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To the weather now.

In satellite image, thick cloud over northeastern Queensland near a weakening tropical low is bringing heavy rain that's ex-Tasha. Cloud extending over the remainder of Queensland and northeast New South Wales in a trough is causing showers.

Around the states, in Queensland rain areas and local thunder with some moderate to heavy falls over the southeast and the far southeast tropics. Isolated showers and storms over parts of the southwest and far west. In New South Wales, fine in the far southwest, rain in the northeast, increasing near the Queensland border. In Victoria, isolated showers and possible thunderstorms above the eastern ranges, clearing later in the day. Isolated showers over southern and mountain districts.

In Tasmania, scattered showers above the west, south and later in the northeast. Isolated showers elsewhere mainly in the afternoon. In South Australia, isolated light showers developing about coastal districts early in the morning. In WA, isolated showers and thunderstorms in the central and northern Kimberley. Areas of early drizzle on the southern coast and the Eucla coast.

In the Northern Territory, isolated showers and storms scattered over the eastern top end and gulf country. Isolated heavy falls may lead to localized flooding.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, Perth is very hot again, 40 degrees. Sydney a shower or two, top 21. Adelaide mostly sunny and 22.

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