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[00:10.19]Listen to these three people talking about their experiences of some tough decisions.

[00:16.74]Listen carefully and write down their decisions.

[00:21.42]Speaker 1:It was total chaos.We had all our tings lying around all over the place,

[00:29.88]makeing it impossible to get in or out of the house.

[00:34.74]It took forever to get everything all boxed up and into the van.

[00:40.31]We had to make five trips just to shift everything

[00:45.37]-and then there was the unpacking!What a nightmare!

[00:50.52]Speaker 2:It was a real weight off my shoulders.

[00:55.69]Things had been bad for a while

[00:59.45]and I’d just got to the point where I just couldn’t stand it any more.

[01:04.50]Every day there was hell,but then once I’d handed in my notice,

[01:10.66]I felt free again,and the future suddenly looked a lot brighter.

[01:16.30]Speaker 3:I had my last one and stubbed it out,

[01:22.05]and then I felt really pleased with myself,

[01:26.73]but a couple of hours later the craving really started

[01:31.90]and I found myself absolutely dying for one.

[01:36.63]I was so tempted during the lunchbreak,

[01:41.36]but I managed to get through the whole day without one,

[01:45.61]and after that it was plain sailing.

[01:49.48]2 While you listen

[01:57.03]Forty a day!

[02:00.29]Just time for a quick smoke.Oh sorry,do you want one?

[02:06.35]No,thanks.I gave up years ago.

[02:10.30]Good for you!I’ve given up even trying to give up!Yeah,it’s a nightmare,isn’t it?

[02:17.27]Tell me about it!I don’t know how you managed it.

[02:22.24]Well,it’s funny,but it was my job that did it.

[02:27.20]I mean,I’d been smoking for years,and you know it’s destroying your lungs,don’t you,

[02:34.17]and I knew I wouldn’t be able to become a fireman if I didn’t give up.

[02:39.32]So,what’s becoming a fireman got to do with it?

[02:43.68]Is it the fire risk or something?

[02:47.31]No,it’s just that I knew I’d have to pass a physical to get in,

[02:52.77]and I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was smoking forty a day.

[02:57.92]Forty a day!Just as well you gave up!

[03:02.67]So,how come you decided to become a fireman anyway?

[03:07.43]Mm,I’d have to think about that.

[03:11.79]I suppose it all goes back to when I got out of college.

[03:16.83]I wanted to do something exciting and different,you know,

[03:21.80]and a friend of my dad’s was in the local fire brigade.

[03:26.65]Oh,right.So,he helped you,did he?

[03:31.38]Yes,he helped me get the job.I mean,

[03:37.13]I knew I didn’t want to spend my life sitting in an office pushing bits of paper round a desk

[03:43.61]or stuck in front of a computer screen!

[03:47.87]Yeah,I know exactly what you mean.I’m half-blind alrady!

[03:53.33]So,why did you decide to move to London,then?

[03:58.29]Was it for work or because of a relationship or what?

[04:03.33]Well,it was mainly work,

[04:07.17]but also because I was just really fed up with where I was living at the time.

[04:13.23]It was down in Crawley,wasn’t it?It’s pretty quiet down there ,isn’t it?

[04:18.59]Quiet?Yeah,it’s dead.There’s absolutely nothing to do there.

[04:25.25]So,was it the right decision,then?

[04:29.09]What?Becoming a fireman?

[04:32.56]No,no,moving to London,I mean. Oh yeah,definitely.

[04:38.20]I love it.I don’t think I could live anywhere else now.

[04:43.17]No,it’s the same of me.It gets you after a while,doesn’t it?It’s like a drug.

[04:49.93]2 Jokes

[04:58.08]1.How come you drive with your brakes on?

[05:03.86]I want to be ready in case there’s an accident!

[05:07.91]2.How come you were born in New Zealand? wanted to be near my mum!

[05:15.14]3.I wish I’d brought the piano with me.

[05:20.60]How come? Because I left the plane tickests on it!

[05:25.15]4.When I was a kid,I ran away from home.It took them six months to find me.

[05:32.80]Six months!How come it took them so long?

[05:38.05]They didn’t look!

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