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北师大版高中英语第四册课文朗诵:4kw lesson 47

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[00:00.10]Lesson 47 Living Abroad

[00:1.00]Jin Li: When I first arived in San Francisco,

[00:2.00]I had a difficult time understanding the American way of doing things.

[00:3.00]Once I went to visit an American friend.After staying for the whole evening.

[00:4.00]I was about to leave.

[00:5.00]But as soon as we said goodbye,

[00:6.00]my friend went back to his room closing the door behind him.

[00:7.00]It made me feel that I was not really welcome.

[00:8.00]Want Lei: I once had an embarrassing experience in a New York restaurant.

[00:9.00]I was talking to my American friend Janice at the table

[00:10.00]when I noticed people staring at us.

[00:11.00]I asked Janice what was wrong and she told me that I was talking too loudly.

[00:12.00]She said that to some American people,it sounded like I was shouting.

[00:13.00]Martin:What did I learn from my exciting cultural exchange to China?

[00:14.00]Well,the Chinese are extremely hospitable.

[00:15.00]One evening,I was invited to a Chinese family dinner.

[00:16.00]I had a good appetite and ate a lot of delicious food

[00:17.00]My host kept on putting more food in my rice bowl.

[00:18.00]They didn't seem to hear me saying "No,thank you."

[00:19.00]This was a very special experience I had in China.

[00:20.00]In my culture,you don't get more food if you don't ask for more.

[00:21.00]Tom: I had a similar experience the last time I visited China.

[00:22.00]The Chinese are the friendliest people I have ever met.

[00:23.00]After my visit to a Chinsese family,

[00:24.00]my friend's grandfather wouldn't let me go to the station alone.

[00:25.00]He insisted on walking me to the station to see off.

[00:26.00]I kept saying that I knew the way myself,but it just did not work.

[00:27.00]What he did was amazing.This will not happen in many other cultures.I guess.

[00:28.00]Tina:Chinese people are very modest too.

[00:29.00]Last time,when I visited China,

[00:30.00]we saw the tour guide wearing a very pretty coat on the day we left.

[00:31.00]I told her the coat suited her,

[00:32.00]but she looked very emparrassed saying long time ago.

[00:33.00]I was surprised.In my culture,when we are complimented,

[00:34.00]we feel very happy and say thanks.

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