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[00:04.99]1.How's it going?

[00:11.23]The day that changed my life

[00:15.39]When I saw Jim on the news,I didn't recognise him to begin with.

[00:22.54]He looked really thin and his hair was falling out.

[00:28.19]When I heard the reporter say his name.though

[00:32.94]I looked a bit more closely and then I realised it was him.

[00:39.00]I just brust out crying.,I was really surprised,

[00:45.35]because we were never really friends when we were at school together.

[00:51.28]He came from quite a poor family and his dad had been in prison.

[00:57.65]Maybe it was just because he was looking for attention.

[01:03.22]but I remeber that he could be a bit loud sometimes in class

[01:09.69]and we were just very different,I suppose.

[01:14.45]But to see him there,looking so lost and alone.begging on the street!

[01:22.31]Well,it was just to so upsetting.It broke my heart,it really did!

[01:29.36]The next thing I knew.I was ringing the TV station which had run the report.

[01:37.02]I don't really know why-I just did it on impulse.

[01:42.77]Anyway,they gave me the address of a hostel for homeless people.

[01:49.61]I went down there the following day and it was really depressing.

[01:56.09]It was filthy and the whole place stank.

[02:01.34]Half the the people there were either drunk or mad-or both!

[02:07.71]One of the workers showed me to where Jim was sleeping.

[02:12.96]What amazed me was that he recognised me at once and said,

[02:20.09]"Oh, Andrea.It's you' His vice sounded so sad,

[02:26.86]but,at the same time-and I can't explain this very well

[02:33.63]it was like I could feel something pulling us together.

[02:39.37]I felt like it was destiny.

[02:43.94]I'd like to say that things have been easy for us since then

[02:49.90]and that love has run its true course.

[02:54.16]but life doesn't work like that.does it?

[02:58.81]What happened to Jim when he became homeless

[03:03.80]was incredibly painful and he's had to fight to overcome his addictions.

[03:10.46]To begin with,my parents were very unhappy about our relationship.

[03:18.32]My father is a very successful businessman

[03:23.36]and I know he wanted me to marry someone with money.

[03:28.40]Still,they are slowly starting to accept my decision

[03:34.36]and now that they've met Jim a few times they can see that he is a good man.

[03:40.60]We've had a lot of support from people who've seen our story in the papers.

[03:47.55]but we've also had a lot of negative comments too and we've both lost some friends.

[03:55.31]The media have also put a lot of pressure on us.

[04:00.88]I know Jim doesn't see it this way,

[04:05.24]but even now it still makes me angry the way the papers

[04:11.61]and the TV producers treat people.

[04:15.97]I just think back to that first story.

[04:20.94]Here was this completely broken man,living on the streets.

[04:26.61]They came along and did their story on him.and do you know what they gave him?

[04:32.85]Ten pounds and a cup of tea!That's it!

[04:38.31]And then they got back into their big cars and drove off.

[04:43.95]leaving him to go back to that awful hostel.

[04:49.02]They do these stories,but none of them really care about people.

[04:55.26]I can't forgive them for that.

[04:59.34]Anyway,despite all that,we've managed to survive together.

[05:06.18]He's a wonderful person,and I love him with all my heart.

[05:12.14]4 Other kinds of feelings

[05:27.47]1.Do you fancy going out for dinner later?

[05:33.53]No.I don't really feel like it.I'd rather just stay in and cook here.

[05:40.66]2.Do you fancy watching that film that's on later?

[05:46.41]No.I'm not really in the mood for a comedy.

[05:51.16]3.Do you fancy going jogging later?

[05:57.12]No.I'm too tired to do any exercise.I've been on my feet all day at work.

[06:04.67]4.Do you fancy going to that party later on?

[06:10.63]No.I can't be bothered.It'll take ages to get there.

[06:16.58]Two uses of the present continuous

[06:29.15]Hi,it's Ben.isn't it?How's it going?

[06:35.00]Oh.hello.Yeah,not too bad,thanks.How're you?

[06:40.93]Oh,all right!I suppose.So what're you doing here?

[06:46.80]Are you doing some shopping or something?

[06:50.96]Yeah,I am.What about you?

[06:55.40]Oh,I'm just having a wander around,you know.

[07:00.08]There's not much you can do with all this rain.is there?

[07:05.04]Oh,I know.It's awful. Yeah,I'm really fed up with it!

[07:11.52]I mean,it rained all day yesterday.we couldn't do anything.Yeah.

[07:17.86]I came here to get some sun.

[07:22.02]You know.lie on the beach and take it easy.not sit around all day inside.

[07:29.59]I could've done that at home in England.

[07:33.54]I mean,we went out to the market the day before yesterday.but we just got soaked.Yeah

[07:41.40]I know what you mean.Anyway,listen.I've got to go.

[07:47.77]My wife's waiting for me.We're actually going to the market now.

[07:53.34]I'd give it a miss,if I were you.it's not very good.

[07:58.90]Well,anyway.I'll see you.

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