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[00:06.19]2 While you read

[00:11.05]I'm a car-boot sale addict and proud of it!

[00:16.40]Let's face it.it's not much fun shopping in most shops anymore.is it?

[00:24.14]The thing is,cities all over the world are starting to look more and more similar.

[00:31.19]In almost every one,you find branches of the same global chains of shops and fast food restaurants-

[00:39.97]Gap,Niketown,Benetton.McDonald's,the Body Shop and Starbucks.

[00:48.80]As the chains corner the market,lots of little shops go out of business,

[00:55.93]and with evey one that goes bankrupt,

[01:00.66]the world becomes a little bit duller and more predictable,

[01:06.22]Chains will never surprise you in any way.

[01:11.08]You know exactly what you'll get before you even walk through their doors.

[01:17.92]It's getting harder and harder to find unusual,

[01:23.57]interesting,or even just different things out there...

[01:29.94]and that's really why I'm a car-boot sale addict.

[01:36.10]Every weekend,in fields,car parks and school yards all over Britain,

[01:43.97]thousands of people unload the contents of their car boots onto little tables

[01:51.23]and sell off all the old junk they've been meaning to get rid of for ages.

[01:57.50]The prices are usually made up on the spot,

[02:02.46]and haggling over them is part of the fun.

[02:07.01]If you get there early enough,you can pick up some amazing bargains -old records.

[02:15.76]out of print books,vintage clothes.incredibly cheap antiques.

[02:23.80]On top of all that,there's lots of other strange bits and pieces to make you think:

[02:31.46]old photograph albums,collections of old love letters,second-hand glass eyes.

[02:40.24]You can find anything and everything at these places.

[02:45.59]So next time you get fed up with being ripped off by a big chain

[02:52.36]which thinks three pounds is a fair price for a cup of coffee,

[02:58.23]say goodbye to big business and hello to the world of car boot sales!

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