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[00:04.49]2 Planning expressions

[00:10.95]Listen to Gavin talking about his plans of the weekend.

[00:16.88]Tick the expressions you hear.

[00:21.63]Well,tonight I guess I’ll probably just stay in

[00:27.09]and have a quite night in front of the telly.

[00:31.24]I’m a bit too tired to do anything really.

[00:35.81]Then on Saturday morning,I’m going to try to get up really early

[00:42.06]and go off and play football with some mates of mine in the park,which should be fun.

[00:48.40]Then,Saturday afternoon,unfortunately,

[00:54.05]I’ve got to do some things around the house,because the place is a tip at the moment.

[01:00.00]Then,Saturday night,I’ve got a big night

[01:05.46]because a friend’s having a party at her place and karen’s going to be there.

[01:11.52]And Sunday morning I imagine I’ll need to have a lie-in just to recover,really,

[01:19.07]and then in the afternoon,I’ve got a friend coming over.

[01:23.64]And then,finally,Sunday night,

[01:28.61]I guess I’ll probably just stay in and have an early night.

[01:34.77]1 While you listen

[01:42.43]Thank goodness it’s Friday!

[01:46.68]Thank goodnes it’s Friday!This week’s been dragging on forever.

[01:53.84]Tell me about it!So,what are you up to this weekend? Oh,nothing special,really.

[02:00.40]This evening,I’m just going out for dinner with my parents. Oh,that should be nice.

[02:06.64]Yes,we’ve going to this little French place near where I live.

[02:11.92]The food’s great there,

[02:15.97]and then tomorrow I’ve got to get up really early-at least for me!-

[02:21.32]and do some cooking,because I’ve got some people coming over in the afternoon.

[02:26.89]And I’ll have to give the place a really good clean as well.

[02:32.06]And,I’m not sure,but I think we’ll probably be going out after that

[02:37.70]-to see a film or something.We haven’t reall planned anything.

[02:42.87]What about yourself?

[02:46.43]Well,tonight I’m supposed to be going out with some people from my old job,

[02:52.36]but I don’t really feel like it any more.I’m feeling really tired.

[02:57.68]So,you’re just going to stay in,then?

[03:01.66]Yes,because tomorrow night I’ve got a big night.

[03:06.41]I’m going to my friends Pete and Rachel’s party.It’s on a boat.

[03:12.05]Oh,that sounds great.Whereabouts?

[03:16.81]Down by the river.You know,in the docks.

[03:20.88]Oh yes,I know where you mean.I went to a party there myself a while ago.

[03:26.81]Right.Is it OK down there?

[03:30.76]Yes,it’s great,but it’s not all that big.There’s not that much room on the boat.

[03:37.60]Mm,sounds cosy!

[03:41.15]Oh,yes,you can get really colse to people!Lots of sweaty bodies!

[03:48.13]I don’t think it’s going to be that sort of party!

[03:52.28]Well,you never know.If you’re lucky,it might become one!

[03:57.43]No,I’m only joking,it’s actually a great place for a party.

[04:02.99]Good.I’m really looking forward to it.

[04:07.14]But then on Sunday,unfortunately,I’ve got to do some things for work.

[04:12.19]No rest for the wicked!Well,listen,I might give you a ring on Sunday,then,

[04:18.35]just to hear all about your quiet night out down on the river!

[04:24.31]1 More ways of talking about the future

[04:37.66]Listen and practise saying these sentences.

[04:43.30]1.I’ve got some friends arriving from Spain tomorrow.

[04:50.56]2.I’ve got get up really early tomorrow to take my father to the airport.

[04:59.83]3.I’m supposed to be playing football on Saturday,but I’ve got a bit of a cold.

[05:08.09]4.I might be going to the coast for the weekend,but I haven’t decided for sure yet.

[05:17.54]4 Pronunciation

[05:29.51]Practise saying these sentences.

[05:34.65]1.Right,I’ll see you later.

[05:40.53]2.It’ll be all right on the night.

[05:48.40]3.She’ll be with us in five minutes or so.

[05:56.44]4.What’ll you say to your boss?

[06:03.89]5.How’ll we recognise each other?

[06:11.25]6.You’ll regreat it.

[06:19.30]7.I’ll see what I can do.

[06:26.66]8.There’ll be a lot of people you know there.

[06:33.43]9.So,where’ll we meet,then?

[06:40.88]10.I’m sure we’ll meet again.

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