me.I've sent off ten application forms

[10:34.73]and I've only had one interview and that was a disaster.

[10:40.61]Oh dear.What was the job? Accountant.


[10:49.52]Yes,why are you so surprised?

[10:53.65]Well,you're doing a degree in biology and you're terrible with money!

[10:59.42]You're always asking to borrow money from me!

[11:03.97]Yes,OK,but I was quite good at maths when I was at school,

[11:10.94]and they said they would give people training.

[11:15.30]So,you know,I thought I might have a chance.

[11:20.58]I know,but usually they want people to have some experience of working in business.

[11:27.11]Ah,yes..well,that was the problem,actually.

[11:32.44]I told them in the application form

[11:36.59]I had experience of working for an accountancy company.

[11:41.63]What,you mean you lied? Well,it wasn't exactly a lie.

[11:48.58]My cncle runs an accountancy company,

[11:53.34]and I sometimes worked there in the holidays to get some extra money.

[11:58.98]Yes,but what were you doing there?

[12:03.45]Well,OK.I was making tea and posting letters and things like that,

[12:10.50]but it WAS an accountancy company!

[12:14.86]Right,yes.SO what happened in the interview?

[12:20.71]Oh,they asked me some really difficult questions.

[12:26.36]I didn't knwo what to say.

[12:30.12]It was a bit embarrassing,actually.

[12:34.24]Oh well,you live and learn.So what else have you applied for?

[12:40.41]Well,I've sent off a couple more for accountancy jobs,

[12:46.34]one for marketing,three for jobs in drug companies,

[12:52.19]and the last one was to work in a zoo,

[12:56.55]but the money's terrible for that one,so I don't know if I really want that.

[13:02.82]Review:units 5-8

[13:11.89]Consonant sounds:

[13:25.16]pattern 1

[13:31.79]upset enquire

[13:37.12]career arrange

[13:42.76]pattern 2

[13:46.32]bracelet necklace

[13:51.18]lecture details

[13:57.11]Parttern 3

[14:00.95]library opposite

[14:05.80]sensible restaurant

[14:11.05]Pattern 4

[14:15.10]imagine directly

[14:19.96]appointment revision

[15:07.64]Listen and repeat these paris of sounds.

[15:13.15]1 /p/ /b/

[15:20.31]2 /t/ /d/

[15:29.97]3 /ch/ / /

[15:39.92]4 /k/ /g/

[15:50.19]Now listen and practise these words and expressions.

[15:58.05]/p/ /b/ /pay/ /back/ I'll pay you back tomorrow.

[16:12.21]/t/ /d/ /turn/ /down/ Can you turn the TV down?

[16:34.05]/ch/ / / /change/ /jacket/ I just need to change my jacket.

[16:54.61]/g/ /k/ /get/ /break/ I get an hour break for lunch.

[17:14.77]4 Difficult sounds:consonant clusters

[17:26.01]Listen and try to say the sounds.

[17:30.76]/pr/ /br/

[17:37.24]/tr/ /dr/

[17:43.14]/kr/ /gr/

[17:49.07]/skr/ /skr/

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