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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第04集 第18期


那非正式的控告呢 How about an unofficial one?

他吃了我豆腐 He came on to me.

没错 你控告他在你在场的时分脱衣服 Yes, you accused him of taking off his clothes in your presence.

好了 这也太卑劣了 Okay, that is so dirty.

-我只是说... -你们是在... - I'm just saying... - You are trying...

把这两者联系关系起来 to make a connection

这只是个偶合... It's quite a coincidence that all these

而这两者全不相干... between two completely unrelated...

老板们就爱脱裤子 bosses want to take their pants off.

好了 我们处理了大少数控告 So, we got rid of most of the charges

还幸运缓解 and we lucked into something

霍华德·莱曼危急 that neutralized the Howard Lyman threat.

谢谢你 凯琳达 Thank you, Kalinda.

但是 另有两个题目没处理 But, uh, we still have two issues.

你们介怀我吃工具吗 我没吃午饭 Do you mind if I eat? I missed lunch.

-请便 -两个题目 不合错误 是三个 - Please. - Two problems-- well, three.

戴安 克里斯表示你已经应用过她的姿色 Chrissy's suggesting that you, Diane, prostituted her out.

我完全不晓得她在说什么 I have no idea what she's talking about.

另有你 威尔 在办公室和上司有过性举动 And that you, Will, created a hostile workplace

而让任务情况变得很蹩脚 by sleeping with underlings in your office.

这我应付得来 I can answer that.

你们留意到了没 Have you noticed,

我是在座独一一个身家洁白的 I'm the only one in the clear here?

如今要说到第三个题目了 凯琳达 Now here comes the third problem. Kalinda.

我在霍华德·莱曼的IT文件夹里找到了这个 I found this saved onto Howard Lyman's I.T. File.

存在他的条记本里 It's from his laptop.

干嘛不外来 Hey, why don't you come over here

坐老爹大腿上啊 宝物儿 and sit on Daddy's lap, huh, honey?

天主啊 Oh, dear God.

-她是谁 -另一位助理 蕾西·阿特金斯 - Who is that? - Another paralegal-- Lacey Atkins.

客岁来公司的 Hired last year.

这对本案应该没有影响 This should have no impact on this lawsuit.

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