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Security has been stepped up at foreign embassies in Rome. Two parcel bombs have exploded at the Swiss and Chilean embassies, injuring two people. Italian police are now checking all embassies and consulates as a precaution. No one has yet claimed responsibility.

Queensland may be the Sunshine State, but there won't be any over this Christmas. The already sodden state is expecting yet more heavy rain and thunderstorms. Many areas remain flooded with several roads and bridges still cut off. Authorities are advising people to keep off the roads to avoid the treacherous conditions.

A seriously-injured Australian soldier has been flown to Germany for specialist treatment in a NATO hospital. The soldier was on foot patrol in Afghanistan's Uruzgan province on Sunday when an improvised explosive device exploded. An army spokesman says the unnamed soldier has serious wounds, but they are not life-threatening. His mother is also on her way to Germany to be with him.

The Federal Government's been doing some surgery on its Hospitals Network Plan. It had promised 150 local networks to give communities a greater say in the running of their public hospitals. But the health minister now says the number will be only 46. The Opposition has scoffed at the reduction, saying it shows the Government can't deliver on its promises.

And nearly 200 people have now died in the violence that's gripped the Ivory Coast since last month’s disputed presidential election. Both the incumbent Laurent Gbagbo and his challenger are claiming victory. The United Nations Human Rights Council is meeting to discuss the violence.  

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