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[00:00.10]Unit 5 A.Listen,read and tick or cross.

[00:08.99]1.What's in the school?

[00:12.75]Is there a dining hall?

[00:16.80]Yes,there is.There's a big playground,too.

[00:23.46]There's a music room.

[00:30.22]There's an art room.

[00:33.59]There's a big hall.

[00:37.25]Is there a library?

[00:44.41]No,there isn't.There's a computer room.

[00:52.17]C.Listen,read and tick

[00:58.02]I have a robot.It can eat.

[01:03.09]It has long legs.It has red feet.

[01:08.55]It has big arms.My robot's cool!

[01:17.69]It can swim in the Swimming pool.

[01:22.83]This is end of side A.

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