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[00:00.00]Unit 2 After-school activities

[00:05.20]1.Listen to the following dialogue.

[00:10.24]Xiaohong and her classmates are discussing different interst groups during a break.

[00:17.01]Look at the list.There are so many groups.

[00:21.55]I'm interested in almost every one of them.

[00:25.63]Let me see.Computer Skills,Maths,Singing,Dancing,Drama,

[00:33.07]Photography,Pottery Design,Chinese Painting...

[00:38.53]Which one do you want to join,Xiaohong?

[00:42.48]Well,last year I was in the singing group

[00:47.31]and we practiced three times a week.

[00:51.54]So..So you want to choose womething that takes less time but not less fun.

[00:58.17]Good guess.I want a group that meets once a week,

[01:03.61]better in the middle of the week. I want to save my weekends for other things.

[01:09.64]That's a smart move.Chinese Painting is scheduled for every Wednesday afternoon.Stop that.Our guests will enjoy meeting a "lady".

[01:15.68]Would you like that,Xiaohong? Xiaohong wants to be star.

[01:21.32]A little bit of acting may help. I guess Zhang Lan has a point.

[01:26.78]I'll think about it. I love drama,so why don't you come with me?

[01:32.34]Ok,then.What about you,Zhang Lan? I'll stay with my maths group this year.

[01:39.60]4.Listen and read.

[01:44.65]Please read the following passage and find out what children do after school.

[01:51.73] After-school activities

[01:55.57] As soon as school is over,

[01:59.12]many students ahve already packed their schoolbags and dashed out of their classrooms.

[02:06.28]You may wonder where they are going.

[02:10.04]Going home or going to play football?

[02:14.19]Neither.They are going to attend after-school activities offered by the school.

[02:21.74] In recent years,more and more students participate in after-school activities

[02:29.89]and they think they can learn many more things through these activities.

[02:36.13]The following reasons ay further explain why after-school activities are popular.

[02:43.21] First,students have been playing sports,singing,

[02:49.17]dancing and competing in academic contess after school for many years.

[02:56.43]Now,students are doing many more things after school.

[03:02.99]These new after-school activities

[03:07.95]include the personal involvement in school dramas,

[03:13.41]taking photos,making pottery,computer skills practice,

[03:20.07]or any special school projects,community services,or even valunteer jobs.

[03:29.03]They offer students a lot of hands-on experiences.

[03:35.09]They are also a lot of fun.

[03:38.54]They give students more choice after school

[03:43.53]and they may help to prepair students for further study and employment.

[03:49.69] Also,being involved in after-school activities does more good than harm.

[03:57.06]Students may further shape their personalities,

[04:02.02]gain new experiences and skills beyond the classroom,

[04:07.67]make new friends and develop leadership skills.

[04:13.31] Finally,useful after-school activities

[04:18.35]may have a strong impact on students' chances of getting into their dieal colleges

[04:25.72]or universities,in which students are expected to be good at both school subjects

[04:32.59]and after-school activities.

[04:36.72] Yet,it's always important to remember that school subjects come first.

[04:44.08]After-school activities are only performed after school

[04:50.32]and they can never reppace the learning o f school subjects.

[04:56.39]7.Lesten,write and act out.

[05:02.26]Xiaohong decides to join the drama group and wants to sign up.

[05:08.32]She goes to see Mr.Meng,the drama group teacher.

[05:14.07]May I have a word with you,Mr.Meng?

[05:17.91]Of couse you may.What can I do for you?

[05:22.27]I'm from Class 5.and they call me Xiaohong.

[05:27.00]I'm here for the drama group.

[05:30.63]You mean you want to sign up for it?

[05:34.39]Can I? Sure.We love to see more people.

[05:39.72]What should I do new?

[05:42.96]Just leave your name and class number,

[05:47.32]and next Wednesday we'll meet to discuss what play would be good.

[05:52.97]Thanks.See you next Wednesday.I'm looking forward to it.

[05:58.14]Me too.Bye.

[06:01.80]12 Play the roles.

[06:06.55]You are xiaohong and your classmate is Li Meng.

[06:12.72]You just came back home.

[06:16.56]You are excited and you want to tell Li Meng

[06:21.60]what you have done in your drama group.

[06:25.83] guess what we did this afternoon?

[06:29.67]Recite your lines. No way.That's our "homework".

[06:34.92]We discussed what clothes each one needs for the roles.

[06:40.35]you mean the "costumes"?Yes.Costumes.

[06:44.90]So early? It's not.We want to "get into" the character quickly.

[06:50.64]Right now,I need to find a real nice dress.

[06:55.19]Can I borrow one from mum? what role are you playing?

[07:00.47]A lady from England.So we'll have a "lady" in our house.

[07:06.53]Stop that.Our guests will enjoy meeting a "lady".

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