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[00:00.00]Unit 5 The studying-abroad program

[00:05.38]1.Listen and practice the following dialogue.

[00:11.55]LiMeng is telling his sister about an announcement he heard at school.

[00:17.79]LiMeng:Did you hear the announcenent at school?

[00:21.94]Xiaohong:What announcemen?

[00:24.89]LiMeng:The one about studying abroad.


[00:31.19]LiMeng:It's like this.

[00:34.25]Students like us can go abroad and study in a foreign high school.

[00:40.41]Xiaohong:Really?But where are they going to live?

[00:44.56]LiMeng:With a foreign family called home-stay.


[00:51.77]LiMeng:Yeah.You live with a couple and you call them home-stay parents.

[00:57.55]They will look after you and decide things for you.

[01:02.09]Xiaohong:So we won't be alone then.

[01:05.65]LiMeng:No.Do you want to go?

[01:09.49]Xiaohong:It's interesting.However...

[01:13.35]LiMeng:You don't have toi decide now.

[01:17.01]We've got to discuss the matter with mum and dad first

[01:21.97]and see if they like the idea.

[01:25.73]3.Listen,read and act.

[01:31.69]Mum:Are you sure you want to go?

[01:34.93]LiMeng:Why not?We've been learning English and this is a good chance.

[01:40.26]On the other hand,we'll probably miss you

[01:44.65]and I don't know what to do if I get homesick.

[01:49.09]Xiaohong:Give mum and dad a call.

[01:52.74]Dad:Mm,it's easy to make phone calls now.

[01:57.42]Xiaohong:With the new phones,we can also see each other on the screen.

[02:03.17]Mum:That won't happen very soon,however.

[02:07.53]Dad:What's more,you still need to learn how to look after yourselves.

[02:13.09]LiMeng:I suppose the home-stay parents can help us.

[02:17.35]Mum:Why don't you ask your teacher for more information,

[02:22.32]so your dad and I can think about it.

[02:26.26]LiMeng:Ok.I'll do that.

[02:29.42]9.Listen and practice the dialogue in pairs.

[02:35.98]LiMeng is trying to call his teacher Mr.Peng

[02:41.12]for more information on the studying abroad program.

[02:46.48]LiMeng:Hello!Is that Mr.Peng?..No?Is that 8134 7096?..Sorry about that.Bye.

[02:56.14](He checks the phone number and dials again.)Hello?Is that Mr.Peng?


[03:06.17]LiMeng:Oh,good.This is LiMeng,Sir.

[03:10.22]I wonder if I may ask you for more information about the studying-abroad program.

[03:15.97]My parents want to find out more about it.

[03:20.05]Mr.Peng:Sure,of course.

[03:23.21]I've got the school catalogue here which explains everything.

[03:28.35]You can come and pick up a copy tomorrow.

[03:32.11]LiMeng:Thank you,Mr.Peng.

[03:35.46]Mr.Peng:You're welcome.Come to my office during the lunch break.

[03:40.21]LiMeng:Ok.Bye for now,Mr.Peng.


[03:46.53]14.Listen and find out the information.

[03:52.70]LiMeng:Hello?Is that Mr.Peng?...No? Is that_____...Sorry about that.Bye.



[04:08.56]LiMeng:Oh,good. This is LiMeng,Sir.

[04:12.63]I wonder_______for more information about the studying abroad program.

[04:18.48]My parents_________more about it.

[04:22.43]Mr.Peng:Ok.________during the lunch break.

[04:27.18]LiMeng:Ok.Thank you,Mr.Peng.Bye.

[04:30.84]Mr.Peng:You're welcome.Bye-bye.

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