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商务礼仪美语 第44期:交际网络(02)


Jimmy由于天分忸怩,以是每逢交际运动,一概能推就推。同事Brad和Pam高兴压服Jimmy, 由于social networking是奇迹开展一个不行短少的关键。Pam说,

P: You know, I'm not such a big fan of company events myself. I don't like all the organization involved. I don't like being told when and where to do things. In fact, I don't even like big crowds of people.

B: But, in today's society these are the ways we connect. Social networking has boosted my career in so many ways.

J: Such as?

B: Well, take last week for example. I was at a club when I saw this guy I hadn't seen in a long time. He starts talking about his friend who is looking for a computer programmer.

Pam说,实在她也不是特殊喜好公司举行的种种运动。I'm not such a big fan of company events myself. 这里说的 a big fan of something,意思便是对某件事变十分热衷。

比方说,I'm a big fan of sushi. 我特殊爱吃寿司。I'm a big fan of hip hop. 我特殊爱听嘻哈歌曲。I'm not a big fan of horror movies. 我不喜好看恐惧影戏。


J: And you got the job?

B: Yeah! The next day his friend called me and yesterday we signed a contract. I'm going to be setting up their company website, and the money is pretty good.

P: So I guess what Brad's saying is that if you don't get out there and be seen, people might forget about you.

J: Yeah, I can sort of understand your point. But how do I overcome my shyness? I'm just not very good with people.

后果,Brad还真拿到了这份任务,帮一家公司set up their company website,设计网站,并且the money is pretty good,人为也很好。看来,有熟人引见便是纷歧样。Jimmy听后表现,I can sort of understand your point,我约莫明确你的意思了。这里所说的point是指题目中心。

我们常常听人,the point of the matter is... 题目要害是……言反正传,就算真情愿出去交际,Jimmy要怎样克制性情忸怩的妨碍呢?按他的话说,I'm just not very good with people,我便是不擅于跟人打交道。

P: I was super shy for years! Then one day I finally realized that the world isn't looking at me.

J: What do you mean?

B: In other words, sometimes we feel shy because we think people are looking at us and judging us. But in reality, that's almost never the case.

Pam说,本人曩昔也特殊忸怩,I was super shy for years! 这里所说的super是特殊的意思,用来减轻语气。我们可以说,Her boyfriend is super sweet,她男冤家特殊温顺体恤,或是,It's super hot in here,这里几乎热去世了,还可以说,I have been super busy this week,我这个星期忙得两脚朝天。

Brad也说,许多人天分忸怩,是由于以为各人都在留意本人,但现实上that's almost never the case,基本不是如许。Pam跟Brad能压服Jimmy吗?我们下次持续听。

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