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[00:05.09]Do you like OPera?

[00:10.84]No,I HATE it.I find it REALLY BORing.WHY do yiu ASK?

[00:18.10]Oh,I'm THINking of GOing to SEE SOMEthing at the Opera House

[00:23.88]and I'm TRYing to FIND SOMEone to GO with.

[00:27.92]NO,SORry.I just THINK OPeras go ON TOO LONG.

[00:33.57]I CAN'T sit still for FOUR hours.

[00:38.22]Never MIND.I'll TRY someone else.

[00:42.95]Have you asked MIRiam?I think SHE likes THAT kind of MUSic.

[00:48.82]Oh,RIGHT.OK.MAYbe I'll ask HER.So what kind of music DO you like?

[00:57.78]LOTS of things,really.JAZZ,POP,LAtin music.I LOVE TIto LOpez.

[01:06.43]REAlly?I AHTE him.ALL his songs SOUND the SAME.

[01:11.71]I like JAZZ,though.Do you like LOUis ARM strong?

[01:17.66]YES,he's OK.I QUITE like SOME of his TUNES,but I preFER GAto Barbleri.

[01:25.81]Oh,rlght.I've never heard of her.Who is she?

[01:31.98]He's a man.He's an Argantinian musician.He's really good.

[01:38.74]I'll lend you a CD if you like.


[01:48.15]3 Answering quesgtions

[02:31.30]Professor Morris,from the University of Thameside,

[02:39.56]has just written a book about friends and relations.

[02:45.12]In it,he says that people in Britain today

[02:50.87]believe that their friends are more important than their families.

[02:56.20]He says,"These days,many people in Britain move away from their family

[03:03.56]and home to look for work or the study.

[03:08.11]If children and parents live in different cities,

[03:13.57]families cannot help each other in the way they did in the past.

[03:19.21]Grandparents can't babysit their grandchildren

[03:24.67]and children can't look after their parents when they get old.

[03:30.34]Brothers and sisters can't go out together or see each other much.

[03:35.90]Personally,I don't think this is a bad thing.

[03:41.47]We choose our friends in a way we can't choose our families.

[03:47.53]With friends,we have a lot of things in common,

[03:52.88]which we often don't have with our families.

[03:57.43]Not everyone agrees with Professor Morris,

[04:03.28]so we decided to ask a few people in the street

[04:08.32]who their best friends are and why.


[04:18.61]My mum is a nice woman,but we're very different.

[04:25.06]If I have a problem or if I really want to talk to someone,

[04:31.54]I ring my friend Marian.

[04:35.49]I've known her since I was at school.

[04:40.16]We often go shopping together.

[04:44.53]We spend the whole day going to different shops,trying things on.

[04:51.50]We stop for coffee and lunch,and chat to each other about everything.

[04:58.66]We get on really well.


[05:06.26]I'm a twin and I think my sister and I will always be best friends.

[05:13.84]I see her a lot.We both love cooking-

[05:19.48]really hot,spicy food like Indian curries and things like that-

[05:26.56]so we often invite each other round for dinner.


[05:34.55]I don't believe what this guy Morris is saying!

[05:39.10]I live with my mother and she is still the most important person for me.

[05:45.36]We do lots of things together.

[05:49.31]We both like the theatre,so we go a lot.

[05:54.27]We like similar kinds of music.

[05:58.14]We're both big fans of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

[06:02.87]I can talk to her about anything.


[06:10.73]My best friend is James.We both really love Star Wars.

[06:16.48]We actually met at a Star Wars club and we get on really well.

[06:22.54]We watch the films together once or twice a moth

[06:27.40]and go to conventions with other Star Wars fans.

[06:32.57]We went to America together on holiday last year.

[06:37.71]If I had a problem,I might talk to him.

[06:42.57]It's never really happened.


[06:45.33]My best friend's my dog.

[06:49.17]Dogs don't lie;they don't CRIticise you and they like going for a walk.

[06:56.54]What more do you want from a friend?


[07:05.06]I'm not sure I would call my children my best friends.

[07:11.22]professor Morris is probably right.

[07:15.58]My best friend is my husband.

[07:19.74]We've been married for over 30 years,

[07:24.70]so I suppose we must get on quite well!

[07:29.56]We met in Nigeria,

[07:33.53]where we are both Christians and that's a very important thing we share.

[07:44.29]Having said that,our best friends aren't religious at all.

[07:50.14]Joyce and Zola used to be our neighbours.

[07:54.51]That's how we became friends.

[07:58.16]We just found we had a lot of other things in common.

[08:03.91]They'd also lived in Africa,fox example.

[08:08.67]We all love walking and I suppose we are all active in politics.


[08:18.77]I actually don't have very much in common with my best friend,Colin.

[08:24.42]I've known him since I was six or seven.

[08:28.86]When we left university,he joined the army and I became an art teacher.

[08:35.83]He plays a lot of sport like football,

[08:40.27]and he hates going to art galleries and places like that.

[08:45.24]We're still friends because he's really funny,

[08:50.23]and maybe just because we've known each other so long.

[08:54.95]Also,I think we actually both love arguing about films and things In the News.

[09:02.69]2 Pronunciation:stress

[10:39.76]3 Listening

[10:46.84]Hello,Tina,how's it going?

[10:51.20]All right,not too bad.How are you?

[10:55.64]Oh,OK.I've just had my speaking test.

[11:02.01]Oh right,yes.I forgot about that.How did it go?

[11:07.87]Don't ask!I think it went really badly.I didn't know what to say.

[11:16.02]What is it you say?My mind went blind.

[11:21.97]Ah,yes,you mean your mind went BLANK.

[11:27.25]You see!I know nothing.I'm going to fail!

[11:33.10]I'm sure it wasn't that bad.

[11:36.97]No,it was terrible.I'm sure I failed.

[11:42.82]Could I have a look at your paper and see what's on?

[11:48.69]I think I'll go out and try to forget it.

[11:53.24]Sure,go ahead.It's probably a good idea.

[11:58.67]I like going out too much.

[12:03.32]You mean you like going out a lot.I've TOLD you this before,Mario.

[12:10.48]You only use'too'when you think it's a bad idea.

[12:16.04]You mean I REALLY like it.

[12:20.20]Yes,I know, but I think I go out too much.

[12:25.76]I went clubbing last night.

[12:30.73]I got home at four o'clock in the morning.

[12:35.30]Yes,that wasn't a very good idea.

[12:39.55]I'm not surprised you couldnt think this morning! Who did you go with?

[12:45.72]Oh,I went on my own,but I went to a club and I know lots of people there.

[12:53.90]I was nervous because of the exam.

[12:59.04]I couldn't sleep.

[13:02.41]I thought I'd go dancing to relax,but,as I said,I like it too much.

[13:11.35]Anyway,what are you doing here?

[13:15.79]Oh,I'm going shopping with my boyfriend,Hugh.

[13:20.65]He's just gone to the toilet.He'll be back in a minute.

[13:25.50]Right.Let me see.What clubs are there tonight?

[13:32.17]Why don't you go to see a film or something? Take it easy.

[13:37.52]Go to bed early for a change.

[13:41.28]I don't really like movies.

[13:45.12]You don't like going to the cinema!Why is that? Everybody likes it.

[13:51.78]No,I prefer music,dancing.I just love it.

[13:58.26]Oh well.Look,here's Hugh,this is Mario,one of my old students.Mario,Hugh.

[14:07.82]But you're Dale,no?

[14:12.47]Dale?I'm sorry,I think you've mistaken me for someone else.

[14:18.82]No,it's Dale.We met before.In the club.

[14:24.78]Sorry.Tina,are you ready to go?Yes,but...

[14:30.73]Let's go then or the shops will close.Nice to meet you,Mario.

[14:35.88]Sorry,I'm not who you think I am.

[14:39.64]OK.Bye Mario.

[14:43.72]Bye.I probably won't see you again.

[14:48.57]I'm going back home on Tuesday.

[14:53.33]Bye!...But I'm sure he told me his name was Dale!

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