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[00:00.10] Unit 4 Can you tell me where the post office is?

[00:07.00]Let's read

[00:11.55]Peter and Anne joined a group a few months ago.

[00:16.98]They have been on many walks since then.

[00:21.52]Then group leader taught the children how to read maps,

[00:26.67]how to use a compass and how to find landmarks.

[00:32.24]Last Sunday, the group went to an island.

[00:37.69]They all met at the ferry at nine o'clock.

[00:42.74]The group leader handed out blank maps of the island.

[00:48.80]Only the roads were shown on the outline of the island.

[00:54.44]"I want you to find out where the following places are

[01:00.60]and draw them on your maps:

[01:04.26]the post office,the temple,the school and the market.

[01:10.50]"It will take us ages to find all these places,"said Anne unhappily.

[01:17.27]"Nonsense,"said Peter.

[01:21.24]"Let's ask someone where everything is."

[01:25.60]When they arrived on the island,Peter went up to a market stall holder.

[01:32.68]"Excuse me,"he said.

[01:37.04]"Can you tell me where the post office is?"

[01:41.20]"Certainly. you've just passed it, It's on your left beside the ferry."

[01:48.25]"Can you tell me where the school is?"

[01:52.93]"Yes, it's near the temple."

[01:57.79]"And where is the temple."

[02:02.46]It's in the southwest of the island at the end of Yong An Street.

[02:09.83]"Thank you very much," said Peter and Anne.

[02:16.31]"Now we can have some fun instead of walking all over the island.

[02:22.76]Do you know when the last ferry leaves?"

[02:27.33]"Half past five."

[02:30.78]"Well,let's go swimming until then."

[02:36.03]So Peter and Anne spent the whole day at the beath

[02:41.49]and retuned to the pier in time to hand in their map.

[02:45.56]Deins Dragon

[02:49.51]Deins was looking at the map of Shenzhen.

[02:54.50]He was worried.

[02:57.84]He could not see Dragonland on the map.

[03:01.92]Tim spoke to him.

[03:05.68]"What's the matter, Denis?"

[03:09.02]"I can't see Dragon land on this map

[03:14.35]Can you tell me where it is,Tim?"asked Denis.

[03:19.81]"I'm sorry,I can't."said Tim.

[03:24.88]Words and expressions



[03:38.80]hand out


[03:42.35]blank maps










[03:58.86]instead of






[04:08.40]secondary school




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