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[00:29.20]3. More personal questions

[00:35.87]Listen to the questions above and practise saying them.

[00:41.61]How old are you,if you don't mind me asking?

[00:47.26]How much do you earn,if you don't mind me asking?

[00:53.50]How long have you been Learning English.if you don't mind me asking?

[01:00.47]What happened to your hand.if you don't mind me asking?

[01:07.03]5 listening

[01:16.38]You are going to hear a conversation that took place during the coffee break in a language class.

[01:24.64]Listen and find out wihch of the twelve questions in Exercise I they asked.

[01:30.80]Do you mind if I join you?

[01:33.75]No.of course not.Go ahead.

[01:37.52]I'm Jack.Lisa.Hi.

[01:42.06]So,were you here last term?

[01:46.61]No.It's my first time here.What about you?

[01:51.46]No.I started in September.Oh,right.Do you live near here?

[01:58.44]Yeah,in Hihbury.Oh,yeah.Whereabuts exactly?Saints,Road.

[02:04.79]It's just off Gillespie Road.near the big supermrket.

[02:10.06]Yeah,I know it.I live in Old Street.

[02:14.71]Right.You're not from here originally.though,are you?

[02:20.64]No.I was brought up in Scotland,but I've lived down here for about ten years now.

[02:27.41]Right.right.I was going to say.I thought I could hear your accent.

[02:33.57]It's not very strong,though.I know.I've lost most of it.

[02:38.90]So what do you do?

[02:42.66]I'm a teacher.I work at St Philip's,the school down the road.

[02:48.41]St Philip's!I used to go here!Really!

[02:53.87]Yeah,Is it still as bad as I rember it being?

[02:59.15]I don't know.I think it's all right.

[03:03.22]I hated it.I left when I was sixteen.Oh.right.What do you do now,then?

[03:10.67]Nothing much.I work in Safeway's stacking shelves.I hate it.

[03:18.03]That's why I'm here.I want go get out and do something different.

[03:24.09]Go and work in ltaly or something.Maybe teach English even.

[03:29.66]Good idea.What about you?Why do you want to learn ltalian?

[03:36.82]Oh,my boyfriend's ltalian.

[03:40.79]Yeah?What do you need to come to class for?

[03:45.93]He should teach you.

[03:49.41]Yeah,maybe.It's bit difficult,though,because he speaks English really well

[03:56.85]and he get's frustrated listening to me when I speak ltalian.

[04:02.31]The secret of sucess


[04:12.45]I think it's important to try to learn collocations words which go together.

[04:20.21]It's much better than trying to learn single words.

[04:25.25]There are lots of words in English.like get,give go.make.

[04:33.50]do which mean different things in different contexts.

[04:39.56]so it's best to try to learn phrases like get up,go shopping,make a mistake.


[04:51.87]Don't worry too much about your accent.So long as people understand you,

[04:58.95]it doesn't matter if you sound a bit Greek or ltalian or Chinese or whatever.

[05:06.49]Everyone's got an accent-even the Americans,the Australians and the British!

[05:13.44]It shouldn't be a big issue.

[05:17.10]It's also more important to be able to pronounce whole phrases or words together

[05:24.86]than it is to be able to pronounce individual words on their own.


[05:34.76]Make sure you revise what you study in class

[05:40.22]and try to remember what you've studied in the book you're using.

[05:46.49]It's more useful to make sure you really know what you've already done

[05:53.44]than to always try to learn more and more new words that you can't really use.


[06:05.56]Of course grammar's important,but if you worry too much about it,

[06:12.40]you'll be too scared to say anything.

[06:16.66]It's important to be confident enough to try to say things

[06:22.41]without worrying too much about making mistakes.


[06:31.44]Don't worry about making a fool of yourself.

[06:37.09]When I first arrived in Peru to teach,

[06:42.26]I was visiting the headmistress of a local school and I wanted to try out my Spanish,

[06:49.81]so I told her in Spanish that she had a "buena escuela".

[06:55.97]which I thought meant "nice school".

[07:00.81]However,with my poor pronunciation,it turned out that I'd told her she had a "nice bum"!

[07:09.14]It was a bit embarrassing.but we both had a good laugh about it.


[07:19.09]It's better to try to learn lots of words and phrases than it is to just worry about grammar all the time.

[07:28.16]You can do more with a big vocabulary than you can with good grammar!


[07:39.36]Make sure you remember that being able to use a word

[07:47.30]involves more than just knowing its meaning.

[07:52.35]It's important to learn how and when you can use that word as well as what it means.


[08:05.17]Listen to as much English as you can,particularly things like soap operas,

[08:12.54]because they're full of usefull,everyday English.

[08:17.89]Also,try to use your English as often as you can-in class.with your firends,

[08:26.54]on the Internet-so that you get better at using the language you already have.

[08:33.78]A quick quiz (page 11)

[08:42.71]accent design

[08:51.85]coast whereabouts

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