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练习生 第38期:马彪炳轨


Marriage?Will you tell me about your wife?She was great, right?

She was.Molly was her name.

She was a middle-School principal.Beloved.So perfect.

Long marriage?

Not long enough.42 years.

Wow. What was that like?

You know when people say they want to grow old together?

Mm-Hmm. Well, we did that.

We met when we were 20.

Well, I was 20. She was 19.

And what was amazing is she never really changed.

That's a hard thing to pull off.

She handled life like it was easy.

Always.Even when it wasn't.

God, I envy that.Are you hungry?

We have, um...gummy bears, chocolate chips, Pringles.

Yup.I'm just gonna bring the whole thing.

You know those are like 15 bucks each?

Benjamin, I run a very big internet company.Let's go crazy.

Okay.So...so...Yeah, so...

I got a weird one for you.

Matt is cheating on me.

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