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The amount of pressure which the materials are subject to affects the quality of the products.


Despite much research, there are still certain elements in the life cycle of the insect that are not fully understood.

There are many valuable services which the public are willing to pay for, but which do not bring a return in money to the community.


Buying clothes is often a time-consuming job because those clothes that a person likes are rarely the ones that fit him or her.

To understand the situation completely requires more thought than has been given thus far.

4.主语带有(together/along)with, such as, as well as, accompanied by, including, rather than 等附加身分, 谓语的数不受附加身分的影响。如:

The president of the college, together with the deans, is planning a conference for the purpose of laying down certain regulations.



a great many + 可数名词单数 谓语用单数

many a + 可数名词双数 谓语用双数

a number of +可数名词单数 谓语用单数

the number of +可数名词单数 谓语用双数

the majority of +可数名词单数 谓语用单数

each/every +可数名词双数 谓语用双数

neither/either of +可数名词单数 谓语用双数

more than one +可数名词双数 谓语用双数

one and a half +可数名词单数 谓语用双数

the greater part of / a large proportion of / 50% of / one third of / plenty of / the rest of



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