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商务礼仪美语 第62期:成人教诲(01)



Lisa:Hey, Shirley! Want to join me for lunch...my treat!

Shirley:Wow! Sure!

Lisa:I must confess I have an ulterior motive for asking you to lunch.

S:Oh....that's OK....as long as you're buying!

L:I really want to pick your brain about something I've been thinking a lot about.

S:I'd love to help if I can.

请他人用饭,可以说 my treat, 也可以说 it's on me. 原来,Lisa请Shirley用饭心怀叵测,She has an ulterior motive. motive是动机,ulterior is spelled u-l-t-e-r-i-o-r, ulterior意思是隐藏的,心怀叵测的。Lisa通知Shirley, I really want to pick your brain about something. to pick someone's brain意思是跟或人攀谈,获取信息,征求意见。

L:Well, as you know, I have a Bachelor's degree in English literature and that's served me well so far, but I've always wanted to do some post-graduate work...maybe even get a Doctorate!

S:Wow! Just the idea of going back to school fills my head with pain.

L:But you have a Master's degree...hasn't that helped your career?

S:Yeah, I'd have to say it has. But I'm still paying for it, you know.

L:I know education is expensive, but it's been my lifelong dream. Call me crazy, but I've always wanted to have that PhD at the end of my name.

原来,Lisa是思索要归去上学。她曾经有了a Bachelor's Degree学士学位,想再拿个Master's Degree硕士学位,乃至是a Doctorate博士学位,这是她的lifetime dream这辈子朝思暮想的。Shirley供认,硕士学位的确对本人的奇迹有协助,但是在美国承受初等教诲很贵,I'm still paying for it.我上学的钱到如今还没有还清。Shirley还说,

S:Well, getting a Doctorate degree would mean close to a decade of school. Can you afford that? Can you survive that?

L:I certainly can't afford it, but I'm sure I could find some good student loans.

S:I think you need to separate the dream of having a PhD from the reality of years of more schooling. It's not as romantic as you might think.

L:Yeah....I keep thinking about what I'll do with a Master's or Doctorate. I love language but I don't think there are a lot of well-paying jobs out there for experts on Shakespeare.

S:Uh huh, that's for sure. You might find that your only career choice is teaching other graduate students.

Shirley劝Lisa不要把归去念书想得太好,要看本人经济上可否承当得起,Can you afford that? 还要看本人能不克不及对峙上去,Can you survive that?Lisa会悍然不顾却寻求空想吗?我们下次持续听。

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