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美语情形对话 第144期:修建作图 Construction


Todd: Rob, when you first came to Japan you said you did construction.


Rob: Yes, I was hired as a framer for 2x4 types of homes, so the same style of homes that are built in Canada or America.


Todd: OK, so what do you mean by frames?


Rob: Framing, the actually frame of the house so, we start from the foundation, we lay down the sub-floor, we build the walls, a second floor, more walls, square everything up, and then add in the windows, the exterior wrap, and on some occasions we will finish the roof.


Todd: How long does it take you to make a house?


Rob: Our job would take around two to three weeks, with three guys, a team of three, we able to frame a house, shingle the roof, install the windows and the doors in less than three weeks.


Todd: Oh, wow. Now when you work, do you work with a Canadian crew or Japanese?


Rob: Actually, it was quite mixed. Our boss was from Seattle, Washington, and we had people from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and some Japanese workers.


Todd: Wow, that's cool. What it a good experience?


Rob: Yeah, it was a very good experience. I hope one day maybe to be able to build my own house with some friends. It's possible to save money and it's the enjoyment of building something for yourself.


Todd: OK, where would you build this house?


Rob: That's a good question. I'm thinking, maybe back in Canada, but maybe not in the East Coast. It'd be possibly in B.C. or maybe in another country. Who knows?



square up 摆好架势

on some occasions 在肯定状况下

B.C. 不列颠哥伦比亚省

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