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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第23期


由于 because...

你正试图把我的合资人送进牢狱 You're trying to put my partner in prison?

是啊 我这人要断送情谊照旧挺有方法的 Yeah. Kind of has a way of putting a CRImp in a friendship.

而我以为我们之间会氛围告急是由于 And I thought there'd be tension because...

我在思索参选 I'm thinking about running.

不会 No.

我以为这很好 真的 I think it's great. Honestly.

我很快乐你给我打德律风 I'm glad you called.

别如许嘛 叫辆出租车好了 Come on. Take a cab.

跟我饮酒 你究竟顾忌什么 Drink with me. What's wrong with you?

我照旧不要了 I'd better not.

怎样 会做让你懊悔的事吗 比方 What, do something you regret, like...

更多的作证预演 more witness prep?

我要走了 I'd better go.

卡斯特罗想打击你的软肋 Castro wants to scare you from the race

让你不敢参选 by hitting you where you're vulnerable.

他那么说的 He said that?

我听见他说的 I heard him say it.

警惕点 Be careful.

别让人捉住凭据 Don't be vulnerable.

你有处理方法最好 If you can help it.

这里是扎克的语音信箱 You've reached Zach's voice mail.

我在上课 也能够是在课上睡觉 I'm in class right now or sleeping it off.

请留言 Leave a message.

扎克 是妈妈 有点事 今天给我回电 Zach, it's Mom. Something's come up. Call me tomorrow.

不是吧 Oh, no. No.

一杯红酒 没另外了 One glass of wine. That's all.

靠边停下 Pull to the side of the road.

早晨好 福瑞克夫人 Good evening, Mrs. Florrick.

你饮酒了吗 Have you been drinking?

你怎样晓得我名字的 How did you know my name?

请下车 夫人 Please step out of the car, Ma'am.

往前走九步 夫人 Nine steps forward, ma'am.

那条线那边转身 走九步返来 Turn on the line, nine steps back.

我...我曾经赞同做酒精浓度测试了 I've... I've already agreed to a Breathalyzer test.

你说过了 夫人 我需求你转身 Yes, you said that, Ma'am. I need you to turn on the line,

走九步返来 nine steps back.

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