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[00:04.78]1 Explaining where things are(pape 20)

[00:11.44]Ouch!What's up?

[00:15.10]I've just cut my finger on this nail.

[00:19.17]Let's have a look.Oh,yes.That's quite nasty.

[00:24.14]I'd better run it under the tap.

[00:27.51]Have you got any plasters? I'll go and get you one.

[00:32.05]Yes,I think there are some on the shelf in the bathroom.

[00:38.32]I can't see any.Are you sure they're here?

[00:42.87]Do you see the cupboard by the bath? Have a look in there.

[00:48.64]I think there are some in the top drawer.

[00:52.19]I've found them.Thanks.

[00:56.03]I also found these.

[00:59.27]Oh...er...right...er...Where did you find those?

[01:06.14]They were on the floor.

[01:09.09]Whose are they? Well,they're not mine!

[01:13.46]2 Using grammar:questions with have you got...?

[01:25.71]Oh No! Have you got a CLOTH? I've just spilt wine all over your carpet.

[01:35.16]Yes,there's one in the kitchen by the sink.

[01:41.12]Ouch!Have you got a plaster? I've just cut myself.

[01:48.88]Yes,there are some in the drawer in the kitchen.

[01:53.92]Have you got a pen?

[01:57.47]I've just met an old friend and want to make a note of his phone number!

[02:04.55]Yes,just a Minute.There's one in my bag somewhere.

[02:11.21]Have you got any scissors? I just need to cut this bit of string.

[02:17.98]Yes,there's a pair on the table in the front room.

[02:23.62]Have you got a screwdriver?

[02:28.79]I just need to open this plug up to see if the fuse is ok.

[02:34.96]Yes,there's one in a box in the garage,I think.

[02:40.31]Have you got any correction fluid/ I just need to change this word here.

[02:47.97]Yes,one minute.There's some on my desk.

[03:02.94]Conversation 1

[03:06.46]No,I'm an only child,actually.

[03:11.61]Oh really? I didn't know that.

[03:16.47]What was it like,growing up on your own?

[03:20.83]Didn't it get a bit lonely sometimes?

[03:24.90]Yes,kind of.

[03:28.07]I sometimes got a bit upset because I didn't have anyone to play with,

[03:34.54]and my parents were too busy to spend much time with me,

[03:40.11]but most of the time it was OK.

[03:44.55]You just get used to it and anyway,

[03:49.38]I often used to go round to friends'houses and play there.

[03:54.53]Conversation 2

[03:57.87]Yes,why? Do you want to borrow it?

[04:02.60]If you don't mind.I won't be on it long,I promise.

[04:07.67]I just need to ring work quickly and tell them I won't be in tomorrow.

[04:12.63]OK.There you are.You have to press that button there first,

[04:18.27]then dial the number and then press that green button there.

[04:25.43]OK.I've got it.Thanks.

[04:29.69]Conversation 3

[04:33.06]You're joking,aren't you? I haven't even got a driving licence!

[04:39.22]Really? Why not?

[04:42.98]I don't really know.I've just never learnt.

[04:48.26]I've lived in big cities most of my life and I've never really needed one.

[04:54.50]Public transport is usually fine for me.

[04:59.18]I can't believe it!You're 54 and you've never learnt!

[05:05.74]Yes,well...who knows?Maybe next year,eh?

[05:11.61]Conversation 4

[05:15.14]Yes,I have.I graduated in mechanical engineering in 1995.

[05:22.38]OK,good.And have you got a Master's?

[05:28.31]No,I haven't yet,I'm afraid,

[05:32.70]but I'm thinking of applying to do a part-time one sometime in the next few years.

[05:39.54]Right.Well,we might be able to help you with that if we did decide to offer you the job.

[05:46.98]We could give you some free time to study in.

[05:52.16]Conversation 5

[05:55.81]Yes,but it's a really old one.It's very slow and it crashes all the time.

[06:04.17]Yes? Well,why don't you get rid of it and get a new one?

[06:09.92]I don't know.I don't really need a new one.

[06:16.29]The old one does everything I need it to.

[06:21.26]I mean,I can send e-mail on it,type things up on it,that kind of thing.

[06:28.83]It's not really that bad.Just slow. Yes.

[06:34.76]Conversation 6

[06:39.12]Yes,kind of!My son's got a little snake he keeps in his bedroom.

[06:46.28]I don't really like the thing myself,

[06:50.33]but he's very keen on it,so I let him keep it.

[06:55.50]Oh,right.Yes,but I'm sure that one day

[07:01.25]I'll wake up and find it deed because he's forgotten to feed it.

[07:06.61]Yes,well,kids need to learn about death sooner or later don't they?

[07:13.97]And that's as good a way as any.

[07:18.33]Conversation 7

[07:21.68]Yes,two.A boy and a girl.

[07:26.25]Oh wow! That's nice.How old are they?

[07:31.71]The boy's two and the girl's about seven and a half now.

[07:36.96]And are you thinking of haveing any more?

[07:41.09]No,two is enough,believe me!They're quite hard work.

[07:46.68]I can imagine.

[07:49.84]6 Further practice

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