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闪电侠(The Flash) 第02季 第09集 第03期


我是说 任何人都能够会出去 I'm just saying, you know, anyone could walk in,

比方乔 另有队长... like, Joe or captain...

但是我四点到十二点还要... But I have, like, a 4:00 to 12:00, but...

-回见 -好的 - I'll see you later. - Yeah, all right.

-圣诞节见 -行 回见 - I'll see you for Christmas. - Yeah, okay. Bye.

我真为你快乐 真的 I'm so happy for you. Truly.

谢谢 Thank you.

你喜好她 对我很紧张 It means a lot to me that you like her.

我不晓得 I don't know.

威尔斯 给我留言说 Wells, um, he left me that message where he said

我不会真正的高兴 that I'd never really be happy.

有阵子 我真的开端置信他的话 And for a while I really started to believe him,

但如今 我也不晓得 大概能 but, now...I-- I don't know. Maybe there is a way to--

你还好吗 怎样了 Are you okay? What's wrong?

真负疚 I'm so sorry.

我守不住这个机密了 巴里 I can't keep this in anymore, Barry.

什么机密 What?

我晓得本人曩昔很生你和爸爸的气 I know I was so mad at you and dad

由于你们不通知我你便是闪电侠 for not telling me that you were the Flash,

但如今我晓得了一件事 but when I found out about this,

我却不知该怎样办 I didn't know what to do.

什么事 发作什么事了 What? What's going on?

弗朗辛返来的时分 爸爸叫我别信她 When Francine came back, my dad told me not to trust her

他是对的 and he was right.

我不太理解 I didn't know how much.

妈妈分开我们的时分 When my mother left us,

怀着身孕 she was pregnant.

她有个儿子 She had a son.

乔的儿子 我的弟弟 Joe's son. My brother.

他叫什么 What's his name?

沃利 Wally.

沃利·韦斯特 Wally West.

我晓得了当前 我让她赶忙分开 When I found out, I told her to leave

并且永久别返来 也别通知我老爸 and never come back and to never tell my dad,

但是 巴里 我以为 but Barry, I feel--

这件事把我整团体都掏空了 I feel like this is hollowing me out.

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