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练习生(The Intern) 第01期


弗洛伊德说过 生掷中独一紧张的事变 Freud said, "Love and work. Work and love.

是恋爱和任务 "That's all there is."

我已退休 我老婆也已逝世 Well, I'm retired, and my wife is dead.

正如你们能想到的 我手头有了些工夫忙活 As you can imagine, that's given me some time on my hands.

我老婆已逝世三年半 My wife's been gone for three and a half years.

我十分缅怀她 至于退休生存 I miss her in every way. And retirement?

我不断在不绝地寻求新意 That is an ongoing, relentless effort in creativity.

我供认后来我喜好这股新颖劲 At first, I admit I enjoyed the novelty of it.

觉得有点像在旷工 Sort of felt like I was playing hooky.

我用尽了一切存着的里程数 周游了天下 I used all the miles I'd saved and traveled the globe.

题目是 无论我去了哪 The problem was, no matter where I went,

我一回抵家 那种无处可去的觉得 as soon as I got home, the nowhere-to-be thing

让我深受打击 hit me like a ton of bricks.

我认识到这统统的要害是永不止步 I realized the key to this whole deal was to keep moving.

起家离家 去另外中央 随意那边 Get up, get out of the house, and go somewhere. Anywhere.

无论雨晴 每天7点15分前 我就在星巴克了 Come rain or shine, I'm at my Starbucks by 7:15.

欠好意思 介怀我们同桌吗 Excuse me, mind if we join you here?

-不介怀 -嘿 你好吗 -No. -Hey. How are you?

我没法表明 Can't explain it,

但这让我有存在感 but it makes me feel part of something.

明天这些人 他们不在意数字 These guys today, they're not numbers guys.

别和他们谈数字 Don't talk figures with them.

我要怎样渡过我的余生 How do I spend the rest of my days?

打高尔夫 看书 看影戏 玩纸牌 You name it. Golf, books, movies,

你们能想到的我都试过 pinochle.

还试过瑜伽 学过下厨 Tried yoga, learned to cook,

买过动物 上过中文课 bought some plants, took classes in Mandarin.

置信我 我什么都试过

翻译下便是 置信我 我什么都试过了 Translation, "Believe me, I've tried everything."

然后 固然 另有葬礼 And then, of course, there are the funerals.

多得超乎想像 So many more than I could imagine.

迩来我独一的远行是外出去圣地亚哥 The only traveling I do these days is out to San Diego

访问我儿子和他的家人 to visit my son and his family.

他们很棒 我爱去世他们了 They're great. I love 'em to pieces.

但说假话 我想我大约是太甚 But to be honest, I think I probably relied on them

依赖他们了 way more than I should.

别误解 我不是一个烦懑乐的人 Don't get me wrong, I'm not an unhappy person.

正相反 Quite the contrary.

我只是清晰我的人生有一个洞 I just know there's a hole in my life,

我得去弥补它 and I need to fill it.

得尽快而为 Soon.

这使得我的眼角余光 在我明天分开超市时 Which brings me to today, when I was leaving the market

留意到了你们的宣传单 and caught your flyer out of the corner of my eye.

嗯 Hmm.

老年人士 当一名练习生吧 "Seniors, be an intern."

本我就晓得是你 嗨 Ben, I thought that was you. Hi.

-嘿 -你发明什么了 -Hey. -What'd you find?

我想是一家互联网公司在招老年练习生 I think an Internet place is looking for senior interns.

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