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闪电侠(The Flash) 第02季 第10集 第16期


我没遇上 Couldn't make it.

假如和他人约好了要去 You tell someone you're gonna be somewhere,

你必需去 You show up.

大约是没有爸爸教过我这些原理吧 Guess I didn't have my dad to teach me that, huh?

这便是你来中城的缘由吗 Is this why you came to Central City?

不来熟习我和你姐姐 Not to get to know me or your sister,

却参与这种工具 But this nonsense?

楔石城曾经没人敢和我赛了 No one in Keystone will race me anymore.

但我至心没须要对你表明什么 But I don't actually have to explain myself to you.

实践上 有须要 Actually, you do.

这是守法的 我是警员 没忘吧 This is illegal. I'm a cop, remember?

对 没错 Oh, yeah. Yes.

一个不晓得本人另有个儿子的警探 The detective who didn't know he had a son

并且对我一窍不通 and who doesn't know anything about me.

我在高兴去理解你 沃利 I am trying to get to know you, Wally.

这些赛事 那车 These races-- that car--

是我赢来的 that I won?

我只要如许才干付得起我妈的医疗费 That's the only way that I can pay for my mom's hospital bills,

如许才干让她失掉医治 get her the help that she needs.

你不必如许做的 You don't have to do this.

我存了点钱 我可以先拿出一点养老金 I have money saved. I can dip into my pension.

我不需求你的钱 I don't need your money.

我能照顾好我和我妈 懂吗 I can take care of myself and my mom, okay?

我才是家里的顶梁柱 I'm the man of our house.

曾经容不下他人了 That position has been filled.

回你谁人家去吧 乔 Go home to your family, Joe.

巴里 Barry?

怎样回事 What?

你想要什么 What do you want from me?

我想要闪电侠最珍贵的工具 The thing most precious to the Flash--

你 You.

帕蒂 Patty?

不不不 No, no, no, no, no.

糟了 No.

快点 Come on.

不 乔 No—Joe!

乔 我以为乌龟人带走了帕蒂 Joe, um, I think the Turtle has patty.

我... I--

从速到尖端科研实行室见我 好吗 look, just meet me at S.T.A.R. Labs, all right?

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