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[00:00.10] Unit 2

[00:02.80]I told you that I was in the kitchen

[00:06.87]A Let's read

[00:11.31]The story so far:Someone stole Miss Ni's necklce.

[00:17.48]The robbery took place at Dr Wang's house.

[00:22.05]There were five suspects:

[00:25.89]Dr Wang(the host),Mrs Luo(a guest),Mary Cheng(the maid),

[00:34.74]the chef and Miss Ni herself.

[00:39.00]Detective Song and his sergeant searched the suspects.

[00:45.35]They found nothing.

[00:48.72]"Are you going to search the rest of the house,Detective?"asked Dr Wang.

[00:55.38]"I've already told my sergeant to do that,"answered Detective Song.

[01:02.04]"Well,I want to go home,"said tht maid.

[01:07.89]"I know nothing about the necklace.

[01:11.97]I don't even like jewels.

[01:15.73]I'll just clear these dishes and leave."

[01:20.17]"I told you to stay here,"said the detective severely.

[01:26.02]"Where was everybody from eight o'clock to nine o'clock this evening?"

[01:32.50]"I arrived at eight o'clock,"said Miss Ni.

[01:37.85]"I was met at the door by the maid.

[01:42.40]She told me that the host was in the sitting-room,

[01:46.76]so I went in there and chatted to Mrs Luo

[01:52.22]and Dr Wang until half past eight.

[01:55.38]Then we came here into the dining-room."

[01:59.61]"Where were you,Chef?"

[02:02.96]"I told you that I was in the kitchen,"said the chef nastily.

[02:09.91]"Where else should a chef be?"

[02:14.14]"And you?"Detective Song spoke to the maid.

[02:19.70]"I told you that I was laying the table here in the dining-room."

[02:26.05]Just then the sergeant came into the room and whispered to Detective Song.

[02:32.82]"At last!"announced Detective Song. "Now I know the thief.

[02:39.29]It's you-Mary Cheng."The maid gasped in surprise.

[02:46.27]"You stole Miss Ni's necklace when she arrived and hid it in your pocket.

[02:51.83]Later,when she called the police,you put it in this dish of soup."

[02:58.00]The detective pulled a dripping necklace from the cold soup.

[03:03.04]"How did you know?" asked the maid.

[03:07.51]"The soup bowl rattled when you put it down.

[03:12.05]Also,you told me that you didn't like jewels

[03:17.09]but my sergeant tells me that your drawers are full of jewels

[03:22.66]-other people's jewels!"

[03:26.50]E Denis Dragon

[03:30.86]Denis and Tim were watching the detective programme again.

[03:36.32]Denis could not understand it.

[03:39.79]"Is this man the thief?"he asked.

[03:44.94]"No,he isn't.He told the detective that he was policeman."

[03:51.11]"This story is too difficult for me,"said Denis.

[03:56.85]"There isn't any CRIme in Dragonland,

[04:01.53]so there aren't any CRIminals and there aren't any detectives.

[04:13.18]Words and expressions

[04:16.84]so far


[04:20.08]take place




[04:27.70]the rest of










[04:43.04]just then










[04:58.42]a bank teller








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