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Why? Because I wasn't born with happy genes .

为什么?由于我不是生来就有 高兴基因

I was born with, genetically speaking, relatively high level of anxiety,

从遗传学上讲 我天生就比拟容易焦急

Inclination toward rumination, over examination


We'll talk about that later in the course. I went into the positive psychology,


Into the field of psychology, as I mentioned in the first lecture,


Because I was unhappy here. And over time, as a result of many of these studies,

是由于我烦懑乐随着工夫的推移 呈现了许多这类研讨

Result of examination result of asking also the right questions, I have become happier.


So on a personal level, I know it's possible to become happier. Now I am happier today than I was fifteen years ago

团体层面上 是有能够变得更高兴如今的我比15年前的我更高兴

When I started. I hope to be happier 15 years from today than I am today.


It's a life long process. But it is possible. And many people show that it's possible.

这是个终身的进程但这是有能够的 许多物证实了这是有能够的

And those who argue it's not possible and use science to argue for that,


Very often, are hurting more than helping the field. Now by the way Lykken and Tellegen were interviewed

许多时分 只要障碍作用而毫无协助近来Lykken和Tellegen

Recently in TIME magazine issue of happiness. Let me quote to you what they said.

遭到《期间》杂志的采访 谈 高兴 题目上面是他们说的几句话

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