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[00:00.10] Unit 1

[00:02.80]Do you think that I'm the thief?

[00:06.95]A Let's read

[00:11.91]The children's favourite television programme is called Detective Song's Cases.

[00:18.68]It is on every Saturday evening at six thirty.

[00:23.85]Last Saturday,Peter,Anne,Sue and Ken

[00:30.51]turned on the television and sat in silence to watch the show.

[00:36.08]Detective Song was investigating a robbery.

[00:41.04]Miss Ni,the famous singer,was a guest at the house of her good friend Dr.Wang.

[00:48.80]When she was there,her priceless diamond necklace was stolen.

[00:55.04]She rang Detective Song in tears.

[00:59.61]He came over immediately.

[01:03.37]Dr Wang was the host.The other guest was Mrs Luo.

[01:09.85]the maid and the chief.

[01:13.61]Detective Song thought that one of these people was the thief.

[01:19.96]"I'm a good friend of Miss Ni's,said Dr Wang

[01:26.31]"You don't think that I'm the thief,do you,Detective Song?"

[01:31.77]"I suspect everyone,"said Detective Song.

[01:38.43]"We'll have to search you all."

[01:42.27]"I think that you've forgotten something,Detective,"said Mrs Luo.

[01:48.64]"I'm a very rich woman and Dr Wang is a very wealthy man.

[01:54.99]Why should we want to steal one necklace?"

[01:59.25]"My necklace is rather special,"interrupted Miss Ni.

[02:06.30]"It contains the Diamond of Hope-the largest diamond in Hong Kong.

[02:12.47]I think that everyone knows that."

[02:16.83]"Very well,ladies and gentlemen,"announced Detective Song.

[02:22.39]"We'll begin our search."

[02:25.92]At that moment,the programme ended.

[02:30.18]The children had to wait for the next episode to discover the thief.

[02:36.03]Do you think that it was the host or the other guest?"asked Ken breathlessly.

[02:43.60]"No,they're both too rich,"said Peter confidently.

[02:50.27]"I think that it was one of the servants.Either the maid or the chef."

[02:56.82]"I think that it was Miss Ni herself,"announced Anne unexpectedly.

[03:04.27]"she'll get insurance money for the necklace."

[03:09.13]Who do you think it was?

[03:12.89]Find out next week...

[03:16.86]E Denis Dragon

[03:21.72]Tim and Denis were watching a detective story on television.

[03:27.88]It was about a murer and Denis was very frightened.

[03:33.94]When they went to bed,Denis could not sleep.

[03:39.22]He heard a noise outside.

[03:43.16]He thought that it was a murderer.

[03:46.93]He screamed and woke Tim.

[03:50.90]"Don't worry,"said Tim."I'm protect you." Denis was a real coward.

[03:59.36]What do you think it was that made the noise?

[04:09.21]Words and expressions





[04:21.09]in silence


















[04:52.08]in tears














































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