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非典范孤单(Atypical) 第01季 第04集 第09期


她是的女的 想要摸你的小弟弟 She's a girl who wants to touch your peen.

这哪叫表 That's not a list.

茱莉娅说假如我要让她当我女友练手 Julia said I need to figure out if I like Paige,

我得搞清晰本人喜不喜好佩姬 if I'm gonna make her my practice girlfriend,

我正在这么做 so that's what I'm doing.

好吧 你有多理解她 Fine. How well do you know her?

我们普通在学校学习 We mostly study in school.

这便是你的题目了 That's your problem.

这情况太平安可控了 You're in a sterile, controlled environment.

你得带她出去 You need to get her out into the world,

看她怎样应对突发状况 see how she reacts to the unexpected,

向她扔几个曲球 throw her a few curveballs.

你让我朝她扔球 You want me to throw balls at Paige?

不是 哥们 托付 No. Dude, come on...

幸而你有我 You're so lucky you have me.

你以为你能够改错了 I just think that you might have graded this incorrectly,

我晓得本人学的是对的 because I know that I learned it right.

*代数很复杂 纯数学* *Algebra is easy It's purely mathematical*

*想要独立X 只需从根数移除就好* *To isolate the "X," You remove it from the radical*

我妈和我编这首歌编了一个星期 My mom and I have been working on that all week.

佩姬 Paige?

你想跟我去学校里面约会吗 Would you like to hang out, not in school?

你开顽笑的吗 固然想 Shut up. Are you kidding me? Yes!

好 这是我的地点 Okay. Here's my address.

我不克不及开车由于我习气闭眼 I can't drive because my natural instinct is to close my eyes,

你可以坐公交车到丘吉尔站再走六个街口 but you can take the bus to Churchill and walk six blocks,

或许假如过了十八岁就叫个优步 or you can take an Uber if you're over 18,

我早上看他们规则这么写的 per their policy I reviewed this morning.

好 Okay.

给我午饭钱 I need my lunch money.

我刚约了一个女孩 I asked a girl out.

-很遗憾 -怎样了 - Oh, I'm sorry. - Why?

她回绝了吧 I assume she said no.

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