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练习生 第34期:首席实行官


You seem like you're feeling more with it.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Um...I guess I just needed a little downtime.

You know, or maybe I wasn't even that sick, I don't know.

Hey, Ben, I got something I wanted to ask.

What's your whole take on the CEO thing?

I mean, you're more on the inside than I am.

I know Jules is trying to do right by everybody...The investors.The company.You.

She's got a lot on her shoulders.

The pressure is unbelievable.

Am I wrong that I want it to happen?

I mean, I-I want what she wants,But you know what it's like around here.

We don't see her enough, and maybe this can fix that.

A CEO's gonna fix what's going on here, Matt?

Whatever she decides, I just... I want it to be good for her.

I want her to be happy.

Of course.She deserves that.

Yeah, she does deserve it.

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