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北师大版高中英语第四册课文朗诵:4kw lesson 37

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[00:00.10]Unit10 37 Amaterial World

[00:1.00]“Who wants to be a Millionaire?

[00:2.00]I don’t.,” says charles Gray

[00:3.00]Angus Deayton interviews exmillionaire Charlesgray

[00:4.00]Fot a lot of peoplem, becoming amillionaire seems to be their rltimate goal.

[00:5.00]They spend holf their time dreaming up ways of getting tich ,

[00:6.00]and therest of their time

[00:7.00]Thinking about all the things they wotld do oncde they got rich ,

[00:8.00]Gut do all millionaires find the happiness that they thought they tought they would ger

[00:9.00]when they achieve their gools?

[00:10.00]Some millionaires comtinrue to worry about money

[00:11.00]when they becomje millionairesm they work hard to get all that momey,

[00:12.00]then momey, then they work hard to make sure they mevr lose it !

[00:13.00]But there are people who have turned their backs on theit millipns

[00:14.00]and found different ways to be happy in their lives.

[00:15.00]Charles Grarles Gray is one example.

[00:16.00]Sixteen years ago, Charles was a college professor with ahuge sixbedroom horse

[00:17.00]and a fortune of $2 million.

[00:18.00]Tooday te lives in asmall carvam where there is only second –hand furniture.

[00:19.00]There are certaimly no signs that Charles tas a tich was a rich man !

[00:20.00]There is a small gadrden outside with a few fruit trees.

[00:21.00]Chatles grows some vegetables and a few flow flters.

[00:22.00]He gets his clothes and a lot of other things from charity shops .

[00:23.00]But this change is mot a tragedy.

[00:24.00]Charles was happy to give up the lifestyle of a tich man

[00:25.00]He was tited of being a person rho had everything

[00:26.00]in a world where any people had nothing.

[00:27.00]He ma de the chiice to give all his miney away

[00:28.00]And this he saidm, brought him happimess.

[00:29.00]Afew years ago.” Says Charles,”l was a millionaire,

[00:30.00]but l knew there were a lot of hungry people in the world .”

[00:31.00]So he gave away all his money to charities.

[00:32.00]When he had two thorsand dollars left,

[00:33.00]he gave away small bank motes on the streets of local poor areas .

[00:34.00]Did the feel like Father Christmas ? “lt was a lot of fun,” says Charles.

[00:35.00]Charles believes that many peopoe wany people want to earn a lot of money

[00:36.00]so that they will moot hate any worries

[00:37.00]However, most people never make much money,

[00:38.00]Charles Gray decided to drop out and has discovered that having only a little money

[00:39.00]makes you free Are there any things he misses ?”

[00:40.00]No.,l”m mrch happoer now.

[00:41.00]I wouldn't go back to being tich fot anything – no way.”

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