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[00:00.10]unit 8 On the farm

[00:04.28]A.Look and say. Listen.

[00:11.44]welcome to our farm.

[00:33.20]There are twelve ducks.

[00:36.70]a chicken a duck a horse

[00:52.77]a cow a sheep a pig

[01:06.53]B.Say and act. Listen.

[01:12.49]What's your favourite animal?

[01:17.14]I like ducks.

[01:20.93]Now say.

[01:24.27]What's your favourite animal?

[01:29.91]I like ducks.I like sheep.


[01:44.52]Look at the animals.

[01:48.28]I like the farm.

[01:52.64]Pat,what's your favourite animal?

[01:58.20]I like ducks and chickens.

[02:02.96]Look at the chickens.

[02:06.51]They're fat and white.

[02:11.27]Look at the ducks. They can swim.

[02:17.01]Bob,what about you?

[02:21.37]I like this horse.

[02:25.24]It's big.It can walk.

[02:30.28]Oh,no!It can run,too Hey,stop!

[02:38.04]E.Say the sound and the words. Listen.

[02:45.41]a farm far arm car

[02:56.17]Now say.

[02:59.51]a farm far arm car

[03:21.87]Tick the correct picture.Say the rhyme.

[03:28.04]Come to our farm.It's not very far.

[03:33.60]Walk arm in arm Or come by car.

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