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[00:00.10]Lesson 37 ;第三十七课

[00:01.99]activate ['ktiveit] ;vt.使运动起来, 使开端起作用

[00:03.19]The cardiac pacemaker is used to activate the heartbeat ;心脏起博器是用来激活 心脏跳动的,

[00:05.86]when the patient is suffering from a serious shock. ;在病人严峻休克时.

[00:08.63]adjacent [ 'deis nt] ;a.邻近的,毗邻的

[00:10.03]Guangdong Province is adjacent to Hunan Province. ;广东省与湖南省接壤.

[00:13.48]automation [?t 'mei n] ;n.主动化(技能), 主动操纵

[00:14.93]Automation means the methods and machines that make industry mo- re and more automatic, ;主动化指的是使产业生 产日益主动化的办法或 呆板,

[00:19.29]esp. by means of electronic controls. ;尤指经过电子控制.

[00:22.30]batch[bt] ;n.一批,一组,一群; 一批消费量

[00:23.38]Every year migratory birds fly to Kunming in batches to survive the winter. ;每年有成批的留鸟飞到 昆明来越冬.

[00:28.94]casualty['ku lti] ;n.伤亡职员,去世伤者; 受益者

[00:30.35]In Iran-Iraq war,both sides incurred heavy casualties. ;在两伊和平中,单方均 蒙受沉重伤亡.

[00:33.95]catastrophe [k 'tstr fi] ;n.大劫难,灾害

[00:35.18]The Tangshan earthquake in 1975 was a catastrophe. ;1975 年的唐山大地动 是一场劫难.

[00:38.95]cavity['kviti] ;n.洞,穴,龋洞

[00:40.24]There is a cavity in one of my teeth;it makes me terribly painful. ;我有颗牙齿上有个洞, 疼去世我了.

[00:44.13]census['sens s] ;n.生齿普查,统计

[00:45.25]In March 2001 the Chinese government announced the result of the fifth census. ;2001 年3月中国当局公 布了第五次生齿普查的 后果.

[00:50.09]coverage['kv rid] ;n.掩盖范畴;旧事报道

[00:51.09]CCTV has an overall coverage of 90% of the mainland area ;地方电视台已掩盖大陆 90%

[00:55.30]by means of satellite telecommunication. ;经过通讯卫星.

[00:57.47]deficiency [di'fi nsi] ;n.缺乏,缺乏; 缺陷,缺陷

[00:58.50]In spite of mental deficiency,Zhouzhou can conduct a large orchestra. ;虽然弱智,但洲洲却可以 指挥大型管弦乐队.

[01:02.39]It's really a miracle. ;这真是个奇观.

[01:04.21]deficit['defisit] ;n.赤字,亏空,盈余

[01:05.50]The financial deficit of the USA is now even more serious than Japan. ;美国如今的当局赤字比 日本要严峻得多.

[01:10.01]eccentric[ik'sentrik] ;a.乖僻的,古怪的;离心的 n.乖僻的人,古怪的人

[01:11.09]I'm afraid I cannot learn to speak Italian ;我想我一辈子也学 不会心大利语,

[01:13.07]because I cannot pronounce the eccentri -c trill sound no matter how hard I try. ;由于我怎样也发不出那古 怪的颤音,

[01:17.51]Mars,Venus and the other planets move in eccentric orbits. ;火星、金星及其他行星沿 不正圆的轨道运转.

[01:21.39]eclipse[i'klips] ;v.(月,日)食,掩蔽 (天体的)光;使忘形 n.(月,日)食;(位置,名 誉的)消逝,相形见绌

[01:22.55]A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the moon. ;当月球从地球和太阳之间 穿过期就会发作日食.

[01:26.37]Many actors go into eclipse after death. ;很多演员身后申明阑珊.

[01:29.30]fascinate['fsineit] ;vt.激烈地吸引,迷住

[01:30.62]The changing vivid colors of the sunset fascinated the eye. ;日落时变化无常的颜色使 人看得出神.

[01:33.86]It is a universal social problem ;这已成为一个广泛 的社会题目.

[01:35.79]that many teenagers are fascinated with video-games. ;很多青少年陶醉于电子 游戏,

[01:38.41]gasp[gsp] ;n.喘气,喘息 vi.喘气,喘息 vt.喘着气说出(或收回)

[01:39.15]An asthmatic patient coughs so much that he keeps gasping for breath. ;哮喘病人咳嗽得很凶猛, 以致于不绝地喘息.

[01:42.88]hail[heil] ;n.冰雹;喝彩,呼唤 vt.以喝彩欢迎

[01:43.75]In summer hail sometimes falls and damages the crops. ;炎天偶然下冰雹,使农作 物遭到侵害.

[01:46.74]The crowd hailed the actress with joy. ;人群快乐地向那位女演 员喝彩.

[01:49.09]ideology [aidi'l di] ;n.头脑(体系), 头脑认识

[01:50.47]As modern university students,we should be opposed to the feudal ideology. ;作为今世大先生,我们应 该支持封建头脑.

[01:55.38]kit[kit] ;vt.配备 n.成套东西(或用品); 成套元件

[01:56.34]A fighter plane carries a kit of lifesaving appliance ;歼击机飞行员带有整套 的救生设置装备摆设.

[01:59.40]when he bails out the fighter plane. ;歼击机飞行员跳伞时

[02:01.36]latent['leit nt] ;a.潜伏的,不易发觉的

[02:02.34]The evils latent in the most promising contrivances are prov- ided for as they arise ;最有盼望的创造当它们问 世时就带着潜伏的罪恶.

[02:07.73]magnitude['mgnitju:d] ;n.紧张性,严重;宏大, 广阔;巨细,最值

[02:09.14]It is an affair of the first magnitude for government of various levels ;是各级当局的头号大事

[02:12.57]to strictly carry out the policy of family planning. ;严厉实行方案生养政策.

[02:15.52]The magnitude of traffic flow of Guangzhou is greatly increasing these years ;广州的车流量这几年猛增

[02:20.11]obscene[ b'si:n] ;a.淫秽的,下游的; 可爱的,可憎的

[02:21.77]The editors of the film,Women in Pavilion ;影戏《天井里的女人》的 编剧

[02:24.17]cut several scenes containing obscene language. ;删除了几个含有淫秽 言语的场景.

[02:26.94]peel[pi:l] ;vt.剥皮,剥壳; vi.剥落,脱皮; n.(水果等)皮,外皮

[02:27.69]It is said that the apple peel contains a lot of vitamins. ;听说苹果皮富含维生素.

[02:30.67]Some people like to peel the apple before eating ;有的人吃苹果喜好剥皮.

[02:33.08]for fearing the harm of the farm chemical and antiseptic to their health. ;有的人担忧农药和 防腐剂对身材无害,

[02:37.20]pendulum ['pendul m] ;n.钟摆; 摇晃不定的局势 或场面.

[02:38.50]The pendulum of the Big Ben above the British Parliament House ;英国国会大厦上的大本钟 的钟摆

[02:41.52]has to be cleaned every year. ;得每年洗濯.

[02:43.38]qualify['kwlifai] ;v.(使)胜任, (使)具有资历, (使)及格

[02:44.45]Youngsters are qualified to vote when they are 18 years old. ;年老人18岁时就有资历 投票.

[02:47.47]Do you qualify for the vote? ;你有投票资历吗?

[02:49.43]rating['reiti] ;n.品级,评定后果; 收视率,收听率

[02:50.41]The CRItic's rating of the film A Beautiful Mind is high. ;批评家们对影戏《优美 心灵》的评价很高.

[02:53.43]recipient [ri'sipi nt] ;a.承受者,收听者

[02:54.59]The postman spent almost a whole day looking for the recipi -ent of the letter, ;邮递员简直花了整整一天 工夫寻觅该信的收信人,

[02:58.15]but up till now he has not found him yet. ;但到如今还没有找到他.

[03:01.19]saturate['st reit] ;vt.使渗透,湿透; 使充溢,使饱和

[03:02.47]It is estimated that TV sets and fridges have been saturated in the China market. ;据估量中国市场上的电 视机和冰箱曾经饱和.

[03:06.86]scent[sent] ;n.香味,气息;踪迹;香水 vt.嗅到,发觉

[03:07.84]Scents of lavender and rosemary can relieve tension. ;熏衣草和迷迭香的香味 可以减缓肉体告急.

[03:10.67]segregate['segrigeit] ;vt.使断绝,使离开

[03:11.75]Some societies still segregate men and women. ;有的社会依然将男女 断绝.

[03:14.56]suite[swi:t] ;n.(旅店的)套间; 一套家具

[03:15.51]The former American president Ronald Reagan ;美国前总统里根

[03:17.86]stayed in the president suite of the Guangzhou White Swan Hotel for 2 nights ;曾在广州白昼鹅宾馆的 总统套间里住过两个晚 上

[03:21.64]when he visited China. ;拜访中国时期.

[03:23.17]terrain[t 'rein] ;n.地形,阵势

[03:24.09]Nearly 90% of the area of Guizhou Province is mountain terrain. ;贵州省近90%的地域是山 行地形.

[03:27.77]undermine [d 'main] ;vt.黑暗毁坏,减弱; 腐蚀…的根底

[03:29.01]Smoking and overdrinking undermines our health. ;吸烟和过分饮酒有损 安康.

[03:31.54]vegetation [vedi'tei( )n] ;n.动物,草木

[03:32.77]Much of the northweatern vegetation has been damaged by overgrazing ;东南地域大少数自然植被 已被过分放牧毁坏.

[03:37.79]Lesson 38 ;第三十八课

[03:40.27]adolescent [d 'les nt] ;n.青少年 a.芳华期的,青少年的

[03:41.59]It is reported that over 40% of the adolescents are smokers in China. ;据报道,中国有40%的 青少年吸烟.

[03:45.70]Parents should pay special attention to the psychological development ;怙恃要特殊留意其 心思生长

[03:48.79]of their children when they are in adolescent period. ;在孩子芳华期时.

[03:51.77]aerial[' ri l] ;n.天线 a.飞机的,航空的,由飞机 停止的;空中的,排挤的

[03:53.06]An aerial cableway is set up across the Yellow River. ;一条排挤索道高出于 黄河之上.

[03:56.13]bias['bai s] ;n.成见,左袒,公平 vt.使有成见

[03:57.16]His experiences bias him against businessman. ;他的阅历使他对贩子 抱有成见.

[04:00.27]bizarre[bi'za:] ;a.奇形怪状的,荒诞的

[04:01.26]The frost made bizarre patterns on the windowpane. ;霜冻在玻璃窗上构成了 奇形怪状的图案.

[04:04.03]certainty['s :t nti] ;n.必定的事, 确定的现实; 的确,确信

[04:05.19]I can say with certainty that he is right. ;我可以一定地说他是 对的.

[04:07.59]chord[k:d] ;n.和弦,和音;弦,心弦

[04:08.56]The little boy touched the right chord and I gave him ten dollars. ;小男孩震动了我的心弦, 于是给了他10美元.

[04:11.69]clamp[klmp] ;vt.(用夹具等)夹紧, 夹住,牢固 n.夹头,夹具,夹钳

[04:12.56]The Columbian police are going to clamp down on CRIminal activity in this area. ;哥伦比亚警方计划严峻打 击这个地域的立功运动.

[04:16.45]definitive[di'finitiv] ;a.最牢靠的,威望性的; 决议性的

[04:17.79]Professor Li Siguang made a definitive speech on the formation of rocks ;李四光传授对岩石的 构成作了威望的发言

[04:21.56]at the seminar held in Paris. ;在巴黎举行的研讨会上

[04:23.79]depict[di'pikt] ;vt.描画,描绘

[04:24.95]Hemingway depicts the horrors of war in his works. ;海明威在他的作品中描绘 了和平的恐惧.

[04:28.05]eject[i'dekt] ;vt.驱赶,逐出;放射, 排挤,弹出

[04:29.34]Vesevius ejected a lot of lava and ashes when it erupted last year. ;维苏威火山客岁喷发时, 放射出少量的熔岩和火 山灰.

[04:33.77]elapse[i'lps] ;vi.(工夫)消失,过来

[04:34.97]Two years have elapsed since I entered the university. ;我进大学念书到如今, 亿过来两年了.

[04:38.08]elite[ei'li:t,i'li:t] ;n.(总称)下层人士,掌权 人物,气力团体;(总称) 鹤立鸡群的人(或团体)

[04:39.15]The Oxford University and Cambridge Uninersity have ;牛津大学和剑桥大学

[04:41.88]educated the political and scientific elited for the British society. ;为英国社会培育了政治和 迷信方面的精英.

[04:46.61]feast[fi:st] ;n.盛宴,筵席;节日 vi.(~on)纵情地吃, 宴饮

[04:47.97]On April 11, ;4月11日,

[04:49.04]the former NBA star Rodman invited over 1500 people to his birthday feast. ;前NBA球星罗 得曼约请了1500多人参 加他的生日盛宴.

[04:54.34]feat[fi:t] ;n.伟绩,伟业,武艺

[04:55.22]Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is a marvelous engineering feat. ;南京长江大桥是了不得 的工程伟绩.

[04:59.24]genetic[di'netik] ;a.遗传学的 n.[pl.]遗传学

[05:00.27]More and moere doctors believe that cancer is a genetic disease. ;越来越多的大夫以为癌症 是遗传病.

[05:03.46]hierarchy['hai ra:ki] ;n.品级制度;统治团体, 向导层

[05:04.69]The Supreme Court is the head of a hierarchy of federal courts. ;最高法院是联邦法院品级 零碎中的最高机构.

[05:08.39]imitation [mi'tei n] ;n.模拟;仿制,仿成品; 赝品

[05:09.63]An artist who can only give imitation of others' styles will not achieve acclaim. ;一个只会模拟别人作风的 艺术家是不会取得人们称 赞的.

[05:14.22]impair[im'p ] ;vt.侵害,毁伤,减弱

[05:15.34]Over 200,000 babies are born in the U.S. each year ;每年美国出生的婴儿超越 20万人

[05:18.06]with deformed bodies and impaired minds because of defective genes. ;由于基因有缺陷,有畸形 躯体和心灵毁伤.

[05:21.96]impetus['impit s] ;n.推进,促进,安慰; 推进力

[05:23.17]The reform and open policy is the primary impetus behind China's economic recovery. ;变革开放政策是促进中国 经济规复的次要推进力.

[05:28.37]layman['leim n] ;n.外行人,内行

[05:29.59]Doctors sometimes confuse laymen with their jargon. ;大夫有的用专门术语把外 行人弄得稀里懵懂,

[05:32.36]maneuver [m 'nu:v ] ;n.慎重而纯熟的举措,策 略;[pl.]练习 vt.使想法变化地位,利用 vi.想法变化地位,用战略

[05:33.47]I maneuvered myself out of an embarrassing position. ;我小施战略,使本人 解脱窘境.

[05:36.63]manusCRIpt ['mnjuskript] ;n.手稿,原稿,稿本; 手写本

[05:37.86]Now in China,most writers,especially the young ones, ;如今中国大少数的作家, 尤其是年老作家

[05:40.97]can use computers to write their manuscripts. ;都能用电脑来写搞了.

[05:44.04]necessitate [ni'sesiteit] ;vt.使成为须要,需求

[05:45.36]The increase in population necessitates a greater food supply. ;生齿的添加需求更多的 事物供给.

[05:48.91]offset['fset] ;vt.赔偿,抵消

[05:49.95]He has to offset his small salary by living economically. ;他以节省的生存来抵消 其卑微的支出.

[05:53.34]perfection [p 'fek n] ;n.完满,美满

[05:54.34]The engineers in Honda Automobile Factory ;本田汽车厂的工程师们

[05:56.50]are working toward the perfection of a new design. ;正在高兴改良一项新的 设计使之完满.

[05:59.02]periodic [pi ri'dik] ;a.周期的,活期的, 时而发作的

[06:00.18]There is such an orchestra in the Caucasus. ;高加索的确有如许一个 乐团.

[06:02.46]All of the members are more than 100 years old. ;乐团的一切成员都在百 岁以上,

[06:04.94]They rehearse regularly and give periodic concerts. ;他们活期排演,活期开 音乐会.

[06:08.30]permissible [p 'misib l] ;a.可容许的,答应的

[06:09.38]The prison governor said ;牢狱长说

[06:10.77]what the prisoner requested was unfortunately not permissible. ;犯人的恳求不大能够得 到同意.

[06:14.18]recycle[ri:'saikl] ;vt.接纳应用(废物等)

[06:15.42]In Los Angeles alone, millions of pounds of paper are discarded or burned daily ;仅仅在洛杉矶,每天都有 数百万磅的纸张被扔下或 烧失,

[06:19.94]rather than saved for recycling. ;而不是留着再次应用.

[06:21.92]serial['si ri l] ;n.延续剧,连载故事 a.延续的,次序陈列的

[06:23.57]Jing Yong's Kongfu novels have appeared as serial novels in newspapers. ;金庸的武侠小说以连载小 说的方式呈现在报纸上.

[06:30.12]Lesson 39 ;第三十九课

[06:33.52]affiliate[ 'filieit] ;vt.使从属于 n.隶属机构,分公司

[06:34.50]The Radcliffe College is affiliated with Harvard University. ;Radcliffe 学院隶属于 哈佛大学.

[06:37.58]The Harvard faculty provides all instructions, ;哈释教师任一切课程,

[06:40.02]and Radcliffe graduates receive Harvard degrees. ;结业生获哈佛付与的 学位.

[06:43.20]aggravate['gr veit] ;vt.减轻,使好转; 激愤,使末路火

[06:44.56]The recent Israeli bombing to Palestine Headquarters ;近来以色列对巴基斯坦 总部的轰炸

[06:47.36]aggravated the tension in the Middle East. ;加剧了中东的告急形势.

[06:49.50]aggregate['grigeit] ;n.总数,总计 a.总计的,算计的 vt.总计达,积聚

[06:50.90]Unit sales for December amounted in the aggregate to 100,000. ;12月份的单元贩卖量总 数到达10万.

[06:54.79]blaze[bleiz] ;vi.着火;放光荣;迸发 n.火焰,猛火;绚烂

[06:55.91]If we put some paper on the fire,it will soon burst into a blaze. ;假如把纸放在火上,就会 立刻收回火焰.

[06:59.93]clarity['kliti] ;n.清晰,明白

[07:01.00]I'm greatly impressed by the clarity of the sea water in Hainan. ;海南明澈的海水给我留下 了深入的印象.

[07:04.36]clearance['kli r ns] ;n.净空;肃清;整理

[07:05.48]Generally speaking ;普通来说,

[07:07.05]in a modern apartment the clearance of the living room is becoming larger. ;古代公寓的客堂变得越 来越大.

[07:10.81]At the turn of seasons ;在时节瓜代的时分,

[07:12.43]there is usually a clearance sale of some goods in almost every store. ;各市肆通常都对某些商 品清仓大跌价.

[07:16.04]designate['dezigneit] ;vi.指派,委任;标出

[07:17.20]A special committee was designated by the UN ;结合国指派了一个特殊委 员会

[07:19.80]to mediate the conflict between Palestine and Israel. ;去调停巴基斯坦和以 色列的抵触.

[07:22.45]diagnose [奷ai g'n uz] ['dai gn uz] ;vt.诊断,判别

[07:23.65]Doctors have to rely on a CT (computerized tomography )machine ;大夫只要依赖CT(盘算机 化X线体层照相技能),

[07:25.85]to diagnose tumors inside the head. ;来确诊头部肿瘤.

[07:27.87]Through effective tests,students' reading difficulties can be diagnosed. ;经过无效的测试,先生 阅读上的困难可被查找 出来.

[07:31.86]embody[im'bdi] ;vt.表现;包括,包罗

[07:32.97]The new marriage law of country embodies some changed legal provisions. ;我国新的婚姻法有些条 文做了窜改.

[07:37.24]The article embodied all his opinions on the incident. ;

[07:40.72]embed[im'bed] ;vt.把钳入,扎牢

[07:41.84]Hegemonism has been embedded in the mind of some American politicians. ;霸权主义头脑已深深印入 某些美国政客的脑海.

[07:46.09]federation [奻ed rei n] ;n.结合会;联邦

[07:47.50]The United States is a federation of fifty individual states. ;美国事由50个州构成的 联邦.

[07:50.90]finite['fainait] ;a.无限的,限定的

[07:51.68]We must save energy because the natural resources of the earth are finite. ;我们必需浪费动力,因 为地球的天然资源是有 限的.

[07:55.86]hitherto ['hi 'tu:] ;ad.到现在为止;迄今

[07:57.70]The missing Chinese pilot,Wang Wei,has not been found hitherto. ;到现在为止失落的中国 飞行员王伟还没有找到.

[08:01.87]implicit[im'plisit] ;a.宛转的;无疑问的; 固有的

[08:03.20]The leader has implicit trust in his secretary. ;向导对本人的秘书相对 信托.

[08:06.01]inaugurate [i'n:gjureit] ;vt.开端; 为…举行就职仪式

[08:07.17]American presidents are always inaugurated on January 20th. ;美国总统总是在元月20日 宣誓就职的.

[08:10.81]incidence['insid ns] ;n.发作率

[08:12.06]It is reported that the incidence of illiteracy of China is noticeably decreasing. ;据报道,中国文盲率正在 明显降落.

[08:16.54]marginal['ma:din l] ;a.巨大的,不紧张的; 记在页边的

[08:17.78]Students should develop a habit of making marginal notes while reading. ;先生应养成阅读时在书的 页边上做条记的习气.

[08:21.34]nonetheless [n 'les] ;ad.虽然云云,仍然

[08:22.57]The main stream of the world's situation is peace; ;虽然天下情势的 主流是战争,

[08:25.43]nonetheless local conflicts never stop. ;但是地域抵触历来 就没有中止过.

[08:28.29]plausible ['pl:zib l] ;a.好像公道的; 好像能够的

[08:29.40]The American intervention in the Balkan affairs seems plausible, ;美国对巴尔做事务的干预 貌似有理,

[08:32.84]but it is a typical American hegemonic behavior. ;实在是典范的美国式霸 权主义行径.

[08:36.00]poke[p uk] ;vt.捅,戳;伸出 vi.伸出,突出; n.戳,捅

[08:36.74]Passengers are not allowed to poke their heads out of the windows ;搭客不要将头伸出窗外.

[08:39.59]when the bus is moving. ;大众汽车开动时,

[08:41.04]pore[p:] ;n.毛孔,细孔 vi.细心阅读,审视

[08:42.04]When signing a contract you should pore over every clause in case you are fooled ;签条约前应细心审读条约 的每一条款,以防万一上 当上当.

[08:46.18]referee[ef 'ri:] ;n.评判员;仲裁人 v.当裁判

[08:47.25]In a football match ;足球竞赛中,

[08:48.38]one referee and two linesmen shall be appointed to officiate in each game. ;每场竞赛任命一名裁判 员、两名巡边员实行裁 判义务.

[08:52.43]shaft[a:ft] ;n.柄,杆;轴;(光)束

[08:53.22]The shaft of an arrow is made of alloy material. ;箭杆是用合金资料制 作的.

[08:56.29]shepherd['ep d] ;n.牧羊人 vt.率领,引领

[08:57.40]The passengers were shepherded across the tarmac to the airliner ;游客们被引导走过跑道上 飞机.

[09:01.04]shuttle['tl] ;n.织机的梭子;航天飞机 vi.穿越般来回; vt.短程穿越活动

[09:02.07]With a modern transportation network between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, ;广州与深圳间建有古代化 交通网络,

[09:05.26]trains and buses and lorries shuttle passengers and goods across the two cities. ;火车、大巴和卡车穿越于 两市运送搭客和货品.

[09:09.57]thereafter [婠n r'a:ft ] ;ad.之后,当前

[09:10.77]In dialing a local call,the first three minutes will cost you 0.5 yuan; ;打市内德律风头三分钟 0.5元,

[09:15.03]thereafter,each minute will cost 0.1 yuan. ;当前每分钟为0.1元.

[09:18.85]thrill[ril] ;n.高兴,冲动 v.(使)十分快乐或冲动

[09:19.96]It's really a pity ;真是令人遗憾,

[09:22.25]that the Chinese football team has never thrilled the fans these years. ;中国足球队比年来从未让 球迷高兴过.

[09:24.64]update[p'deit] ;vt.更新,使古代化 n.最新信息

[09:25.55]We have to update the English textbooks, because they are too obsolete to students. ;我们必需更新英语课本, 由于它们太甚时了,不克不及 满意先生的要求.

[09:29.73]velocity[vi'lsiti] ;n.速率,速率

[09:30.86]A bullet goes from the gun with a velocity of 3000 feet a second. ;子弹以每秒3000英尺的 速率从枪里射出.

[09:34.79]wedge[wed] ;n.楔子,三角木 vt.用楔子抵住,挤进;? 楔入

[09:35.90]The people wedged me into the corner when the movie was over. ;影戏完毕时人们把我挤到 角落里.

[09:40.50]Lesson 40 ;第四十课

[09:42.65]alleviate[ 'li:vieit] ;vt.加重,紧张

[09:44.02]Chinese medical researchers have successfully developed a new medicine ;中国医学研讨职员已乐成 地研制出一种新药,

[09:47.59]to alleviate the cancer patients' suffering. ;来缓解癌症病人苦楚.

[09:49.95]bonus['b un s] ;n.奖金,盈余

[09:50.90]To some degree bonus is an effective way to motivate the workers. ;在某种水平下去说,奖金 是变更任务积极性的一种 无效办法.

[09:54.54]coherent [k u'hi r nt] ;a.层次清晰的,连接的; 分歧的

[09:55.58]We should try to be as coherent as possible whenever we speak or write in English. ;无论何时我们用英语说 话或写作时,都应该尽可 能地做到层次清晰.

[09:59.68]collaboration [k lb 'rei n] ;n.协作,协作;勾搭

[10:00.92]Football is a collective game. ;足球是个人项目.

[10:02.66]Members of a team have to work in close collaboration in order to win a match. ;要博得竞赛,队员就必需 严密共同.

[10:06.38]comet['kmit] ;n.彗星

[10:07.30]Newly discovered comets ;新发明的彗星

[10:08.75]are now named after the famous figures proposed by the discoverers. ;因此其发明者的所引荐的 名流的名字来定名的.

[10:12.18]differentiate [奷if 'renieit] ;vi.区分 vt.区别,使差别

[10:13.67]Men are differntiated from animals ;人与植物的区别

[10:15.65]in than men can communicate with each other by language. ;在于人可以用言语停止 外交.

[10:18.35]dilute[dai'lju:t] ;vt.浓缩,冲淡 a.浓缩的,冲淡的

[10:19.35]Water can dilute all kinds of chemical liquids. ;水可以浓缩种种液体 化合物.

[10:21.90]The nurse diluted the drug with saline water ;护士用生理盐水加以 浓缩.

[10:24.88]entail[in'teil] ;vt.使承当,需求

[10:26.01]The construction of the Three Gorges Project entails large migration. ;三峡工程建立需求大批 移民.

[10:30.06]Writing a history book entails a lot of work. ;写一本汗青书需求下很大 工夫.

[10:32.75]entity['entiti] ;n.实体,实践存在物

[10:33.91]The southern Cantonese culture is a separate cultural entity. ;岭南文明是一独自的文明 实体.

[10:37.11]flare[fl ] ;vi.(火焰)闪灼;突出 n.闪光信号,照明弹

[10:38.18]A signal flare is usually shot when troops make a sudden attack at night. ;队伍夜间发起忽然打击使 通常发射信号弹.

[10:42.08]gracious['grei s] ;a.密切的,平和的; 柔美的,俗气的 int.(表现诧异)天哪

[10:43.15]Queen Elizabeth II almost always appears in the public with a gracious smile. ;伊丽莎白二世女王在大众 场所呈现时总是面带平和 的愁容.

[10:47.41]hose[h uz] ;n.水龙头,软管 vt.用软管淋浇(或冲洗)

[10:48.25]For the sake of safety,all tall buildings must be equipped with hoses. ;为了平安起见,高层修建 必需装置消防水龙头.

[10:52.34]inclusive[in'klu:siv] ;a.包罗统统的;一切数量 包罗在内的

[10:53.59]The Chinese Football Team consists of 30 people, ;中国足球队共有30人 构成,

[10:56.20]inclusive of the doctors and the interpreter. ;包罗队医和翻译在内.

[10:58.59]incur[in'k :] ;vt.招致,蒙受,惹起

[10:59.91]The American bombing to the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia ;美国对中国驻南斯拉夫大 使馆的轰炸

[11:03.19]incurred strong condemnation from many countries. ;遭到很多国度的激烈 非难.

[11:06.88]lever['lev r] ;n.杆,杠杆;途径,手腕 vt. 撬动,撬起

[11:08.32]Democrats used popular opinion as a lever to get the Act through the Congress. ;民主党人用言论压力作为 杠杆促使该法案在国会获 得经过.

[11:12.59]medieval [妋edi'i:v l] ;a.中世纪的, 中古(期间)的

[11:13.75]Jeffery Chaucer was a medieval British poet, ;乔叟是中世纪英国墨客,

[11:16.81]considered by the British people as "the father of poetry". ;被英国人视为“诗歌之 父”.

[11:19.70]norm[n:m] ;n.规范,标准;原则

[11:20.79]The U.S. usually uses dual norms to judge the human rights in other countries. ;美国总是用双重规范来 评价别国的人权.

[11:25.13]optimum['ptim m] ;a.最适宜的,最优的, 最佳的 n.最适条件,最过度

[11:26.34]Scientists are now trying to find out whether ;迷信家正在高兴探测外层 空间能否

[11:28.45]there is optimum environment for life in the outer space. ;有合适生命生长的情况.

[11:31.22]portray[p:'trei] ;vt.形貌,描画;饰演

[11:32.22]Vicky Zhao portrayed a very ugly person in the film Shaolin Football. ;赵薇在影戏《少林足球》 中饰演一个奇丑无比的 人.

[11:35.70]posture['pst ] ;vi.装模作样 n.姿态,姿势; 见解,态度

[11:36.81]An arrogant person usually assumes a posture of superiority ;高傲的人通常摆出一副高 人一等的样子.

[11:39.84]remnant['remn nt] ;n.残留局部

[11:40.66]We must get rid of the remnants of the feudal thought. ;我们必需消弭封建头脑 的剩余.

[11:43.31]simulate['simjuleit] ;vt.模拟,模仿;冒充

[11:44.34]Simulated English tests may not always accurately ;英语模仿测验纷歧定总能 精确地

[11:46.84]reflect one's true proficiency and skills ;反应一团体的真实程度 和技艺.

[11:49.24]situated ['situeitid] ;a.位于…的,坐落在…的

[11:50.31]Wuhan City is situated in the center of China ;武汉市位于中国的中部.

[11:52.75]slack[slk] ;a.懒惰的;冷落的, 不活泼的 n.松懈局部;宽松的

[11:53.91]Those who are slack in their work will never have a chance to be successful. ;干活敷衍的人永久都不会 乐成.

[11:57.40]Don't slack off in your studies. ;不要旷费学业.

[11:59.38]slot[slt] ;n.狭缝;空地 vt.把…放入狭长启齿中

[12:00.37]If you want to draw money from the ATM, ;假如想从主动取款机里取 钱,

[12:02.20]just insert the magnets card into the slot and enter your pin number. ;只需将磁卡拔出,输 入你的暗码即可.

[12:05.80]tile[tail] ;n.瓦,瓷砖 vt.铺瓦,贴瓷砖

[12:06.75]A roof tile is made of baked clay. ;屋顶的瓦是用黏土烧制 而成的.

[12:08.94]We use titles to cover roofs and sometimes floors and walls. ;我们用瓦片盖房顶,偶然 也用瓷砖铺空中和墙面.

[12:12.26]toxic['tksik] ;a.有毒的,因中毒惹起的

[12:13.30]This medicine is toxic if taken in large quantities. ;这种药若服用过量是 有毒的.

[12:16.11]vent[vent] ;n.透风口;(衣服低部的) 开叉; vt.排放;表达,发泄 (情绪等)

[12:16.94]The news that the U.S. will cut down its financial aid to Korea has taken vent. ;美国将消减对韩国的经济 救济的音讯给泄漏了.

[12:21.32]whereby[w 'bai] ;ad.靠谁人,借以

[12:22.45]We need this system whereby a new plan may arise. ;我们需求这种能够借以产 生新方案的制度.

[12:26.67]Lesson 41 ;第四十一课

[12:28.86]analogy[ 'nl di] ;n.类比,比较,类推

[12:30.11]In physiology class ;在生理学课上

[12:31.63]the teacher drew an analogy between the human heart and the pump. ;教师打了个比如,将人的 心脏比作水泵.

[12:34.65]There is an analogy between the way water moves in waves and the way light travels. ;水流活动的方法与光的 传达方法有类似之处.

[12:39.13]analytic [ 'litik] ;a.剖析的,剖析法的

[12:40.41]Chinese is an analytic language which ;汉语是剖析型言语,

[12:42.40]depends on the invari- able roots and word order to indicate its grammatical relations. ;其语法干系取决于稳定的 词根和词序.

[12:47.95]bruise[bru:z] ;n.青肿;伤痕 vt.打青,波折

[12:48.70]It is strange that girls are much easier to bruise their skin than boys. ;很奇异,女孩子的皮肤 总是比男孩们更容易被 碰青肿.

[12:52.13]Soft fruit bruises easily. ;细嫩的水果容易碰损.

[12:54.40]commute[k 'mju:t] ;vi.搭车往复于两地 vt.减(刑);折合 n.上上班交通

[12:55.27]If you buy an apartment in the suburbs, ;假如在郊区买屋子的话,

[12:57.06]you'll have to commute by bus between your home and your office in the downtown. ;就要乘大众汽车上上班.

[13:00.82]competence ['kmpit ns] ;n.才能,胜任,称职

[13:01.82]Not everyone has the competence to learn a foreign language well. ;不是每团体都能学好一门 外语的.

[13:04.84]compartment [k m'pa:tm nt] ;n.(火车)卧铺车厢内 的隔间;分开的空间, 火车车厢

[13:05.92]Smoking is forbidden in the air-conditioned compartments. ;空调车厢内严禁吸烟.

[13:09.02]cynical['sinik l] ;a.愤世疾俗的, (对人体或动机) 疑心的

[13:10.06]With a cynical outlook the young people today are easy to go to extremes. ;抱有愤世疾俗的心态, 当今的年老人容易走 极度.

[13:13.90]directory [di'rekt ri] ;n.人名地点录, 德律风号码簿, 工商行名录

[13:14.81]You can find the telephone number and adress of any company in the directory. ;在德律风薄上可以找就任何 公司的德律风号码和地点.

[13:18.87]envisage[in'vizid] ;vt.想象,想象;重视, 面临(现实等)

[13:20.12]Nobody can envisage the consequences of a nuclear war. ;没有人能想象得出来核 和平带来的结果.

[13:23.11]erosion[i'r u n] ;n.腐化,磨损; 消弱,增加

[13:24.53]The sea has the important earth-shaping power, ;陆地有造地的力气,

[13:27.04]producing erosion through the action of waves and tides. ;经过海浪和潮汐的 的活动而发生腐蚀.

[13:30.23]foam[f um] ;n.泡沫;泡沫资料, vi.起泡沫,吐白沫

[13:31.09]The waves break into foams against the rocks. ;海浪在岩石上撞成了泡沫

[13:33.70]Foam rubber is soft rubber full of small air-bubbles. ;泡沫橡胶是充溢了 吝啬泡的软橡胶.

[13:36.81]graphic['grfik] ;a.笔墨的,图表的; 生动的,抽象的

[13:38.22]In Hemingway's novels there are graphic descriptions of battles. ;在海明威的小说中有 生动的和平局面的形貌.

[13:41.97]hover['hv ] ;vi.(鸟等)飞翔,回旋; 彷徨,停留在左近

[13:43.00]Some birds hover when they look for animals to kill on the ground. ;有些鸟在寻杀地上的 植物时,他们(在空中) 回旋.

[13:46.20]indicative [in'dik tiv] ;n.陈说语气 a.表现的,意味的; 陈说的

[13:47.29]Resumption of the talks ;重新开端会谈

[13:48.68]is indicative of an improving relationship between South Korea and North Korea. ;预示着南北朝鲜的 干系正在改进.

[13:52.66]Is a high forehead indicative of great mental power? ;前额高表现伶俐高吗?

[13:55.58]inertia [i'n : ] ;n.不运动,惰性;惯性

[13:56.65]Because of the inertia the train cannot stop instantly. ;由于惯性, 火车不克不及说停就停.

[13:59.79]inflict[in'flikt] ;vt.把强加于, 使蒙受,使承当

[14:00.66]The U.S. always inflicts its concept of human nature on other nations. ;美国总是把本人的 人权看法强加于别国.

[14:04.38]likelihood ['laiklihud] ;n.能够,能够性

[14:05.61]Probability is the mathematical study of the likelihood of an event's occurrence. ;概率是对一个事情发作 的能够性的数学研讨.

[14:09.75]migrant['maigr nt] ;n.移居者,移民; 留鸟,迁徙植物

[14:10.72]Swallows,white cranes and red-crowned cranes are migrants. ;燕子、白鹤和丹顶鹤 都是留鸟.

[14:14.31]Migrant workers move from city to city in search of work. ;活动工人为了寻觅任务 从一个都会移居到另一 个都会.

[14:17.62]notation [n u'tei n] ;n.暗号,标志法

[14:18.76]Binary notation is used in the computer language. ;盘算机言语运用二进制.

[14:21.95]orthodox [': dks] ; a.传统的,正统的, 正宗的

[14:23.29]The young generation today don't like orthodox teaching. ;当今的年老一代 不喜好正统的说教.

[14:26.31]predecessor ['pri:dises ] ; n.后任,长辈; (被代替的)原有事物, 前身

[14:27.37]My present car is much better than its predecessor. ;我如今的汽车比 原来的那辆好得多.

[14:30.51]The new building is much more spacious than its predecessor. ;这一新修建比 原先的更宽阔.

[14:34.15]premature [妏ri:m 'tu ] [妏rem 'tu ] , ;a.比预期(或正常) 工夫早的;匆促的, 不可熟的

[14:35.75]I had been a little too premature in coming to this conclusion. ;做出如许的结论, 我有点太轻率.

[14:39.02]renaissance [ri'neis ns] ;n.文艺再起, 文艺再起时期.

[14:40.40]Renaissance is the period of revival in history, ;文艺再起时期是汗青上 的一个再起时期,

[14:42.88]roughly the 14th through the 16th century, ;从约莫14世纪到16世纪,

[14:45.45]marking the transition from medieval to modern times. ;它标记着从中世纪到 古代时期的过渡.

[14:48.56]repertoire ['rep twa:] ; n.(剧团、演员等的) 全部节目;指令零碎

[14:49.70]That tune is not in my repertoire. ;我上演的节目中 没有这个曲子.

[14:51.83]solidarity [妔li'driti] ;n.勾结分歧

[14:53.18]The perennial conflict between national egoism and internation -al solidarity ;“国度利己主义和国际 结合之间的临时抵触

[14:57.56]becomes more and more visible?" ;变得越来越分明吗?” (艾萨克.多伊彻)

[14:59.77]solitary ['slit ri] ; a.独自的,单独的; 单个的,专一的; 孤单的

[15:00.89]This is a solidary instance. ;这是无独有偶的实例.

[15:02.84]The arch-criminal was kept in solidary confinement. ;那名正犯被独自开释.

[15:05.80]soluble['sljub l] ; a.可溶的;可处理的

[15:06.84]Salt is soluble in water very easily. ;盐在水中很容易溶解.

[15:09.36]suspension [s 'spen n] ;n.停息,中断; 悬挂;悬置机构

[15:10.63]The U.S. declared suspension of financial payment to the U.N. ;美国宣布停息向 结合国付款.

[15:14.65]synthesis['sinisis] ;n.综合;分解

[15:15.75]Humans need some sunlight ;人需求阳光

[15:17.04]for the synthesis of vitamin D which takes place in the skin. ;才干在皮肤里 分解维生素D.

[15:20.29]trademark['treidma:k] ; n.牌号,牌号; 特性,标志

[15:21.31]The shuffle and snicker become the comedian's trademark. ;搅和与暗笑成为谁人 戏剧演员的标记.

[15:24.07]transcend[trn'send] ;vt.凌驾,逾越(经历、 感性、信心等)的范畴

[15:25.17]Some people believe that no one can see the thing in itself, ;有人以为一团体永久 不行能看法事物自身 的实质,

[15:28.29]because the mind does not transcend phenomena. ;由于头脑无法逾越景象.

[15:30.89]She far transcends others in beauty and intelligence. ;她才貌出众.

[15:34.45]ventilate['ventileit] ;vt.使透风;把地下, 地下讨论.

[15:35.66]The lungs ventilate the blood. ;肺吸取新颖氛围 使血液污染.

[15:37.31]A sea breeze ventilated the rooms. ;一阵海风使房间的 氛围更清爽.

[15:41.08]Lesson 42 ;第四十二课

[15:43.50]anonymous [ 'nnim s] ;a.无名的,匿名的; 无特征的

[15:44.70]Who wrote the letter? I don't konw.It was an anonymous letter. ;这封信是谁写的? 我不晓得. 这是一封匿名信.

[15:48.40]apparatus [妏 'reit s] [妏 'rt s] ;n.东西,用具,仪器

[15:49.54]An automobile is a complicated apparatus. ;汽车是台庞大的呆板.

[15:52.54]buck[bk] ;n.(一)美元,奥元;雄鹿 vi.(马等)蓦地弓背跃起

[15:53.65]The plane bucked a strong head wind. ;飞机顶着激烈的 顺风飞行.

[15:56.56]complication [mpli'kei n] ;n.并发症

[15:58.11]Complications set in, and the patient died. ;病人因呈现并发症而去世 亡.

[16:00.92]composite [k m'pzit, 'kmp zit] ;a.混淆成的,综分解的 n.分解物,复合资料

[16:01.90]The police artist made a composite of the murderer. ;警员局的拼图师拼出了 一幅行刺罪犯的图片.

[16:04.94]English is a composite of many languages. ;英语是多种言语 混淆而成的.

[16:07.34]compute [k m'pju:t] ;v.盘算,预算

[16:08.27]I compute my losses at 500 dollars. ;我估量我的丧失有500 元.

[16:10.72]disastrous [di'za:str s] ;a.劫难的,形成灾祸的; 极坏的,很糟的

[16:11.78]The result of the flood in 1998 in China was disastrous. ;1998 年中国水患的 结果是劫难性的.

[16:15.68]Carelessness in driving often results in disastrous accidents. ;开车时粗枝大叶常形成 严峻变乱.

[16:19.47]disclose [dis'kl uz] ;vt.揭破,泄漏,泄漏

[16:20.60]Most movie stars are not willing to disclose their true age. ;大少数影戏明星不肯透 露其真实年事.

[16:23.73]ethnic['enik] ;a.种族的

[16:24.57]Ethnic discrimination still exists in the U.S. ;种族鄙视在美国 依然存在.

[16:28.29]evacuate [i'vkjueit] ;vt.转移,撤离,疏散

[16:29.50]The village was evacuated because of the danger of a flood. ;由于大水的要挟, 村里人都已撤走了.

[16:32.50]Fear will evacuate a man's minds of reason and courage. ;恐惊会使人得到明智 和勇气.

[16:35.77]evaporate [i'vp reit] ;vi.蒸发;消逝, 不复存在的 vt.使蒸发,使挥发

[16:36.81]The sun will evaporate the mist. ;太阳会蒸发雾气.

[16:38.59]The pool of water on the playground evaporated in the sun. ;操场上的积水在阳光 下蒸发了.

[16:41.86]foil[fil] ;n.金箔,金属薄片;衬托 vt.波折,使受波折

[16:42.86]The police foiled the murderer's attempt to escape. ;警员使这个杀人犯逃跑 的希图成为泡影.

[16:45.90]The enemy's attack on the liberated area was foiled. ;朋友向束缚区的 防御被制止了.

[16:48.99]grope[gr up] ;vt.探索 vi.黑暗摸,探索;探究

[16:49.59]We are groping after the mystery of the universe. ;我们在探究宇宙的微妙.

[16:51.84]The Japanese spies grope about for commercial information ;日本特务四处搜集 贸易谍报.

[16:55.50]humidity [hju:'miditi] ;n.湿度,湿润,湿气

[16:56.63]Humidity caused me another fit of rheumatism. ;湿气使我的风湿病又 发作了.

[16:59.02]inhabit[in'hbit] ;vt.寓居于,栖息于

[17:00.00]The Sahara desert is a district sparsely inhabited. ;撒哈拉戈壁是团体烟稀 少的地域.

[17:03.42]It is easy for a man to embark on the road of degeneration and crime ;他是很容易走上蜕化、 立功路途的

[17:07.17]when greed inhabits his mind. ;当贪心的头脑占据了 人的心灵时.

[17:09.09]inhibit [in'hibit] ;vt.制止,阻碍,克制

[17:10.02]Penicillin can inhibit the spread of the bacteria and inflammation. ;青霉素可以克制细菌 和炎症的分散.

[17:13.44]innovation [n 'vei n] ;n.改造,创新; 新办法,新颖的事物.

[17:14.47]The innovation of air travel during the twentieth century ;20世纪创造的空中飞行

[17:17.11]has made the world seem smaller. ;好像使天下变小了.

[17:18.79]literacy ['lit r si] ;n.读写才能,识字, 有文明

[17:19.72]The literacy campaign started from the 50s of the last century in China. ;中国扫盲活动始于上 世纪50年月.

[17:23.52]militant ['milit nt] ; a.保守的,好斗的 n.保守分子,斗士

[17:24.60]The militant Palestinian guerrillas often attack the Israeli soldiers. ;保守的巴勒斯坦游击队 常常打击以色列兵士.

[17:28.68]minimal ['minim l] ;a.最小的,最低限制的

[17:29.65]Fortunately,the storm only did minimal damage to the crops. ;幸亏,狂风雨对农作物 只形成很小的丧失.

[17:33.13]notwithstanding [twi'stndi] ;ad./conj.虽然, 不论,照旧

[17:34.63]Many people told me not to try,but I went ahead notwithstanding. ;许多人都劝我不要实验, 我照旧决定去做了.

[17:38.65]I went swimming yesterday ;昨天我去游泳了,

[17:40.02]notwithstanding (that) my mother told me not to. ;固然妈妈通知我不要去.

[17:42.91]proceedings [pr 'si:diz] ;n.(集会的)议程,进程; 诉讼顺序;公报

[17:44.22]The manager opened today's proceedings in several short sentences. ;司理用冗长的几句话 开端了明天的集会.

[17:47.65]reside [ri'zaid] ;vi.寓居,定居; 存在,在于

[17:48.81]The real power resides in the people. ;真正的权利属于人民.

[17:50.93]residential [ezi'den l] ;a.住宅的;合适寓居的

[17:51.95]The residential space in the metropolitan cities is becoming smaller and smaller, ;如今多数市里的住宅 空间比曩昔越来越小,

[17:56.09]but it is more and more expensive than ever before. ;而价钱则越来越贵.

[17:58.93]sparkle ['spa:k l] ;vi.发光,闪灼; 活泼,(本领等)抖擞 n.发光,闪灼;活泼;生机, 生机

[18:00.30]Drops of water sparking in the sun. ;水点在阳光下闪闪发光.

[18:02.50]Her diamonds sparking in the bright light. ;她的钻石在光亮下 闪闪发光.

[18:04.84]Her eyes sparkled with excitement. ;她的眼睛由于高兴而 发亮.

[18:07.05]specialty ['spe lti] ;n.特产,名产,特征菜; 专业,特长

[18:08.60]His specialty is biology;mine is physiology. ;他的专业是生物学, 我的专业是生理学.

[18:11.68]Hami melon (a variety of muskmelon) is a specialty in Xinjiang. ;哈蜜瓜是新疆的特产.

[18:15.06]spectrum ['spektr m] ;n.谱,光谱,频谱; 范畴,幅度

[18:16.15]Now computers are widely used in the whole spectrum of industry. ;如今盘算机已在产业上 普遍使用.

[18:19.73]spiral ['spai r l] ;n.螺旋式的上升(或降落) vi.(物价等)不时急剧地 上升(降落)

[18:20.62]The smoke spiral(l)ed up. ;那股烟袅袅的上升.

[18:22.23]transient ['trnsi nt] ;a.长久的;暂时的,暂住的

[18:23.19]Life is transient. ;人生如朝露(很长久),

[18:24.48]whirl [w :l] ;vi.急转,旋转;发晕 n.急转,旋转;杂乱, 纷至沓来的运动

[18:25.48]The wind whirled the leaves into the air. ;风不树叶刮到了空中.

[18:27.38]The earth whirls on its axis. ;地球绕轴自转.

[18:30.61]Lesson 43 ;第四十三课

[18:33.27]appraisal [ 'preiz l] ;n.估量,估计,评价

[18:34.36]The members of the IOC made an objective appraisal of Beijing. ;国际奥林匹克委员会成员 对北京做出了客观的评 价.

[18:38.68]arch [a:t] ;n.拱门,拱型(构造) v.(使)成拱型 a.淘气的,调皮的

[18:39.68]The cat arches its back when it sees the dog. ;猫看到狗, 就会把背拱起.

[18:42.34]A bright rainbow arched above after the rain. ;雨后彩虹在天上构成 弓状.

[18:45.34]arena [ 'ri:n ] ;n.竞技场,扮演场合; 运动场合

[18:46.34]The world is as an arena of moral conflict. ;天下像一个道义抵触的 竞争场合.

[18:49.09]bureaucracy [bju'rkr si] ;n.权要,权要作风; 权要机构

[18:50.43]We must fight against the bureaucracy in order to improve governmental work. ;为了进步当局部分的 任务服从,我们必需 与权要作风作妥协.

[18:54.43]confer [k n'f :] ;v.协商,交流意见 vt.付与(称呼、学位等) 赠与,把…赠与,协议

[18:55.56]The engineers and technicians ;工程师和技能员们

[18:57.00]are still conferring on the unexpected accident of the fire damp explosion. ;还在讨论这次瓦斯爆炸 的以外变乱.

[19:01.17]consecutive [k n'sekjutiv] ; a.延续的;连接的; 次序的

[19:02.08]I am extremely busy every week on three consecutive days, ;我每星期延续三天 都十分忙,

[19:05.42]Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. ;是在星期一、星期二、 星期三.

[19:07.84]consensus [k n'sens s] ;n.分歧赞同, 少数人的意见,言论

[19:09.59]The voters' consensus was that the capital penalty should not be abolished. ;大少数选民的意见是 不该该废弃极刑.

[19:14.25]What is the consensus of opinion at the afternoon meeting? ;下战书集会上分歧的 意见是什么?

[19:17.84]consequent ['knsikw nt] ;a.作为后果的, 随之发作的

[19:19.00]His long illness and consequent absence put him far behind in his work. ;他因病出席好久, 耽搁了许多课程.

[19:23.25]contend [k n'tend] ;v.妥协,竞争,主张; 争辩;宣称

[19:24.17]The defense contended that the evidence was inadmissible. ;被警方宣称证据是 不行承受的.

[19:27.57]discrepancy [di'skrep nsi] ;n.差别,纷歧致; 抵牾,偏向,偏差

[19:28.90]There was a discrepan- cy in the two reports of the loss of the earthquake in India. ;关于印度这次地动的损 失,两份陈诉纷歧致.

[19:33.36]discrete [di'skri:t] ;a.别离的,分立的, 无联络的

[19:34.61]The picture consisted of a lot of discrete spots of color. ;这幅由很多零星的色 点构成.

[19:38.70]disrupt [dis'rpt] ; vt.使中缀,搅扰

[19:39.61]An accident of the collision of a truck with a train ;一辆卡车与一列火车 相撞的变乱

[19:42.70]has disrupted railroad services into and out of Paris. ;中缀了收支巴黎市的 铁路交通.

[19:46.77]Protesters in Poland disrupted Clinton's speech. ;波兰的抗议者搅扰了 克林顿的演说.

[19:50.18]exceptional [ik'sep n l] ;a.破例的,特别的, 良好的,出色的

[19:51.43]Mozart showed exceptional musical talent when he was only 3 years old. ;莫扎特3岁就体现出 特殊的音乐才干.

[19:55.61]execution [奺ksi'kju: n] ;n.实行;实验;实行遗言; 处决,正法

[19:56.86]Executions used to be held in public. ;极刑过来经常当众实行.

[19:59.52]forthcoming [f'kmi] ;a.行将到来的;预备好的; 高兴协助的;和睦的

[20:00.51]When she was asked why she was absent for the party,no answer was forthcoming. ;当问到她为什么没来参与 晚会,她不作任何答复.

[20:05.09]We asked several villagers the way to the mine,and they are very forthcoming. ;我们向好几个村民讯问 通往矿山的路,他们都 很高兴协助.

[20:09.85]fracture ['frkt ] ;v.(使)决裂;(使)断裂 n.骨折,波折

[20:11.02]A fracture in any part of the body can be very serious in elderly people. ;老年人身材的任何部位 发作骨折都有能够成为 严峻疾患.

[20:14.93]hysterical [hi'sterik l] ;a.歇斯底里的, 非常高兴的

[20:16.26]On hearing the news that he was elected senator,he was in hysterical laughter. ;一听到他中选商讨员 的音讯,他一阵狂笑.

[20:20.85]insane [in'sein] ;a.毫无见地的, 患神经病的;猖獗的

[20:21.84]You must be insane to drive your car so fast ;你把车开得那么快, 肯定是疯了.

[20:24.76]instrumental [nstru'ment l] ;a 有协助的;有作用的; 仪器的,东西的, 乐器的

[20:25.76]Technical innovation is instrumental in improving the quality products. ;技能改造有助于进步 产物的质量.

[20:29.59]Encouragement is more instrumental for the development of children than blame. ;鼓舞比指摘对孩子的 生长更有协助.

[20:33.91]insulate ['ins let] ;vt.使绝热;使绝缘; 断绝;使伶仃

[20:35.16]The royal family is insulated from many of the difficulties faced by ordinary people. ;王室职员都毋须应付 布衣所面对的很多困难.

[20:39.66]Many houses in the north are warm in winter ;南方的很多屋子在 冬天很温暖,

[20:41.92]because they are insulated so that the heat is not lost. ;由于它们都作了隔热 处置,使热量不致流失.

[20:44.75]locality [l u'kliti] ;n.地域,所在,现场

[20:45.91]Localities,even individual villages developed their own languages. ;很多地域,乃至各村落 都有他们本人的言语.

[20:49.90]module ['mdju:l] ;n.模块,组件; (宇宙飞船上独立的)舱

[20:50.83]It is very fast to use computation module to process files. ;应用盘算模块来处置文挡 速率很快.

[20:54.90]numerical [nju:'merik l] ;a.数字的,用数表现的, 数值的

[20:55.83]We do not have any numerical information about casualties of the earthquake. ;我们还没有有关地动 伤亡人数方面的陈诉.

[20:59.58]prone [pr un] ;a.易于…的; 偏向于…的;俯卧的

[21:00.58]Children of poor health are very prone to colds in winter. ;体弱的孩子在 冬天易患伤风.

[21:03.70]propagate ['prp geit] ;vi.繁衍;增殖 vt.繁衍,增殖; 传达,宣传

[21:04.69]Most plants propagate by seed. ;大局部动物用种子繁衍.

[21:06.69]Water easily propagates sound. ;水容易传导声响.

[21:08.94]resultant [ri'zlt nt] ;a.作为后果发作的, 分解的

[21:10.10]Her rudeness and resultant criticism from her parents made her ashamed. ;她没有没有规矩后果 被怙恃批判,这使她 很惭愧.

[21:14.10]retention [ri'ten n] ;n.保存,坚持

[21:15.02]The retention of old technology has slowed the company's growth. ;延用旧技能障碍了 该公司的开展.

[21:18.52]retrospect ['retr uspekt] ;n.回忆,追念; 怀旧,追想

[21:19.69]The retrospect that the Chinese football team ;追念起中国女子足球

[21:21.84]has been repeatedly defeated in the important matches was depressing. ;在严重竞赛中百战百胜 真是令人懊丧.

[21:25.80]spouse [spauz] ;n.夫妇(指夫或妻)

[21:26.80]You may choose to pay income tax jointly or separately from your spouse. ;你可以选择与夫妇一同 或离开交纳所得税.

[21:30.37]sponge [spnd] ;n.海绵,海面体 vt.用湿布或海绵擦拭

[21:31.38]Young people should not sponge of their parents. ;年老人应该不依赖怙恃.

[21:34.06]stabilize ['steibilaiz] ;v.(使)波动,使稳定

[21:35.06]The primary task of the police is to stabilize the social order. ;警员的主要义务是 波动社会次序.

[21:38.38]stereotype ['steri utaip] ;n.八股,老套 vt.套用老套, 使原封不动

[21:39.72]Regional stereotypes ;地域性旧习

[21:40.97]have been part of America since its founding Westerners are trendy, ;自从美国开国以来就 成为它的一局部.

[21:44.63]Midwesterners are dull Northeasterners are brainy,and Southerners are lazy. ;西部人时兴,中西部人 木讷,西南部人机警, 北方人懒散.

[21:49.47]It's wrong to stereotype people, as if they were all alike. ;把人们看作都是一样的, 这是错误的.

[21:52.72]traverse ['trv s] ;vt.横过,穿过,颠末

[21:54.13]The Beijing-Guangzhou Railway traverses almost half of China. ;京广铁路简直穿越 泰半其中国.

[21:57.63]I have to intention to traverse that ground in my present lecture. ;在这次演讲中我不计划 细致讨论这一点.

[22:01.71]triple ['trip l] ;a.三倍的,三局部的 vt.使成三倍

[22:03.13]The manager tripled his income. ;司理使他的支出添加两倍 (增至三倍).

[22:05.13]verbal ['v :b l] ;a.行动的,言语的; 用词的;动词的

[22:05.96]Verbal communication is primary in our social interaction. ;行动外交是我们交际 中最次要的外交方法.

[22:10.46]Lesson 44 ;第四十四课

[22:13.00]artery ['a:t ri] ;n.动脉,要道

[22:14.07]The railway system is regarded as the artery of our country. ;铁路零碎被视为 我国的大动脉.

[22:17.98]ascertain [妔 'tein] ;vt.弄清,查明;确定

[22:18.98]Biologists have ascertained that ;生物学家曾经确定

[22:20.72]specialized cells convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. ;有专门的细胞把化学能 变化成机器能.

[22:24.53]aspiration [妔p 'rei n] ;n.热望,盼望;志向

[22:25.78]Young Edison had a strong aspiration to be an inventor. ;年幼的爱迪生就盼望 成为一名创造家.

[22:29.70]contention [k n'ten n] ;n.(争辩的)论点, 争论,争辩

[22:31.20]Clumbus's contention that the earth was round turned out to be correct. ;现实证明哥伦布以为 地球是圆的这论点是 对的.

[22:34.77]The study of English requires effort and contention of mind. ;学习英语需求勤劳和 肉体上的毅力.

[22:38.02]continuity [nti'njuiti] ;n.延续性,连接性

[22:39.27]There is no continuity of subject in a dictionary. ;辞书里没有一个 连接的主题.

[22:42.18]conversion [k n'v : n] ;n.变化,变更,改动信奉, (宗)转意归主

[22:43.36]Information conversions can now be done in computers. ;如今信息转换可在 电脑中停止.

[22:46.59]cooperative [k u'p r tiv] ;a.协作的;情愿协作的; 协力的 n.协作社;协作市肆

[22:47.59]The rural credit cooprative is a financial organization ;农业信誉协作社是 金融机构.

[22:51.18]corporate ['k:p r t] ;a.集团的;法人构造的, 配合的;全体的

[22:52.02]The Chinese-tennis team made a corporate effort to win countess championships. ;中国乒乓球队经过个人 的通力合作博得了有数 次冠军.

[22:56.02]dock [dk] ;n.船埠,船厂 vt.消减(薪金,供给,津 贴等),褫夺; 扣去…的应得人为

[22:57.01]Every month $5 is docked from our salaries for housing -repairing payment. ;每个月我们的人为中扣 5美元用于修房.

[23:01.10]exempt [ig'zempt] ;vt.免去,宽免 a.被宽免的,被免去的

[23:02.09]He is exempt from military service because of his bad sight. ;他由于目力欠好而 免服兵役.

[23:05.26]His identity of a foreign official ;他的本国官员身份

[23:07.25]exempted him from the customs duties for these basic necessities. ;使他免缴这些根本 必须品的关税.

[23:10.63]exotic [ig'ztik] ;a.异国情调的, 外来的,奇特的

[23:11.80]We saw many exotic flowers and plants which we had never seen before ;我们看到很多从未见过 的外洋花草和动物

[23:14.90]at the Kunming International Fair. ;在昆明世博会上.

[23:16.54]frantic ['frntik] ;a.发疯的;狂欢的

[23:17.54]There was a frantic rush ;呈现了一片猖獗的忙乱

[23:18.87]to get everything ready for the unexpected inspection from the superiors. ;为了预备欢迎下级 的忽然反省.

[23:22.71]fringe [frind] ;n.额前刘海;边沿,界限 a.边沿的;核心的; a.主要的;附加的 vt.成为…的边沿

[23:23.64]It was easier to move about on the fringe of the crowd. ;在人群核心挪动比拟容易

[23:26.95]interim ['int rim] ;n.过渡时期;两头时期 a.临时的;暂时的

[23:27.87]The full report isn't ready yet,but you can see the interim report ;正式陈诉尚未写好, 但你可以先看看这 份暂时陈诉.

[23:31.62]intermittent [nt 'mit nt] ;a.间歇的,断断续续的

[23:33.20]Sometimes there are intermittent thunderstorms all day in summer. ;炎天偶然整天有 断断续续的狂风雨.

[23:36.86]intersection [nt 'sek n] ;n.十字路口,穿插点

[23:38.20]In Guangzhou City there are many intersections on the roads and streets. ;广州市街道的穿插点 许多.

[23:41.54]lubricate ['lu:brikeit] ;vt.使光滑,加光滑油

[23:42.61]You should lubricate the moving parts of your car every 5000 kilometers. ;你应该每5000公里给 你的车的运动部位件 上油.

[23:46.45]monetary ['mnit ri] ;a.钱币的;款项的; 金融的;财务的

[23:47.52]The monetary system of certain countries used to be based on gold. ;某些国度的钱币制度 过来不断是金本位的.

[23:51.02]nurture ['n :t ] vt./n.养育,培养,滋养 ;

[23:51.86]Nurture your mind with good reading. ;以良好读物来熏陶你的 心智.

[23:54.11]As a teacher,we must murture students' talents. ;作为教员,我们必需 培育先生的才干.

[23:56.93]proposition [妏rp 'zi n] ;n.主张,发起;陈说;命题

[23:58.36]Pythagorean proposition is a geometry term. ;勾股定理是一个 多少术语.

[24:01.51]prospective [pr 'spektiv] ;a.将来的;渴望中的; 预期的

[24:02.94]They want to sell their house and already have a prospective buyer. ;他们想卖房,而且曾经 有了一位意向性的卖主.

[24:06.01]rig [rig] ;n.船具;配备 vt.用诈骗手腕利用控制; vt.(为到达预期的目标 而)假公济私,事前决议

[24:07.11]People doubled whether the presidential election in Florida had been rigged. ;人们疑心佛罗里达州的 总统推举有作弊举动.

[24:10.47]ritual ['ritu l] ;n.仪式,(宗教)典礼; 例行习气 a.典礼的,仪式的; 通常的,习气的

[24:11.47]Our society has many rituals of greeting, farewell,and celebration. ;我们的社会有很多关于 招呼、辞别和庆贺的仪 式.

[24:15.64]stern [st :n] ;a.严峻的,严厉的 n.船尾

[24:16.71]A father is usually much sterner with his children than a mother is. ;父亲普通比母亲对孩子 要严峻得多.

[24:20.80]stimulus ['stimjul s] ;n.安慰物,促进要素; 鼓舞

[24:22.13]Light is a stimulus to growth in plants. ;光是动物生长的促进要素

[24:24.63]strand [strnd] ;vi.停顿 vt.使停顿,使落伍 n.绳,线之一股;

[24:25.63]If you were stranded in a strange town without money or friends, ;假如你困在一个生疏的 都会,既没有钱,又没 有冤家,

[24:28.71]what would you do? ;你会怎样办?

[24:29.71]stray [strei] ;vi.迷路;切题;想到别处 a.迷了路的,离了群的; 不测的;寥落的 n.迷失的牲畜

[24:30.87]Don't stray from the point. ;不要切题乱扯.

[24:32.09]The streets were empty except for a few stray taxis. ;除了偶尔可以看到的 几辆出租车外,街上 没有人迹.

[24:35.41]tuck [tk] ;vt.打摺,卷起,塞, 使隐蔽 vi.(衣服等的)摺,裥

[24:36.41]A bird usually tucks its head under its wing when it sleeps. ;鸟在苏息时通常把头缩 进党羽下.

[24:39.84]tuition [tju:'i n] ;n.学费;教导;讲授;教学

[24:40.84]The tuition of higher education in the USA is much higher than that in China. ;美国高校的学费比 中国要高很多.

[24:44.91]upgrade ['pgreid] ;vt.使晋级,提拔, 改进种类 n.上坡;晋级,上升

[24:46.16]Israel makes every means to upgrade its military defenses. ;以色列想方设法地提拔 其军事防务程度.

[24:50.00]visualize ['viu laiz, 'vizju laiz] ;vt.抽象,抽象化,想象

[24:51.00]When you read novels, do you visualize the scene As It Is described? ;你读小说时能否想象 所描画的场景呢?

[24:56.08]Lesson 45 ;第四十五课

[24:59.08]assimilate [ 'simileit] ;vt.吸取,消化;使异化 vi.使异化,使吸取

[25:00.33]The U.S. has assimilated people from many European countries. ;美国异化了很多来自 欧洲国度的移民.

[25:03.57]We assimilate some kinds of food more easily than others. ;我们对某些品种的事物 比另外事物更容易吸取.

[25:06.73]authoritative [:'rit tiv] ;a.有威望的,可信的; 下令的,专断强迫的

[25:08.15]That the moon moves around the earth ;玉轮围绕地球运转,

[25:09.94]and the earth arounds the sun is an authoritative opinion. ;地球围绕太阳运转是 威望的观念.

[25:13.10]authorize [': raiz] ;vt.受权;同意

[25:14.60]I am authorized to act for the manager. ;我受委托代表司理行事.

[25:16.94]bypass ['baipa:s] ;n.旁路;大道;分流术; 旁通管 vt.绕过,绕…走; 越过,置…于掉臂

[25:17.93]Let's bypass the town. ;我们绕过这座小镇子吧!

[25:19.56]correlate ['kr leit] ;vt.使互相联系关系 vi.(~to,~with) 相干,联系关系

[25:20.39]We should correlate theory with practice. ;我们必需把实际与 理论联络起来.

[25:22.64]The diameter and the circumference of a circle correlate. ;圆的直径和圆周率有 互相干系.

[25:25.89]corrode [k 'r ud] ;vi.使腐化,腐蚀,腐化

[25:26.89]Acid causes metal to corrode. ;酸会腐化金属.

[25:29.05]Iron corrodes easily. ;铁易生锈.

[25:30.72]corrupt [k 'rpt] ;a.糜烂的,蜕化的 vt.腐化,使糜烂

[25:31.55]The businessman was sent to prison for try -ing to corrupt a tax official with money. ;谁人贩子因希图向税务 官员受贿而被判入狱.

[25:35.63]counterpart ['kaunt pa:t] ;n.与对方位置相称的人, 与另一方面作用相称 的物.

[25:36.63]Night is the counterpart of day. ;黑夜与白昼相反相成.

[25:38.47]The secretary of state is the counterpart of the foreign minister. ;国务卿相称于内政部长.

[25:41.88]drawback ['dr:bk] ;n.缺陷;倒霉条件;缺陷

[25:43.13]In spite of all its drawbacks,CET Band 4 and CET Band 6 ;虽然有如许或那样的 缺陷,但是大学英语 四级、六级测验

[25:47.47]greatly promote English teaching in colleges and universities. ;照旧极大地促进了 大学的英语讲授.

[25:50.97]dual ['dju: l] ;a.双的,二重的

[25:51.79]A Buick is a car with dual exhaust pipes. ;别克轿车是有 双排气管的汽车.

[25:54.47]dub [db] ;vt.起外号;付与…以称 号;为(影片)配音, 译制(影片)

[25:55.38]Wang Wei was dubbed revolutionary martyr. ;王伟被付与 反动义士称呼.

[25:57.79]I don't like English films dubbed in Chinese. ;我不喜好用中文配了音 的英语影戏.

[26:00.55]expertise [奺ksp 'ti:z] ;n.专门技艺;专门知识

[26:01.71]Modern college students must acquire technical expertise to survive in society. ;今世大先生要想在社会 上驻足就必需有技能专 长.

[26:06.28]exquisite ['ekskwizit] ;a.风雅的,精巧的; 猛烈的,非常的; 敏锐的,有高度观赏力的

[26:07.38]A cancer patient usually suffers exquisite pain. ;癌症病人通常蒙受 猛烈痛苦悲伤的折磨.

[26:10.78]He has exquisite tastes and manners. ;他有崇高的情味和活动.

[26:13.28]fury ['fju ri] ;n.狂怒,暴怒; 狞恶,剧烈

[26:14.28]He flew into a fury when I said I couldn't help him. ;当我说不克不及协助他时, 他立即大发雷霆.

[26:17.29]At last the fury of the storm lessened. ;风暴的剧烈水平 终于低落了.

[26:19.79]fusion ['fju: n] ;n.兼并,结合;何聚变

[26:20.87]This series of symphony is a fusion of several different styles of music. ;这一组交响乐是糅合几种 差别作风的乐曲而成的.

[26:24.45]This alloy is formed by the fusion of two types of metal. ;这种合金是用两种金属 熔和而成的.

[26:27.70]inventory ['inv nt:ri] ;n.细致目次,存货清单 vt.开清单;盘点存货

[26:28.78]Some stores inventory their stock once a month. ;有些市肆每月盘货一次.

[26:31.45]invert [in'v :t] ;vt.使倒转,使颠倒, 使转化

[26:32.45]The magician inverted the bag to show it was empty. ;把戏师把袋子由里向 外翻,标明外面是空的.

[26:35.61]Inflation inverts all the old canons of economics. ;通货收缩把原有的经济 原则通通颠倒过去.

[26:39.02]irony ['ai r ni] ;n.反话,挖苦, 挖苦之事

[26:40.36]He is too slow to understand the irony of his opponent. ;他反响太愚钝,竟然没 有听出敌手的挖苦讥诮 之意.

[26:43.11]luminous ['lu:min s] ;a.发光的,亮堂的

[26:44.11]It is said that there was a luminous UFO flying over New York City. ;有人说已经有一个发光 的不明飞行物飞越纽约 市上空.

[26:47.93]mourn [m:n] ;vt.悲悼; (对…)感触酸心 (或遗憾)

[26:48.68]The whole nation mourned the death of the much-loved leader. ;举国上下悲悼这位 亲爱的向导人.

[26:51.59]proximity [prk'simiti] ;n.靠近,临近, 左近,邻近

[26:52.68]Swift's major writings ;斯威夫特的次要作品

[26:53.93]have a proximity and a relevance that is splendidly invigorating. ;具有令人十分冲动的 密切感和理想意义.

[26:57.59]quench [kwent] ;vt.熄灭;毁灭; 克制(愿望)

[26:58.68]The disapproval of my colleagues quenched my enthusiasm for the plan. ;同事们的支持削弱了我 对这项方案的热情.

[27:03.00]rot [rt] ;v.(使)腐朽,(使)糜烂 n.腐朽,糜烂

[27:03.75]The ripe fruit began to rot when no one came to pick it. ;没有人来摘这些成熟 的水果,它们曾经开 始烂了.

[27:06.76]rotary ['r ut ri] ;a.旋转的,转动的

[27:07.76]Some large stores have rotary doors. ;有些大阛阓的大门是 旋转的.

[27:10.01]rupture ['rpt ] ;n.决裂,裂开; 隔绝(干系等) v.使决裂

[27:11.18]Iran ruptured its diplomatic relations with Iraq. ;伊朗隔绝了与伊拉克 的内政干系.

[27:14.34]streamline ['stri:mlain] ;vt.使成流线型; 使(企业、构造等) 简化并更无效率

[27:15.59]Now cars are streamlined for speed and beauty. ;为了进步速率、加强美 观,如今小轿车均接纳 流线型设计.

[27:17.92]stumble ['stmb l] ;vi.绊倒,踉跄; 结巴地语言

[27:18.92]I stumbled over a stone and fell. ;我在石头上绊了一下, 跌倒了.

[27:21.34]sue [su:,sju:] ;vi.控诉,向…恳求,示威 vt.控诉,告状

[27:22.17]The Palestinians sued for peace. ;巴勒斯坦人祈求战争.

[27:24.34]suffice [s 'fais] ;vt./vi.充足,有才能

[27:25.59]One glass of beer should suffice me. ;一杯啤酒就够我喝了.

[27:27.59]No words will suffice to convey my grief. ;没有言语可以表达 我的伤心.

[27:30.42]tumble ['tmb l] ;n.跌倒;跌倒 vi.跌倒,滚翻; (价钱等)暴涨

[27:31.57]Owning to the Asian financial crisis the stock prices tumbled in the world. ;由于亚洲金融危急 环球股价暴涨.

[27:35.65]When a baby is just learning to walk,he will often tumble over. ;幼儿刚学走路时 会常常跌倒.

[27:39.25]turnover ['t :n uv ] ;n.业务额,贩卖量; 职员调解;职员更新.

[27:40.25]The textile export turnover has been increased 67% this year in China. ;中国的纺织品出口额 往年增长了67%.

[27:45.09]vocal ['v uk l] ;a.喜好各抒己见的, 直抒己见的; 嗓音的,发声的

[27:46.00]A cricket's chirps are not vocal;they are made by rubbing the legs. ;蟋蟀的鸣声不是从嗓 子收回的,而是经过 摩擦双腿收回来的.

[27:50.25]We were very vocal about our rights. ;我们直抒己见地表达了 我们应有的权益.

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