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非典范孤单(Atypical) 第01季 第04集 第10期


-不 她容许了 -真的吗 - No, she said yes. - Really?

那我为她遗憾 I'm sorry for her.

布里格斯锻练 你想见我 Coach Briggs, you wanted to see me?

是的 加德纳 这位是西尔贝·潘斯 Yes. Gardener, this is Shelby Pines.

她是克莱顿高中的体育指点员 She's the athletic director of Clayton Prep.

我看到了你周六的精美体现 I saw your impressive win on Saturday.

其别人基本不是你的敌手 You smoked the competition.

你们要我做尿检吗 Do you need me to pee in a cup or something?

不不 No. No.

实在 我存眷你有段工夫了 Actually, I've been keeping tabs on you for a while now.

你400米真的很强 You're remarkably strong in the 400,

而你在接力赛中 and the way you anchored

更是制胜要害 that relay tipped the scales for your team.

我们有四团体 其他女生也很快 There were four of us. The other girls are really fast, too.

没你快 因而克莱顿高中想登科你 Not like you. That's why Clayton Prep would like to recruit you.

加德纳 我把你当女儿对待 Gardener, I think of you like a daughter...

这让我女儿很不爽 much to the chagrin of my real daughter,

由于她基本跑烦懑 who can't run fast at all.

我以为你至多应该思索一下这个时机 I think you should at least consider this opportunity.

-他们想登科你吗 -没错 - They want to recruit you? - Yeah.

难以相信 对吧 I know. It's crazy, right?

-是啊 -克莱顿是全州最好的高中啊 - Yeah. - Clayton is the best school in the state.

外面的女生进了一级联赛大学 And their girls go to Division I colleges

乃至参与奥运会 and the Olympics,

有个女生还拍了耐克告白 and they had a girl that was in a Nike commercial.

告白里她跑赢了龙卷风 She outran a tornado.

是啊 Yeah.

但我不会去那的 But, I mean, really, I'm not gonna go there.

谁人学校都是些************ Like, that school's all rich and fancy.

太不是我的作风了 It's, like, it's so not me.

挺好的啊 Well, you know, good,

克莱顿离这一个小时车程 'cause Clayton's like an hour away.

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