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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第06集 第27期


我们才是你的状师 你要从女人角度来考虑 We're your lawyers. Experience it as a woman.

沃特斯老师首次向你提出要求时 So when Mr. Waters first propositioned you,

-是在MWR的酒吧吗 -是 - it was at the bar at the MWR? - Yes.

-你怎样回应 -我说了不 - What did you do? - I said no.

-他仍对峙 -是 - And he persisted? - Yes.

他不愿善罢甘休 It was like he wouldn't take no for an answer.

他不断灌酒 然后开端发性情 He'd been drinking, he was getting angry.

你担忧本身平安吗 Did you fear for your safety?

是 因而我分开了MWR Yes. That's why I left the MWR,

由于他的举动吓坏了我 because his behavior was scaring me.

但是他跟踪我到了办公室 But then he followed me to my office.

最初一个题目 海灵格上尉 One last question, Captain Hellinger.

酒吧里的举动发作在何时 What time did this conduct take place at the bar?

-23点30分左右 -谢谢 - It was about 23:30. - Thank you.

你是说这是一次连续性的进犯 对吗 So you're saying this was one prolonged assault, is that it?

而且由于事发于半夜之前 And since it began before midnight,

-马氏保安公司实践上依然有责任 -是 - Martinel Security is, in fact, still liable? - Yes.

那么我可以推定 So we are to assume that

你整个工夫段在都担忧本身平安吗 you were in fear for your safety during this whole time?

-可以 -如许说会很方便 对吗 - Yes. - That's very convenient, isn't it?

争论性题目 法官左右 Argumentative, Your Honor.

负疚 我发出上一问 换个题目 Sorry. I'll withdraw that and offer this instead.

你当晚发了一条短信 You sent a text message that same night

给军法署的帕里西中尉 to a Lieutenant Parisi of the JAG Corps.

她是你的冤家吗 She a friend of yours?

是的 Yes, that's right.

请把这个读给各人听 高声读 Would you read it for us, please, out loud?

我要分开MWR了 CK大醉 笑去世我了 "Leaving MWR now. CK was blitzed. LMAO."

你能向法庭阐释LMAO的意思吗 Would you clarify for the court what "LMAO" means?

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