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Leading the news this morning:

The Prime Minister Julia Gillard will tour Queensland's flood-affected areas today. About 4,000 people have now left their homes to escape the floods. In Emerald, more than 700 people spent the night in evacuation centres, waiting for the Nogoa River to rise. All 130 residents of Condamine west of Brisbane have been airlifted to safety and large parts of the city of Bundaberg remain submerged.

Summer has finally arrived in Southern Australia. Fire authorities are on alert as temperatures top 40 degrees across South Australia and Victoria. Catastrophic fire warnings are in force in six regions in South Australia. There are also total fire bans across much of Victoria.

A woman has died when her car crashed into a bridge in Melbourne. It brings the national road toll to 12. Six people have died in Victoria and three in New South Wales. There've been no fatalities in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania or the ACT.

Israel's former President Moshe Katsav has been convicted of raping an employee in 1998. He's also been found guilty of indecency and sexual harassment involving two other women. Katsav was president for seven years. He now faces up to eight years in jail.

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