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[00:25.29]2 Making friends

[00:31.32]Do you smoke?

[00:34.48]No,thanks.I'm trying to stop.

[00:39.21]Yes,I should too.I'm sorry,what's your name again?

[00:46.05]Danko.And yours?

[00:49.82]Caroline.Hi,so where are you from,Danko?Croatia.

[00:57.18]Oh yes?Whereabouts exactly? Zagreb?

[01:03.24]No,Split.It's on the coast.Do you know it?

[01:10.82]I've heard of it,but I've never been there.

[01:16.17]There was a tennis player from there,wasn't there? What's his name?

[01:22.34]Goran lvanisevic.

[01:26.18]Yes,that's the one.He was lovely.

[01:31.14]Yes,well,you should come to Split.

[01:36.50]There are lots of lovely people there.It's a beautiful city.

[01:43.16]I'd love to go one day.So how long have you been here in Britain?

[01:50.52]Almost six monts now.I came here in September.

[01:56.79]Right.When are you going back to Croatia?

[02:02.04]In May.I've got to go back then.

[02:08.21]Why?What do you do back home?

[02:13.07]Oh,I'm a student.I'm at university.I have to take some exams in June.

[02:21.71]Oh right.What are you studying?

[02:26.47]English language and culture.That's the main reason I'm here

[02:32.82]Right,right.Well,you speak English very well.

[02:39.69]Thanks.I hope so. No,really.

[02:45.15]4 Pronunciation:getting the stress right

[02:56.61]1.It's quite a BIGTOWN on the SOUTH COAST,about SIXTY MILES from LONdon.

[03:05.44]2.It's a BIG CIty RIGHT in the CENtre of ENgland.

[03:13.78]3.It's NICE little SEAside TOWN on the NORTH-EAST COAST.

[03:22.84]4.It's a SMALL TOWIN JUST outside LONdon.

[03:30.91]5.It's FAmous OLD Clty in the SOUTH-WEST of ENgland.

[03:39.45]6.It's a SMALL TOWN RLGHT up in the NORTH of SCOTland.

[03:48.41]7.Its an ARea in the NORTH-WEST of ENgland.


[04:03.91]I'm from Tunisia.I came to London when I got married to Faisal.

[04:11.04]I met him in Tunisia.

[04:14.59]He was born in London,but his family used to go to Tunisia

[04:20.83]every year on holiday to stay with his uncle,who lived in Tunis.

[04:27.00]My father knew his uncle,so that's how we got to know each other.

[04:33.76]We went out together every summer when he was there.

[04:38.73]I really like it here most of the time,

[04:43.30]but I miss the food in my country and the people.

[04:48.44]Back home in Tunisia,

[04:52.70]we visit each other's houses more than people do here in the UK.

[04:58.95]We cook for each other and share things more.

[05:03.67]I think we're more friendly and generous.

[05:07.93]Anyway,two of my sisters also now live here in London,

[05:13.81]and my children go to school here and they have lots of British friends.

[05:20.16]It's good and of course they grow up knowing another language.


[05:29.06]I'm from Vietnam originally.

[05:35.12]I came over here about 25 years ago to escape the problems in my country.

[05:43.90]Back home in Vietnam,I was a doctor.

[05:50.15]But when I wanted to work here,they told me i had to get a British degree.

[05:57.90]The problem was,I lost everything when I came here.

[06:04.56]I didn't have enough money to study and I needed to support my wife and children.

[06:13.21]To begin with,I worked in two different places-

[06:19.87]I did cleaning jobs during the day and at night I worked in a pizza take-away.

[06:29.02]I hated it,but after a few years,

[06:34.66]I saved up enough money to do a nursing course

[06:40.01]and now I work in a big local hospital.


[06:49.63]I was born in the north of England and grew up there.

[06:55.27]The factory I was working in closed down and so I lost my job.

[07:01.15]I couldn't find another job-

[07:05.09]there was a lot of unemployment in my town at the time.

[07:10.13]So I decided to come here to look for work.

[07:14.86]I moved doewn to London around ten years ago.

[07:19.93]I got a job painting people's houses and l've been doing that since then.

[07:26.17]Five years ago,I started doing a part-time degree.

[07:31.74]I work during the day and go to classes in the evenings.

[07:37.09]I'm going to finish in June this year.

[07:41.35]I hope I can get a better job after I graduate.

[07:46.21]3 While you listen

[07:57.26]Excuse me,is this the right bus stop for Burlington?

[08:03.60]Yes,it is,but I'm afraid you're too late.

[08:08.36]You've missede the last bus.It went an hour ago.

[08:13.71]Oh no!I'll have to walk.It's just down this road,isn't it?

[08:20.66]Yes,but it's a long way to go with that heavy bag.

[08:26.23]I'll drive you there,if you like.

[08:30.30]My car's just round the corner.

[08:34.46]Really? Could you?

[08:37.69]Yes,of course.I'm going that way,anyway.

[08:43.15]I have a bed and breakfast place just outside the village.

[08:48.43]Really? Wow!That's great.What a great place to live.

[08:56.08]You must love it here.It's so quiet and peaceful.

[09:01.94]It's OK.It's not so guiet in the summer.There are a lot of tourists.

[09:09.20]Sure,well,that's why I'm here.It's so beautiful.

[09:14.87]I've been in London for the last two weeks,so I'm glad to be out in the country.

[09:22.00]I mean,I liked London-there's so much to see and do

[09:27.56]but it's a big crowded,you know.

[09:31.22]It's nice to be away from the crowds.

[09:35.66]Oh,I know.And dwhereabouts are you from in America?

[09:41.54]I take it you ARE from the States?

[09:45.98]Yes,I'm from Washington DC.

[09:50.73]Oh,really?And what's it like there?

[09:55.59]It's very different to here,I can tell you.

[10:00.03]There's so much CRIme and violence.

[10:04.71]It's not safe to go out at night.

[10:08.78]We have CRIme here too,you know.

[10:12.73]Oh yes.Several tourists have disappeared recently.

[10:19.21]The police think they've been murdered.

[10:23.65]They found one girl dead near here.

[10:27.91]Oh,yes? Well,I'm sure I'll be all right.

[10:34.28]I don't think it can be that dangerous.

[10:38.43]Maybe not.Do you have anywhere to stay,by the way?

[10:44.28]No,I'm just going to try to find a place when I get there.

[10:49.85]Well,why don't you stay at my guest house?

[10:54.68]Sure,why not? I guess it's not too expensive.

[11:01.52]Not at all.We're the cheapest place around.

[11:06.67]So do you run the place on your own?

[11:10.93]More or less.My mother owns the place,

[11:16.00]but she's old now and she can't do very much.

[11:21.25]Ah,here's my car.

[11:25.64]Shall I put my bag in the back of the car?

[11:29.76]Er...no,there's something in there already.

[11:35.33]Just put it on the back seat.

[11:38.98]You can move those clothes and the big knife,just put them on the floor.

[11:45.44]They're dirty anyway.

[11:48.91]Oh,OK.By the way,what's your name.

[11:53.87]George.Hi,George.I'm Norman.Norman Bates.

[12:11.43]5 Pronunciation:

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