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练习生 第37期:旅店深夜虚惊


Jules? Yeah.

You hear that? Uh-Huh. I hear it. I'm up.

Are you okay?

This alarm going off Is not a good omen about this guy.

It's a sign, Ben. Oh, I'm pretty sure it's not.

So you haven't taken a xanax, yet?

You told me to wait a few hours.

You travel with your own robe?


Ladies and gentlemen,A smoke alarm went off in one of the rooms,But the problem has been taken care of.

Our sincerest apologies.

Oh, yeah. 100 people, 2 elevators.

Definitely a sign.

Well, thanks for escorting me back.


You want to see my room?

Oh, nice.

I mean, do you actually want to come in?

I have a tea kettle. We could have tea or...

I'm ridiculously nervous about tomorrow.

You can lie down.

I know you're tired. I'll sit in the chair.

Here you go.

I thought you were gonna sit in a chair?

Please let me be here. I need to lie down, too.

We don't have to talk about work or anything.

All right. What should we talk about?

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