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[00:05.09]Talking about thihgs you've bought

[00:12.25]Oh,I like those shoes.Are they new?

[00:17.50]Yes,I only bought them a few days ago.

[00:22.26]They're Really nice.They really suit you.

[00:27.61]Thanks.I wasn't sure about them to begin with,but I really like them now.

[00:34.77]Yes,I lvoe the design.Where did you get them?

[00:40.62]From this great shop in hockley.

[00:45.06]They've got a Sale on at the Moment,and I just couldn't resist them.

[00:51.30]I can imagine.How much were they?

[00:56.37]They were twenty-nine,ninety-nine,reduced from sixty-Five.

[01:02.30]Wow!That's Brilliant!Whereabouts exactly is this shop?

[01:08.96]I might try to go there later.

[01:13.01]Well,do you know where castle street is?

[01:18.79]Yes,I think so.

[01:22.31]Well,as you're going down the hill it's about halfway down,on the left.

[01:30.46]I think it's called barrett's.

[01:34.82]Oh right.Well,Thanks for telling me.

[01:39.40]That's OK.Let me know if you buy anything!

[01:44.44]My husband has just come home from the supermarket.

[01:54.18]He doesn't usually do the shopping.

[01:58.44]In fact,he doesn't usually do any housework,but today I'm very busy.

[02:05.20]I had an appointment at the hospital,

[02:09.75]so he said he'd give me a hand

[02:12.99]and buy some food for dinner and some things for the house.

[02:17.95]It has taken him two hours more than it normally takes me!

[02:23.39]As we unpack the bags,he suddenly says,'Oh no!I forgot to buy the oil!'

[02:31.93]Then,a moment later,'Oh no!You sugar as well,didn't you?

[02:39.37]Sorry,I forgot.'

[02:42.85]Then I ask,'Did you get any rice?

[02:47.99]'You wanted rice?'he replies.

[02:52.75]'Of course I wanted rice.Waht do we normally eat every day?

[02:58.31]It was on the shoppinmg list I gave you.

[03:02.39]Sorry.I left it in the car.

[03:06.93]I then notice what he HAS bought.

[03:11.90]He's got six tins of pineapple-they were on special offer;

[03:17.96]two kilos of cheese-it was reduced because tomorrow is its sell-by date;

[03:25.01]and a large jar of chocolate spread-he likes it.

[03:31.17]When I complain about this,

[03:35.54]he gets upset and says he was only trying to help,

[03:40.58]and I can do it next time if I don't like the way he does it.

[03:45.85]I don't know.Sometimes I get angry about things like this,

[03:53.01]but then at other times I almost feel sorry for him.

[03:58.16]He is 32 years old and he doesn't know how to look after himself.

[04:05.13]He can't cook,he can't iron his own shirt,

[04:10.46]he doesn't know how the washing machine works

[04:14.69]and obviously he doesn't know how to do the shopping.

[04:19.42]He doesn't really think this is men's work.

[04:24.88]That's what his parents taught him.

[04:28.75]Before he married me,he lived at home.

[04:32.88]His mother and sisters did everything for him.

[04:37.52]Now,I sometimes have to go away on business-

[04:42.70]I'm a marketing manager for a multinational company-and when I do,

[04:49.46]he gets his mother to come and stay with him and the children.

[04:54.32]I think my husband is too old to change now,

[05:00.28]but I'm bringing up my son and daughter in a different way.

[05:05.53]I want my son to know how to cook and sew and keep the house clean,

[05:11.98]just like my daughter can.

[05:15.64]My son's friends made fun of him one day

[05:20.91]when they found out he was making cakes.

[05:25.07]They said he was a girl and he would never be a real man.

[05:30.40]But I tell him,if you don't learn,you will always be a child.

[05:36.74]A real man can look after himself and support his wife by sharing the housework.

[05:44.40]When he is older,he will thank me-and so will his wife!

[05:51.24]4 While you listen

[06:01.40]Conversation 1

[06:04.56]What do you think of this?

[06:07.73]It's really nice.It really suits you.Is it waterproof?

[06:13.79]Yes,yes,totally,which is just what I need if we're going to go camping.

[06:19.66]Yes.Don't you think it's a bit too big?

[06:24.10]Yes,maybe a bit,Have they got anything smaller?

[06:29.98]I can't see anything here.I'll ask.Excuse me.

[06:35.44]Yes sir.Have you got something like this,but in a smaller size?

[06:40.90]I'm afraid that's all we have.You could try Black's.

[06:46.78]It's another camping shop on Judd St.

[06:51.32]It's just off this road,aobut halfway down.

[06:56.00]Right,OK.Thanks.I'll try there.

[07:00.75]Conversation 2

[07:04.41]I've got the bread.Do we need anything else?

[07:09.66]Yes,I must get some shampoo.I forgot to bring some with me.

[07:16.19]OK.Where is it?

[07:20.35]Have you seen any?

[07:23.82]No,let me ask this guy.He looks as if he works here.

[07:30.06]Excuse me,Where's the shampoo?

[07:35.03]I'm afraid it's at the other end of the store.

[07:40.90]The second aisle from the end.

[07:45.35]OK.Thanks...Look at this.Don't they sell it in bottles less than a litre?

[07:52.61]They're not very expensive,though,are they?

[07:57.68]It's not that.It's just that it's a bit too much.

[08:02.72]I don't want to have to carry it around with me.

[08:06.97]Oh forget it.I'll leave it.

[08:11.73]I just won't wash my hair for a few days.

[08:17.08]Are you sure?That's disgusting!No,it'll be OK.

[08:23.43]All right.Is that it then? You don't need anything else from here?

[08:30.51]No,but mustn't forget to go to the bank later.

[08:35.55]I need to cash some travellers'cheques.

[08:39.63]Conversation 3

[08:43.89]Hello.I bought these batteries from you earlier,but they're the wrong size.

[08:50.73]Can I change them?

[08:54.00]Yes,I guess so.What size do you want?

[08:58.85]The next size down,if you've got them.

[09:03.22]Yes,those ones.

[09:06.77]They're actually ten pence more expensive.

[09:10.82]Oh right,OK.Can I have a paper as well?

[09:16.46]That's 1.10 please.Have you got anything smaller?

[09:22.63]I haven't got any 5 notes.

[09:26.57]Sorry,I've just been to the cashpoint.

[09:30.80]Never mind.You'll have to have coins.

[09:35.35]That's two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,and ten.

[09:43.60]OK.Thnaks.Sorry about that.

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