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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第04集 第19期


他性骚扰过另一名助理的现实 The fact that he approached another paralegal has

对本案只要边沿功效 marginal bearing on this case.

你本人也不置信吧 Or you can tell yourselves that.

多谢 戴安 Thanks, Diane.

那我们就把这信息藏好 So we bury it

丁宁走霍华德 and get rid of Howard.

威尔 Uh, Will.

我查了合资人装潢补助 I was looking into the partner decorating stipends.

大约一个月前 About a month ago,

艾丽西娅就不再装饰她的办公室了 Alicia stopped decorating her office.

是你让她这么做的吗 Did you ask her to stop?

-没啊 怎样了 -我也不晓得 - No, why? - I don't know.

只是以为很奇异 I just found it odd.

往上举 Lift.

把球想象成你的孙子 Think of the ball as your grandkids.

对啦 There you go.

向上... And up...

负疚 杰姬 I'm sorry, Jackie.

你道什么歉呢 戈德老师 What are you sorry for, Mr. Gold?

你说得很清晰了 You made yourself very clear.

贝思 我立刻过去 Beth, I'll be with you in a minute.

我抱歉是由于我改动心意了 I'm sorry because I've had a change of heart.

我发明... I find...

我需求你的协助 I need your help.

我的协助 My help?

不不 我们之间的不同太多了 No, no, there's too much chance of disagreement between us.

杰姬 我曾经抱歉了 Jackie, I'm apologizing.

而我是在通知你 And I'm telling you,

你并不需求向我抱歉 you have no reason to apologize.

你是对的 我是错的 You were right and I was wrong.

跳起来 上前 And what do you say we dance? So, forward.

二 三 再今后 Two, three, and go back.

留意手臂要用力 Really feel it in the arms.

好了 你提要求 Okay, what do you want?

就职仪式全归我管 Control of the inauguration.

你来真的 Really?

很好 再来... All right, and...

晚会归你管 Control of the ball.

另有彼得办公室的装饰权 And decorating of Peter's offices.

向前... And forward...

-好吧 -很好 - Agreed. - Good.

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